GSA Scandal = hope and change?

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Is BIGGER Government a good idea? The Obama Administration would have you think so because they want to bundle healthcare and just about every phase of commerce under the Executive Branch.

So what does government do when it gets big? What about a party in Vegas? After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! (until the Washington Post gets a hold of it)

The obscure federal agency that has come under intense scrutiny after a report it spent $820,000 of taxpayer funds on a lavish Las Vegas bash
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It’s simply ANOTHER example of effective lying while the Obama Administration borrowed and spent more money in the past four years to enlarge government than ALL US borrowing since the government was formed in the 1700’s. (LINK)

We borrowed the $820,000 for the GSA party (which featured mind readers, clowns and a variety of other entertainment) from CHINA. This is the sort of outrage that the Hope and Change has brought us.

How is the hope and change working out for you?

10 thoughts on “GSA Scandal = hope and change?

  1. Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debase the currency. I've seen the quote attributed to John Maynard Keynes too.

  2. Should obama win the election, we're up a sludge filled creek with a leaky boat and no means of propulsion.

  3. Martha Johnson is to Barack Obama what Michael Brown was to the Shrub. Saw her CV; not a particularly impressive employment pedigree.

    As for the video: Cute kids, seriously CREEEEPY parents.

  4. The GSA 'manages' federal buildings – including the parking spaces. It is an out-of-control behemoth. The Department of Justice has to "rent" space in federal buildings from the GSA. The GSA has over 12,000 employees – which you need when you are so busy robbing Peter to pay Peter back…

    $820,000 – if 300+ people attended, that would barely cover their airfare, hotel, transportation and per diem, let alone the clown and fortune teller – there will be more found.

  5. Race – If Congress seeks, they will surely find.

    LA – Martha is one of those pandering bureaucrats with almost no ability but can serve as a useful drone to one who wants unlimited power.

    WoFat – Absolutely. We'll be dipping into said creek if we want to eat.

    ChickenLittle – Obama is following 'the play book' to destroy American exceptionalism. Mao and Lenin would have been so proud.

  6. Obama and cronies are whooping it up until Daddy takes back the credit card.

    Remember in NOvember!

  7. One more 'distraction'… But I truly wonder how many more of these 'distractions' before it starts waking up some people!!!

  8. one of those pandering bureaucrats with almost no ability but can serve as a useful drone

    In your old line of work you would likely have referred to the archetype as a REMF I believe.

  9. LA – Yes, REMF to the max.

    Odie – All pigs are equal but some are more equal than others.

    Old NFO – The American people seem to be Democratic Party lemmings, with the mainstream media leading the way to the surf.

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