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Per My Discussion with PaulM Yesterday


Bullet Points:

** What if the pawns refused to play? The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is designed to exhaust your critical thinking and to make “your truth” an object that you continually question.

** If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes journalism.

** Tucker Carlson on the one-party state, etc. More from Hungaria.

** More votes than registered voters is not a software glitch.

** The Brookings Institution recently published an article highlighting how the younger voters (Millennials and Generation Z) are poised to upend American politics. In 2024 they will account for over half of the total population and nearly half of all registered voters.  The Democrats have long focused on registering and engaging this voting bloc while the Republicans have essentially ignored them.

** The Democrats have until their convention in August of 2024 to choreograph Biden’s exit.  By doing so they recast the campaign heavily in their favor as they would still have Trump to pillory, the Republicans would have wasted vast sums of campaign funds on opposing Biden, and the Democrats would have a new face of their campaign to promote without the baggage that defending Biden would entail.

** My propane company offers a 10% discount if I pre-buy propane. I spent $3,200 yesterday on propane which should see me though the winter. I augment with electric heat (space heaters) and fireplace wood heat. How do your numbers compare?


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Identify the SPA

It was developed on the chassis of the M41 Walker Bulldog. In this case, the chassis has been reversed, with the “rear” engine compartment becoming the vehicle’s front.


Identify the Tank


This particular example is fitted with a pre-production turret, of which only 50 were made.


Only one of these was made. May be difficult to ID.


Identify the Aircraft




46 thoughts on “The Midweek Muse

  1. Arty looks like an M52?

    Jet looks like a Scimitar?

    Gotta go before more IDs, new earlier schedule this year.


  2. Identify the SPA:
    M52 self propelled howitzer

    Identify the Tank:
    1. Tiger II with the so-called Porsche, actually the first version of the Krupp, turret
    2. Swiss Nahkampfkanone 2

    Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Supermarine Scimitar
    2. Supermarine Stranraer
    3. Supermarine Seagull

  3. ‘It is designed to exhaust your critical thinking and to make “your truth” an object that you continually question.’

    I’d say it’s even more dire than that. The very concept of personal or subjective “truth” is a fundamental assault on reality. There can be personal/subjective perception, interpretation, feeling, but not personal truth [1]. The melting point of lead (under standard conditions, etc), or the value of pi, for example, are not subjective. Whether Oregon Pinot Noir is better than Burgundian is subjective, as it is a matter of taste. To conflate the subjective and the objective is a fundamental mistake.
    [1] not to say that the subjective isn’t important, even vitally so. Without personal subjectivity, where is love, for example. But you can’t build a plane or calculate the dosage of chemotherapy based on subjective feelings.

    But maybe calling it mistake is itself a mistake. It’s possible that the increasingly prevalent conflation of subjective and objective is intentional. I don’t know if The Best People are truly that wicked (and clever) or if it’s because TBP are high in neuroticism, paranoia, and entitlement. Neuroticism (among other things) is hypersensitivity to perceived criticism and hostility, even where none exists. It’s often accompanied by Projection (you must be wanting to do evil unto me, because I’m always thinking of doing it unto you). Being certain that you know other people’s intentions is basically the monstrous arrogance of projecting “your truth” or “your reality” on the actual world. It’s an unpleasant way to live*, on the personal level. It’s a disaster waiting to happen if you’re an engineer or scientist or, hell, a mason or a plumber.

    * I knew a guy who habitually interpreted practically every damn thing as an act of hostility. “Dave didn’t say hello when I passed by him in the hallway this morning. He’s up to something.” Or maybe Dave had a fight with his wife that morning, or he was worried about his kid being bullied at school, or whatever. You are not the center of everyone else’s universe, and frankly not important enough that they’re eternally plotting to embarrass you, or destroy your career, or put you into a freaking boxcar. Most persons learn that they are not the center of the universe somewhere around the time they’re toilet trained, but apparently there are increasing numbers of persons who somehow have advanced into physical maturity while remaining emotional toddlers.

    1. I worked with a guy many years ago who tried to psychoanalyze me every-single-day and it got old. “I noticed that you didn’t want cheese on your hamburger at lunch, LL.” — almost to that level daily. Sometimes a cloud is in the sky because it is.

      And to your point, there’s a broad range of humanity and reconciling yourself to that reality and to the concept that we’re all in the same cycle (born-live-die) should create some sense of reasoning and compassion. But there are people who are not wired like that. I was once asked what the difference was between good people and bad people. I replied that sometimes people were forced to hurt others because of the circumstances of life, but they did it reluctantly. Those are good people. Bad people derive a nearly orgasmic pleasure from hurting others.

    2. Try to treat these people when they come in, in dire pain.
      They lose the ability of rational thought; to many you become the cause, rather than the possible relief, of their problem.
      Unfortunately sometimes it may become necessary to say, “Sorry, I’m unable to help you.
      Your particular problem is just beyond my abilities.”
      And it is. I’m unable to help them when they revert to their toilet-trainining years.
      I’m just a dentist, not a psychoanalyst.
      And even when you spend/waste the time dealing with their three-year-old self and provide the relief they’ve sought, you’re still the enemy and 99 percent of them have a spouse/sibling/cousin who’s a lawyer.
      Still n’ all: it was a great 45 year run: no complaints, just laughter when I see these same three-year-olds running the country.

        1. Aah
          but I spent the money on sound-studio-level operatory doors – and Mozart Nocturnes were usually playing in the waiting room – at a reasonable decibel level .
          Soporific. Far better even than a pre-op barbiturate.

          1. My old dentist (now long retired) had a wall of fish – fish tank. You watched the fished while he drilled and filled.

          2. The fish tank is amazing…mine has flatscreens but tv is stupid so I go into a mind trance, then find out I’ve been in the chair for two hours. Retiring has helped with nighttime stress teeth grinding so fewer dental visits.

  4. propane= about 900 a year, unless i run the wood stove. then i can get by with one fill up, about 300. i’ll be running the wood stove this year, and likely many more. of course 300 will be more like 450 this year, or more……younger voters, just when i was having a bit of hope for the future. doesn’t matter really, no voting our way out, but it does give them a fake excuse for why they “won”. april ’24 ?

  5. More votes than registered voters is not a software glitch.

    And what has been the result of pointing this out to judges, election officials, and the DemoRats? Nothing. I’d like their explanation other than Mophead SpokesIdiot using her ubiquitous go-to line, “I won’t comment on that.” sidestepping anything hard.

    This year I’m betting the Dem’s don’t have any convention or debates, guessing – like Unions – they will “appoint” Brain-Dead Joe’s successor in some grand announcement, Here is your candidate!…and all their mindless followers will say “Aren’t you merciful!”.

    To the above…Obama…err…Biden…is now – of all things – targeting ceiling fans, next on their asinine laundry list in their quest to ruin America and modern comforts. The Morons in Charge have no clue it takes pennies a day to run a fan. It’s nothing. But as they did with ruining washers by restricting water fill levels (idiocy on steroids) they are going to make fans more expensive, and I suspect to force people to be uncomfortable.

    Propane: We have a modest place, log, all electric (even the radiant floor flash boiler) and propane, which is only for the range so 500 gallons goes for years (topped off to the 80% max fill once it gets to 30%). Main power is (so far) reliable REA, and I can’t make power cheaper than them. Cost averages about $250 per month over the year (last bill was $90). We also supplement with wood heat nearly every day in the Winter, radiant is for overnight and when we aren’t home.

    1. The House Minority Leader wasn’t elected. He was selected “by acclamation” which seems to be the way that the Swamp would rather that things happen.

    2. See if this works: even a common person can make a trip to Las Vegas and, for a while, live better than a sultan from back in their heyday. To today’s self-anointed elite this has to really frost their chaps. Bill Whittle said something to this effect in his writing on Strength.

  6. The 2020 election was stolen by the vote counters & I have seen nothing done to change things since then. I’m not expecting a different ending this next time.

    1. Managing your expectations, particularly where vote counting is concerned, helps to avoid disappointment.

  7. I have electric heat and the bill averages a bit under 100 dollars per month. It is a bit higher in winter and a bit lower in summer. One good thing about living in the Pacific NW is that electrical power is cheap. I do augment with my wood stove and, other than the sweat, the wood so far has been free. My ceiling fans are running constantly and help keeping my utility bill low. It seems like the government is running an experiment on how uncomfortable they can make people without a reaction.

    Between, “you don’t have standing” to “its too late to affect the election so the question is moot” I have about given up on the courts as a solution to voting fraud.

    1. Judges are threatened. Then they roll like a battleship in Pearl Harbor after a torpedo attack.

  8. Just spent $1000 on the pre buy which is the bulk of my propane for the winter season. I run the wood stove a fair amount,so around $1800 in heating cost for 2200 sq ft. Probably a couple hundred feet lower than LL. Hit 13 below here one night last winter…

    1. Last winter was a cold one Bob. If I don’t use all of the pre-buy, they reimburse me so I view it as a type of insurance. I’m never sure what Pedo Joe will do. It could go up a buck a gallon tomorrow.

    1. It’s like the old amateur/professional military thing: Republicans talk tactics while the Donks talk logistics, but with a healthy dose of scorched earth and Blitzkrieg thrown in.

      1. democrats have Wall St. and the Swamp behind them. Republicans have signed onto the uniparty – “keep that money coming in folks. We’ll fight those democrats for you.”

  9. Some numbers. Our neighborhood is all electric, so can’t speak to gas. Brief backstory–

    We are Kalifornia expats (escaped 2015). We were customers of the infamous PG&E, a true monopoly controlling generation and distribution. My dim memory recalls that there were three tiers of pricing. You could stay in the lowest tier if you only ran a light bulb and a toilet. Tier 3 was 35 cents/kWh.

    Here in Texas you can shop for electricity from a myriad of companies generating and/or selling power. Our delivery is a sperate company, Oncor, but we get one combined bill. The following numbers are just for electricity, excluding delivery and taxes.

    When we first arrived, the plan I chose was 4.7 cents/kWh for the first 1000 kWh, 2.8 cents/kWh for each additional 1000 kWh, pro-rated. IIRC, that contract was for 24 months. This was billed as an ‘all wind power’ plan, so I suspect there was some .gov subsidy in there somewhere. My thanks to all (including me) who contributed. The price on this plan structure has crept up over time, especially the discount on the additional 1000kWh.

    Our plan that just ended was a flat rate of 5.6 cents/kWh, contract for three years.

    Our new plan is again a flat rate, 8.9 cents/kWh, contract for five years.

    1. Electricity in Arizona is inexpensive. Propane was when I built during the Trump years. It’s double what it was then. I heat 4500 square feet, which is also part of the problem.

      1. If we ever decided to downsize we’d do just fine with a cabin adaptation of the Seth Petersen Cottage, 800 sq ft that lives double that due to intelligent use of space, massing, and large windows. Heating would be a woodstove with solar H/W panels and tank for radiant floor and DHW. And propane gas of course for the smallest Wolf range…might as well splurge on something.

        1. When I downsize, it’s going to have to be a location close enough to handle old-age medical care. I have no idea where that will be. I don’t think that it would be here in the remote mountains in Arizona.

          1. We might be further out instead of closer, but we’re still healthy and operate from that metric. If our lives start catching up to us maybe we’ll rethink it. In the meantime…continue until we can’t.

          2. The keys/cays/? off Sarasota are not that far from SMH n’ associated docs, most of whom (the ones I see or vice versa) I rate A+.
            Just a small piece of info.

  10. ID the tank. Forgot to mention I got the tiger II, only because I recently watched (another) episode of ‘Tank Chats’.

  11. My propane bill for the year is about $100. That is for all my winter heating which is from a Wave 6 plus my stove top cooking and some used by the refrigerator when disconnected from electric. That is for a 24′ RV that I live in full time so living small has advantages. I also plan to be someplace warm for the winter months which doesn’t always work as planned.

    The electric bill probably averages something less than $50/month because it is difficult to find someplace cool enough during the summer months.

  12. BTW:
    Listening to the bi-hourly phone-call updates from – I don’t know what agency/functionary, you’d think our little sandbar off Sarasota has become an Atlantis in the Gulf, compliments of Idelia and where they’re getting the pictures of the humongous flooding, I have absolutely no idea – anyone for tennis?

      1. Was watching The Tradewinds webcam on St. Pete Beach, MrsPaulM’s mom has a condo there…morning was wet and a bit breezy, surf was up some, checked it a few hours ago, looked like some stiff breezes and heavier rain but clouds clearing.

        Away traveling, catching up so am assuming some areas got whacked good, but have not listened to reports (Grisham audible in the drive makes the miles go quicker).

        Better to be prepared and not need it than the opposite.

        1. For weather, all sorts, all areas, consider:

          It’s free; let your pointer-arrow be your guide.

  13. I ‘wish’ I had natural gas, but the line runs across the street from me, and it would be $3000 to get it plumbed to the house, plus probably $3-4000 more to have it plumbed INTO the house… sigh And yes, you were on a Brit Supermarine roll today!

    OBTW, we were working at the AL post today, had to change out a 3 pole 40A breaker. $248.00 for that sucker!!! Wow!

  14. Perhaps I’m wrong but it seems you’re against our Uniparty Rulers? Surely that’s a mistake?

    Please clarify loyalty in the next post.

    1. What sack of Nubian horse apples accuses me – me – of being disloyal to the Swamp? Show yourself! True, I haven’t whacked off my (large, manly) tool yet to cement my devotion to Big Brother but the week isn’t over. I think that I’d look darling in the uniform of a Fleet Admiral, rack of medals on my ample bosom and you know that the Swamp rewards its own. Maybe if I swiped some women’s luggage at Sky Harbor Airport I’d have an even more legitimate claim?

  15. We’re all electric here. They didn’t even run a gas line into the cul-du-sac, thanks to Jimmuh Cotter. Our is a bit under $200/month in the “warm” months, and runs about double (~$400) in the coldest Winter months. We had new windows installed that dropped it about 20%, and we’d get more insulation but we don’t have any “attic” space because of the cathederal ceilings.

    1. You’ve been living in Colorado long enough to know – would you buy the same house if you had to do it again?

      I would NEVER (underscore) build another house in this area again. It has nothing to do with the area but contractor wars were miserable. I would also have made the house smaller. We have a large guest area with bedrooms, a guest great room, etc. My family rarely visits and I would have taken a different approach and would have spent $250K less. I’ll make it back when I sell the place, but that’s sort of how I view that choice. The location is beautiful as is the view, the place is very functional. Hindsight.

  16. I heat 1,800 sq feet at Possum Kingdom for $300 direct vent propane with battery backed up thermostat. Electric is $200 with 27 foot well in the summer. 250 gallons of propane is my back up to run everything. Tom

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