Is there no end to racism in sports?

Bronco Redux

There was some interest in my comments about the new Ford Bronco, and while it has its own appeal and in due time, I may buy one, my preference would be for Ford to roll back the clock, with a few modern twists to an old favorite.

Drop a modern diesel engine into the Bronco. Add a second fuel tank because you can’t have enough fuel. There has been a lot of safety innovation since the first Broncos rolled off the assembly line and I’d welcome that, a better sound system, maybe even better seats. Big steel bumpers front and back with a beefy swing arm to hold the spare tire on behind. You don’t need the foo-foo, and don’t pretend that it will fit in well in a mall parking lot (it won’t).


Dodge Truck

Ok, is it good enough, yes. Could it be better, yes. You need all terrain 8 ply tires and big, sharp steel bumpers front and back. I’d favor a turret with a SAW on it, remotely controlled from inside, but that’s me, Mr. Overkill.


Chinese Cuisine (repost from Virtual Mirage)


Does it really taste like chicken?


A Goat May be the Answer


A Cashless Society?

There is a big move in Congress (as a component of the Green New Deal) to eliminate currency. All monetary value would be moved through credit card. There are big advantages to a government anxious to control you.

-All transactions can be taxed.

-If you fall out of favor, your ability to buy and sell can be eliminated with a computer keystroke.

-If your balance is too high, numbers can be changed with a computer keystroke. Then again, if you’re a member of a privileged class, funds can also be added with a keystroke.

There is no downside from the government perspective.


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  1. cashless, what better way to control what and how many you buy. no ammo, just enough food to keep from starving, only enough fuel to keep pipes from freezing, only enough water to….soylent green new deal i call it.

    • I think that you’d only get food so long as you were productive. “Arbeit Macht Frei”. As soon as you were no longer of service to the State, the food, medicine and heat would all be turned off.

      The Progressive movement (and their Chicom Allies) values certain cadre (until they are no longer of any use), but most of humanity is viewed as cattle.

      • indeed, and the ones that worked the hardest to get them there are usually the first to get a shallow grave. rafal gan-ganowitz was the polish merc name. quite a character.

  2. They hate cash just like they hate cars, and anything else that increases freedom.

    It’s amazing how many people just want to be ordered around and told comforting lies.

  3. The original full sized Bronco was a short F-150. The Bronco II and the first Explorers were Ranger derivatives. The knock against the new Bronco is that it is an Escape platform. I don’t see that as a detriment as Ford has shown over the years the ability to take a “foundation” and make it work for several applications. Ford’s problems now are in the engine compartment, IMO. Several mechanics (excuse me, technicians) tell me there are lots of glitches with small turbocharged engines coming from Ford. I still have friends in the testing business from when I worked for Roush and they are saying the same thing.

    I would be interested in one if I could get a 4.6 V-8, one of the best engines Ford ever built.

    • Ford seems committed to the turbo charged engine and I have NO faith in a turbo charged engine going the distance, meaning passing 100K miles without serious problems. Now, because Ford is all in on turbo chargers or turbo superchargers, maybe they’ve found the holy grail to keep that from happening. But for now, I’d prefer a much more simple engine. The 4.6 V-8 or a diesel would please me. But that’s not the path they seem to prefer.

      • I don’t trust all the electronic supercargo needed on diesels to met pollution standards. I’ve owned diesels (Ford E-250, Peugeot Wagon, Mitsubishi Might Max, VW Rabbit) for personal use and sold hundreds over the years. I wouldn’t want to of own any now offered.

        My go to guy on pickup diesels knowledge is a cousin in Casper who runs hot shot freight with a Dodge, excuse me, Ram, with a Cummins. He is now on his third and each newer truck has more nitpicking engine problems than the ones replaced. He usually runs them to 350k.

  4. I believe all teams should change their names simply because they are all problematic in some manner. The one exception should be the Cincinnati Reds.

  5. I’m with you, THAT Bronco still evokes wanting one, something about classic design. If they could modernize it I might have to break open the bank.

    Pro Sports is toast…won’t cowtow to a bunch of losers owners and players who forget we watch them play to escape reality while having some fun and a good old fashioned American hot dog and cheap beer.

    • Baseball is kneeling now. So no baseball for me, I guess. I enjoy baseball, but not enough to overcome kneeling players and the BLM anthem.

  6. I like your ideas for the Bronco. Being “woke” sucks lemons. I had a little bit of a chuckle at your Dodge Ram Protestor (I think they’ve dropped the Dodge for some reason I can’t fathom), and definitely can’t argue with your recommended modifications. The remote control would have to be hardened though, so outside interference could be kept to a minimum, I think?
    Cash and constitutional rights. Congress hates them all. And with the virus, best to get rid of all.

    • Dodge separated Ram from itself. Dodge does cars and mini-vans. Ram does trucks and work vans. It’s part of the restructuring from Fiat buying them.

      • My only experience with Dodge Trucks was not a particularly happy one. Fortunately for me, they belonged to other people. I have not revisited Ram.

  7. Any vehicle used for crowd control needs some sort of cow-catcher or scoop, as the cheap-arsed metal in the hood and front quarter panels won’t hold up against your average oompa-loopma leftist. A reinforced snow plow is a start.

    Add some lengths of barbed wire hanging off the back and that would make an effective anti-personnel weapon (make sure the lengths are attached with some sort of breakaway so you don’t break the frame from dragging too much weight.

    Get your kids in the back tossing out 4x4s full of sharpened stakes as you drive through to get that whole family fun experience.

    No. I have never really thought of this before… (cough, cough.)

    As to sportsmoneyball, if the dancing monkeys don’t want to perform, screw them all. I watch sports to see people perform sports. Not to listen to their personal beliefs as to how they (who are making millions a year) are being discriminated against. Which isn’t true, of course. You can tell by who gets fired for the crappy performance of all the athletes on a team. Is it the underperforming team members or the coach? It’s usually the coach and not the players.

    As to Kaperdink, what a POS. Abandoned by his family, adopted by white parents, given all the advantages of both being black and being white, and he acts this way? Almost like he knew he was going to get cut and…

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