Lone Star Cultural Shift?

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Lone Star Power

There is interesting news from the Dallas Morning Post, carried by some blogs including Legal Insurrection.

New Jersey plans to tax Wall Street heavily. Apparently the pleasure of being located in New Jersey makes the governor think that they’d be happy to pay.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will welcome representatives from major stock exchanges, including Nasdaq, to Austin on Nov. 20 as the state makes a bid to be the top choice if the exchanges make good on threats to move their trading platforms out of New Jersey. Most major stock exchange operators, including the New York Stock Exchange operate their trading platforms from data centers in New Jersey.

The governor’s office confirmed the meeting, touting the state’s business-friendly environment.

Texas is a law and order state, which has not embraced looting and rioting from BLM, Antifa and the Democrat Party. It is business friendly, homes and infrastructure for employees is more reasonably priced, and it makes sense.

Charles Schwab Corp. is finishing their process of relocation from San Francisco to North Texas and will open their new headquarters on January 1, 2021. 

When companies get tired enough of New York and New Jersey, they’ll move. Capital, people, business, is fungible. It can take new shapes, and it can move. I’m frankly surprised that it’s taken them this long. However the billions that they save from taxes even in the short term make the relocation practical.

Political Pollution

Gonzales Flag – Texas

One question that should be on the mind of Texans might be what social impact all of these relocations from California, New York and New Jersey will mean.  Wall Street relocating to Texas will have the same effect on politics as the much-ballyhooed Silicon Valley relocations. Yes, it punishes CA and NY but that new tax-revenue comes at a cost of a flood of “new world order” professionals.

If it’s just the data centers that move, the impact will be different since most of the employees are East Indian (red dot Indians) and tend to be conservative. That notwithstanding, they do not bring with them a hint of Texas culture. Will curry replace BBQ in the Lone Star State as the go-to cultural feast? Will an Indian majority in some counties lead to cow-save zones (they worship cows, don’t they)? Have we seen the last rodeo in Texas? Will snake charmers be able to work their magic on Texas rattlers or will they need to import cobras?

I’m simply speculating on cause and effect. What do you think, LSP? I know that the officers mess at the DLC sometimes serves curried chicken. Will it be the replacement for delicious burgers and steaks roasted over coals at the compound?

Street Scene coming to Texas?

21 thoughts on “Lone Star Cultural Shift?

  1. Somehow, I just don’t see curried chicken on the cutting board at Louie Mueller’s anytime soon. When that happens, you will know that we have truly lost the country.

      1. I believe the correct spelling is “toe-foo’.

        As I understand it, toe-foo is rotted beans.
        If fellows want female-size bazooms and a flabby tuchus, drink that soda-pop and eat that fast-food especially deep-fried crud.
        Fast-food is loaded with soy.

  2. East Indians are conservative?
    Maybe it’s a sampling issue (the ones I encounter, being in academic medicine and all) but my impression is that that is not the case.

    If anything, Indians (i.e. South Asians) are poised to replace (or at least displace) Jews in a number of sociopolitical roles. It will not be East Asians: you see more (proportionately and absolutely) South Asians in lefty politics, corporate boards, finance, and medicine, than East Asians. Yellow people tend to technical roles (well paid, but not powerful or influential — high-tech coolies, as it were), whereas brown people are much more prone to gravitate to management and “power” roles.

    1. The Indians/South Asians with Brahmin blood flowing through their veins are all about power relationships, and there may be a sampling error involved. Capitalist elite with an eye toward their own bottom line – certainly. Whether that moves toward the current elite power structure or to another is something I can’t predict.

  3. Once called on a Napa store owner in Central Texas who owned another nearby (by Texas standards) NAPA store. He had recently sold his businesses in SoCal. Told me the business climate was much better and he had bought his wife a house she could only have dreamed about in CA. He didn’t mind the heat or the flat, treeless landscape.

    At the same time, the CEO of ATK Re-manufactured engines moved his operation from Santa Clara, where it had been since 1939, to Grand Prairie. He told me, even after all the relocation costs, the firm saved over $800,000 their first year. My suggestion that he could now pay his agents (me) more from the savings didn’t fly.

    1. There’s a lot to recommend in Texas. I live where I do because mountains appeal to me as does nearly endless BLM land where I can do more or less anything that I want to do. For me the final resting place had more to do with the distance from children and grandchildren then it did with a lot of other factors. The area south of Ft. Worth on the Brazos called to me. I can’t lie. Hill country, north of LSP’s compound, is very nice.

  4. We Texans may have to open Texas Citizenship Schools and politely request, in a Texan way, for the Yankees and Left Coasters to attend so that they can learn Texan ways. Then these furiners will have to be taken to the Upper Brazos River near Fort Worth to be washed in the waters of the Brazos and become Texans.

    As to Curry replacing BBQ? You Heretic! However, Curry spices might make an interesting rub on that slow smoked meat. Now if they don’t want beef, there are always goat, mutton, port and feral hog that can be run through the Pit (BBQ that is) to delight their taste buds. There will never be fully bovine-safe zones in Texas but we seem to worship the Longhorn down here so they can take that up. Just go to a University of Texas Austin football game to participate.

      1. Maybe if the new locals make it through the re-education camp, things will work out for them and for Texas.

  5. They can eat whatever they want. It’s the vote I worry about.
    Interesting post. Had not heard most of this.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  6. I’m not worried about a few thousand new people changing state politics; illegal immigration alone probably has a bigger impact on the state each year than they will.
    Don’t forget that many of the “true believers” in the NJ/ NY area wouldn’t consider moving for their jobs, so they won’t be an issue. I have some family friends with ‘interesting’ stories of people who won’t leave the area, even for a vacation!

  7. LL, per this morning’s O Group, the Mess menu won’t change but we’re all in favour of native cavalry. Lancers, obviously.

    1. You’ll need a bat man. (not to be confused with Batman – though Batman could be your bat man, I guess)

  8. Cow save? I think not… They’ll acclimatize rather quickly or leave by choice… One or the other, because Texans don’t ‘do’ power player games worth a damn…

  9. This weekend is Diwali ,a Holiday in the Hindu religion. Last nights local news mentioned it along with a 3 min fluff piece in part because close to 150,000 members of the Hindu religion just in the Houston area alone. Don’t understand folks who wont eat beef but at least they aren’t ( gasp) Veg-E-Terrorist’s. Unlike some ” minorities” so far they don’t demand I give special attention or have an endless number of new entitlements. So mostly they are welcomed. My only dig…not reserved for them alone. One group that I had befriended owned a number of hotels. I learned they not only hired illegals they ( not too surprising just disappointingly) treated them like…..illegal aliens. Meaning they paid them min wage OR Less. Sometimes much less. Didn’t give them the same benefits as Citizens.

    1. My experience with red dot Indians is that they are EXTREMELY cheap and demeaning toward employees (legal or illegal). I’ve never been their employee (thank God), but would never want to be.

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