Journalist Michael Hastings died in a car crash in Las Angeles about a month ago. That crash (above) shows multiple explosions coming from his 2013 Mercedes Benz. I’ve never seen a traffic accident with a series of fireballs the way this one shows.
The surveillance video captures the final moments of Hastings life and provides intriguing details of the crash. The video shows a flash of light appearing at the 13-14 second mark, the headlights are on at 14 seconds, but all lights are extinguished at the 16-second mark. The car then turns left and the first horizontal explosion appears just after the 16-second mark (it ejects the left front tire across northbound highland approximately 40-50 feet). The second explosion engulfs the engine compartment at the 17- second mark. The third and largest explosion consumes the passenger compartment at the 17-18-second mark. 
Inexplicably, the palm tree Hastings’ car hit has scorched bark and slightly wounded base –approximately 16″W x 4.5″ H x 1″D– seemingly minimal damage for a 3,538 pound car striking the tree at a reportedly 100 mph. Also pictures taken by San Diego 6 News show the curb has a small scratch, but no major chipping or fractures and the rear tires resting against the curb. 
The video also captures three distinct explosions, but the intensity of the fire suggests an accelerant may have been involved since gasoline only burns at 530 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. 
So at worst, it’s a suspicious car crash. It’s also possible that there was foul play.
Hastings claimed to friends shortly before his death that he was under investigation. FBI Los Angeles-based spokesperson, Laura Eimiller, atypically emailed media emphatically denying the agency was looking into Mr. Hastings background. 

LAPD refused to release the police report, inferring in the FOIA/CPRA response to San Diego 6 News that a federal investigation may be in progress, which only adds further questions as to what agency is investigating since the FBI said it is not investigating. 
Was Michael Hastings murdered or was it a single car traffic accident? I don’t know. But it will be interesting to see what the investigation reveals.
Hastings was one of those obnoxious left wing, progressive journalists who I’m positive that I wouldn’t like. But a mysterious death is still a mysterious death. Not unlike the Vince Foster “suicide” from the Hillary Clinton/Whitewater scandal days.


  1. Some traffic officers are not quite ready to handle something unusual. What was the vehicle's speed? Was anything flammable present, other than gasoline? Frame damage?

  2. Vehicle speed 100+ —and the curious part is that it didn't splinter the palm tree. I don't know if there are scorch marks on the pavement from a high order explosive before the point of impact (bomb) or other details.

  3. The FBI denied it? What ever happened to good old fashioned, "the FBI does not comment on the existence, or lack thereof, investigations."

  4. Yes, apparently they issued an outright denial in writing. Which leads one to ask if they might have known that SOMEBODY was doing it, just not them and they wanted to go on record.

  5. In this case, the suicide by bomb, rigged automobile clutch and run away car or whatever it turns out to be wasn't only "attempted".

  6. For the FBI to deny it, seems suspicious. Is it possible that they know something that would endanger someone's important reputation or it will hurt their agency in some way? Did Michael Hasting's family filed for a Lawsuit?

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