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Not Quite a Saint

In 2009, George Floyd pleaded guilty for the 1st-degree felony assault and armed robbery he committed in 2007 and spent five years in prison. Records show that George Floyd impersonated a police officer to get a pregnant woman to open her door. Once the door was open, he pressed a pistol to her stomach. She backed and five other men followed Floyd in to commit a home invasion robbery.

It was his second conviction for armed robbery.

This doesn’t mean that the arrest situation that led to his death wasn’t criminally mishandled by the police.

Hennepin County medical examiners released the toxicology report on June 2nd, 2020 which stated that George Floyd was indeed intoxicated with Fentanyl and Methamphetamine and some compounds of cannabis and morphine at the time of his death. However, these were not termed the principal factors behind Floyd’s death.

The autopsy report claimed that George died due to cardiopulmonary arrest, listing “complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.” as principal factors.

As per a recent autopsy news report, George Floyd was tested positive for coronavirus which may have aggravated his respiratory distress.

George Floyd had many arrests for narcotics possession and trafficking as well. Some say that he found Jesus before he was passing that counterfeit $20 that led to his final arrest. I don’t know what was in his heart (the medical examiners do, but I don’t).


Rifle Velocities in a Handgun

The S&W 460’s were not easy to come by when they first hit the market. I had to go on a waiting list for this beast. I know that you’re thinking that you couldn’t ever conceal one of those, but that’s not true. This weapon has a 5″ barrel. (when you watch the YouTube video, see how the watermelon disintegrates)

Jim (OLD NFO) and I had lunch at Hodad’s in San Diego some years ago and I was carrying the 460 concealed. I mentioned it to him after lunch when we were both drooooling over a woody station wagon parked outside. He didn’t believe me until I showed him.

But I admit that they are just on the large side for concealed carry. It’s a good car gun…in case an Antifa person reaches in to haul you out.

You can shoot .454 Cassul, .45 Colt or the .460 cartridges from this handgun. Watch how it goes through ballistic gel. High energy transfer. I recommend the Hornady 200gr Flex Tip. You don’t need to double-tap a meat target. You can, of course, but one round center mass is not survivable.

S&W 460V


  1. .44 Magnum is a bit too punishing for me to enjoy.
    S&W 500? One trigger pull and I was done.
    A friend of mine had the Ruger Super Red Hawk Alaskan in .454 at work where I saw it.
    I had no interest in shooting it. He said it was better to shoot it limp that tight.
    A man’s gotta know his limitations.
    Someone with a fondness for .44 Magnum said that.

    • Everyone shoots what they are comfortable shooting….or they should. I don’t have a problem shooting the .454 Cassul or the 460 S&W. Then again, I don’t go to the range and cycle 250 rounds through them the way I would pushing .38 wadcutters through my Colt Python. Whether my target is a local bear or lion or some other meat, I want wound channels that you can drive a semi through.

      • Yes, I had a .44 Magnum Ruger Redhawk for awhile, and just shooting 6 rounds at the range was enough for me. After awhile, I started shooting the toned-down loads so that the gun didn’t tear up my hand so much. And I flinched every time I pulled the trigger, knowing that it would kick like a mule. I went to the .357 Magnum after that, just easier on my hand. And it’s not like I have girly boy hands, my meat hooks are larger than the average bear’s. The .44 Magnum is just not a friendly weapon. On either side of the business end.

  2. I am not defending Floyd.
    Many said he changed his life around in Jesus in Houston and was a blessing to ministry there.
    Went to Minnesota to do mission work like he had done in Tx.
    I believe, technically, that make him a saint, not in the Catholic, but the protestant sense.
    I remember the monster that Karla Faye Tucker was and how at the end the Warden and the guards were pleading for her commutation after her conversion before GWB ignored them and had her sentence fulfilled. She was leading others to Christ in that Texas prison.
    If Floyd slipped back into “the life” before he could recover and was killed, I’m sorry for him.
    I identify with him having been a drug dealer and a fornicator and adulterer.
    As for passing the counterfeit money? It appears he was paid off by a former employer (where he did security) who was/is involved in funny money.
    There’s a whole lot more going on in the background of that story than is known.

    • We don’t know what spirit possessed George Floyd’s soul when he shuffled off this mortal coil. I am not his judge in this world or that world. He was loaded when he died, his choice. He may not have known that the $20 was counterfeit. Maybe he was too intoxicated to know one way or the other? The only reason that I posted this was as a counterpoint to the “exemplary life” narrative that was pushed by CNN and other progressive news outlets.

      Quite frankly, Ed, George Floyd was typical of most black men that the police meet on the street. 75% of all black children are born out of wedlock in a situation where there is no father in the home. George’s role models were other black men who behaved as he did. I’m not calling him a victim, but the demographic that George belonged to is what has led so many to trouble in their lives.

      • There is no such thing as an open forum on the Internet. This blog exists as an independent platform, but could be shut down by whomever whenever and there isn’t much recourse. For now, the 70 questions are worth asking and viewing.

    • It’s ratings for the media. Would it be the same without 10,000 cameras at each event – and selfies?

      • No it would not. I’m someone that is still, 25 years after most of us plugged in, amazed that there is an 11 x 5 inch piece of glass that has the answer to any question that I may have. Millions of photos, books, music, video—yeah it’s all there. If you asked me right now if I’d allow you to wave your hand and make it disappear I’m pretty sure I’d close my eyes, swallow once and say that I think that would be for the best, do it.

        • But then we’d be back to Cronkite and two other dopes intravenously dripping our information into our skulls.

  3. I’ve never been more than marginal with a handgun. In the Army, qualified”Expert” with a 1911 by just two rounds. I do admire those who are proficient with the beasts.

    My 40 year old Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special has been my companion since the 1970’s. Probably 1,000 rounds sent downrange and never a miss fire. Even the odd weak round the barrel cleared. The recoil has never bothered me; it is all in the way you cock your wrist and the way you grip it.

    Very easy to carry concealed.

    My late son’s Makarov is the only semi I’ve ever liked. Somehow it felt “right”.

    • I had planned a trip through Colorado this year. Then came the Chinese Plague, and riots, and who knows what. I’m playing it by ear, but IF I get up there and if you’re of a mind, maybe we can go out and shoot the large caliber handguns. They shoot about the same as a .44 mag.

      • Count me in!

        I favor the 1911 because it was the first pistol I ever shot, and my Dad carried one all through the Pacific in WWII. I’ve had half-a-dozen training classes with my Kimber and can shoot it pretty well, including weak-hand. Probably should practice that more. Yeah, they can be a bit awkward to concealed carry, but it can be done.

        I’d really like to get of the little Browning 1911-style pistols in 380SCP. They’re about 3/4 the size of a 1911, and assembled the same, meaning I could run it and keep it clean in my sleep.

        • Kimber makes a small 1911 in .380 but they’re incredibly expensive. They’re also very nice. I don’t have one, but as you might expect, I’d like to have one for the very reason you cite.

          • Besides being a miniature 1911, they are a locked breach. The difference between a .380 blowback and locked breach handgun is night and day.

            A sister wanted a ccw pistol like her husband’s. An AMT ‘380. I found one and ported the barrel so it would handle hollowpoints. What a handful that blowback was to shoot! Found a Colt Mustang Lightweight for her sister. When I first fired it, I thought it was a squib load, so I took it apart to look. Nope. That locked breach was a pussycat to shoot, even though it was noticeably lighter than the AMT.
            Shame that Colt stopped making them, due to losing a patent infringement lawsuit. They should have paid a license fee, if possible. Those Colt ‘380 models were very good. They had a very nice spread of models available, including a double action, the Pony.

  4. A guide and I were shooting his .460 at pumice boulders (seems like an oxymoron, yes?) up in the Aleutians. One thing we noticed (the gun was new to him) was how high the point of impact was using Buffalo bore heavy hardcast, as opposed to the lighter soft points the gun was factory sighted for.. The heavy bullets must have picked up the POI about 12″ at 50ft, and he had the rear sight down as far as it would go. That says a bit about velocities and recoil! Nice piece for making big holes.

    • There is a psychological value to shooting a high energy handgun in a riot situation or in a crowd when you want to remain on the defensive. Very large wound channels make a very big mess. Or so I’ve been told.

    • Buffalo Bore ammo is loaded to maximum SAMMI specs, making it something like +P+ ammo. With a higher muzzle velocity you’ll shoot higher at the same distance. Depending on the distance, it can be a couple of inches higher.

  5. …”With a higher muzzle velocity you’ll shoot higher at the same distance. Depending on the distance, it can be a couple of inches higher.”

    Beg to differ:

    Out of a pistol a higher velocity round will impact lower on the target than a lower velocity round at “normal” pistol ranges.
    This has to do with the amount of muzzle rise being greater during recoil due to the longer time the slower bullet is in the barrel with the lower velocity ammo.
    I first encountered this phenomenon back in another century when “playing” with my new Thompson-Center Contender with a ten inch barrel.
    At 25 yards I first fired a group using .44 Specials (246 gr? at under 800 FPS) and then fired a group using the latest fad ammo, 110 grain Super-Vels at over 1400 FPS.
    The Super-Vels grouped about ten inches below the much slower .44 Specials.
    It took me awhile and some head-scratching to figure out what was going on.

    • Back in the 90’s, my 3.5″ Lightweight Officers Model would shoot Corbon 200gr about an inch above POA at 15yds. Their 165gr would print an inch below POA. That 165gr ammo was flinch inducing. It had real trouble moving small silhouette steel plates. High pitched ting! when it hit. Never bought a second box of the 165. I liked their 200gr ammo with the “flying ashtray” bullet, but later they apparently downloaded it, reducing the speed by ~100 fps.

      • I still carry my Colt Officer’s Model but I didn’t do any research on Point of Aim/Point of Impact with different rounds. It’s still a nice handgun and I carry +P ammo in it today, just as with then.

    • I haven’t shot Super-Vels in — a long time. I’m surprised that they’re still in business. I haven’t seen advertising for them as I can recall for, again, a long time.

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