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China’s biggest salt producer urged people against panic buying…There is a belief in China that iodized salt will ward off the effects of nuclear radiation.


What are the Chinese Dredging Ships doing in Manila Harbor?

“According to the Speaker last night, he’s wondering who is monitoring Chinese ships in Manila Bay because all of them are Chinese vessels doing the dredging, doing the reclamation.  As of the last count, they are almost 100 there; if each ship has 30 personnel, then that’s 3,000 already.  The Speaker is wondering who is watching these people, monitoring,” Tulfo said in a mix of English and Filipino.

“The news from the Speaker, what he said was like personnel was going off the vessel at night, so our national security is under threat if these people are members of the People’s Liberation Army?  What if they are members of China’s intelligence community, gathering information, videos, and pictures of vital installations? How would we fare?” he asked.
Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1813876/erwin-tulfo-seeks-probe-on-dredging-ships-in-manila-bay#ixzz8Bvt5wiVa

“This same company was responsible for the building of an air base and naval base of China in the West Philippine Sea, so ironic ‘di ba?  And now they are here, nagre-reclamation sila.  So how would we monitor if they’re really a legitimate construction firm? Kasi they’re owned by the (Chinese) government eh,” he said.


Bullet Points

** In Ukraine (h/t Claudio) that the Russians are redeploying the 76th GAAD speaks to the growing momentum of the Ukrainians’ 2023 counteroffensive, which kicked off with simultaneous armored assaults along several axes in southern and eastern Ukraine.

** Wendall Duffield (USGS, retired) and his colleagues established the age of Merriam Crater on the east side of Arizona’s San Francisco volcanic field at ca. 20,000 years. There’s good reason to believe that basalt lava flows from Merriam Crater temporarily dammed the Little Colorado leading to the formation of Grand Falls several miles to the east. The nearby Sproul (the smaller feature in this image) is a large elliptical spatter cone with low ramparts of spatter, agglutinate, and rootless flows. I’m on an amateur geology kick dealing with the Colorado Plateau where I live. I’m just sharing a bit for shits and giggles.

** Pedo Joe in one of his now accustomed angry “get off my grass” moods dared the press to find just one of his policies/objectives that has not worked. Silence followed. Perhaps it was polite to say nothing, given even the media knows almost every enacted Biden policy has failed.

** If you’re making a lot of money from racism, the last thing that you want is for racism to go away.

** Also known as Dinornis, it was a huge, flightless bird that lived until the 1500s in New Zealand. It went extinct due to reckless hunting by the native people of the area, who sought the fur, meat, and eggs that the carcasses of this species provided.

It is a subspecies of the Moa, which generally varies in size, with the largest ones being those of the Dinornis.

Specifically, these ‘giants’ measured up to 3.6 meters in height and could weigh up to 300 kg, with one of the highest recorded sexual dimorphisms** in favor of the female gender ever recorded in nature (280%).

A true dinosaur of the new millennium.

** Sexual dimorphism, is the differences in appearance between males and females of the same species, such as in color, shape, size, etc. Today in our woke society it’s sexist to suggest that there is any difference in appearance based on cisgender. Admiral Dick Levine would be an example of no sexual dimorphism. Both males and females can be chest feeders, egg carriers, and birthing people based on the US Public Health Service.

** It’s easy to win an election if your opponent is in prison and you count the votes.



Identify the Aircraft






Identify the AFV

22 thoughts on “Having Fun – Wish you were Here

  1. # 4 is the Nimrod AEW.

    No time for the ones that need more thought, sadly.
    I ought to know that MICV at a glance, though. Can’t remember the dang name.


  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Antonov An-71 ‘Madcap’
    2. Panavia Tornado, GR variant
    3. Boeing XF8B
    4. BAE Systems Nimrod MRA4

    Identify the AFV:
    Polish Borsuk

    1. Very occasionally, but that usually happens during a firmware or software update, or he’s transporting a Terminator to 1985.

  3. It’s a shame the Dinornis is extinct or I’d have one as a pet. I’d like to have walked that down my street with the wolfits.

    1. Better to put the Dinornis in a fighting cage and match it against the tag team of Lucifer and Halo. The Dinornis could deliver a lethal kick. I don’t think that it had a foot spur like a velociraptor that could open a gash 8″ deep. That notwithstanding, a phalanx of 30 Maori warriors armed with long spears could keep it at bay while it defended its egg clutch until they could bleed it out or deliver a killing blow. And Mog and his brother were kicked to death, it was the Will of the Gods. He had to have done something to tick them off.

      Could the Wolfits have prevailed in a pit? We will never know.

      1. I’ve seen my pair hunt down pheasants, a deer, and bunnies. They work so well together it’s like watching a David Attenborough doc! Depends how fast the bird was and how agile and, how hungry the wolves.

  4. I’ll bite on the Moa/Dinornis commentary and ask the question….”Fur” on a bird/fowl? And this is a serious question, not just being a smart ass.
    Cletus Valvecore

    1. Dinosaurs that didn’t have bony plates (like T-Rex or velociraptors) had feathers of different consistencies over very leathery skin. They served as insulation and protection and were very tightly packed, more like fur.

      1. I can see where if one plucked ducks (which I have after a foray into the boggy marsh of S.E. Texas) those very small tightly packed feathers could appear as fur. So, I stand as being informed.
        Cletus Valvecore

        1. I have no idea what process they used but the early Maori tanned or somehow preserved these “pelts” of feathers for wearing or perhaps as blankets. I have never been to New Zealand. If one of you out there can cast light on the subject more fully – they’d date to 1500 so I don’t know how much material would be preserved to 2023.

  5. ** It’s easy to win an election if your opponent is in prison and you count the votes.
    Say what you will about President Trump, he is one tough and stubborn sob.

      1. Exactly why he may prevail, and exactly what America needs…then pass the torch if – a very big IF he actually wins the White House. I suspect that if Trump gets anywhere close, dodging their tyranny-laden flaming arrows, they would put a hit out on him as a last resort.

        That would be the inflection point. But maybe The Dems aren’t that power blinded stupid…probably are though.

        1. It’s not just the Dems against Trump. (And who want us not dead, but rather terrified, living in pods and eating bugs.) It’s damn near the entire political complex.

  6. RE: ChiComs in Manila bay.
    IIRR- during the siege of Manila (it’s been years since I read it)- somehow millions of gold and silver PI Pesos got tossed into the bay and the Japs had American divers looking for it.
    They found a lot, but told the Japs they couldn’t get a lot because the boxes were broken- or something.

    I wonder if they’re Hoovering up the remaining millions of coins.

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