6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. When I was young, I was a little reverent about the music of my parent's youth – my kids laugh when they see Journey and say, "is this that Spinal Tap group you showed us"…

  2. In my Army days (Long Ago), in Northern Thailand, I had to go down to Bangkok – the Big City. One of the guys there asked me how I liked the Beetles. I didn't know what a Beetle was. He tuned in a Beetles song and I said, 'Oh, you mean See Tow Tong (4 Gold Turtles)? I didn't know the English name, only the Thai. After a while I learned, but sometimes your environment overwhelms you.

  3. Odie – I am that old but I hide it well with smoke and mirrors.

    WoFat – I know – me too.

    Race – My kids are annoying too.

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