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He’s Admiral of the Fleet, a Field Marshal and Marshal of the Royal Air Force. Lest anyone doubt him, he’s also a genius. Just ask him. Don’t take my word for it.
However, without the benefit of the circumstances of his birth, would he be able to hold the position of bar steward in a knocking shop? I have my doubts that he has the stamina to pull pints all night. One knows that to be a proper barman, he’d have to come up with a joke or a wry saying from time to time. I doubt that he could do that either – and since he spends from the Queen’s pot, could he ever learn to make change? Still the close set eyes, the weak chin and the dim bulb of personality mean that maybe he could sweep up at the knocking shop?
HMS Bronington
During his two-year active service period with the Royal Navy, the Prince of Wales commanded HMS Bronington, a Ton Class Minsweeper launched in 1953. It’s not much of a command as naval vessels go, but you’d expect that the experience of command would have endeared the Prince to his old ship, whose fate he was master of in 1976.
After being decommissioned from service, the ship was purchased in January 1989 by the Bronington Trust, owned by the Prince. On 17 March 2016, she sank at her moorings, and was subsequently scrapped. The Admiral of the Fleet was not known to shed much of a tear about the ship — anymore than he cared about Diana Spencer, his wife and his better in every possible measurable way.

Did the Royals have Diana killed? I don’t think that they did a Hillary, but you never really know. They certainly had motive and opportunity.

The British public doesn’t think much of Charlie. There’d been talk that his son, William, would take the crown when mom died. However, hubris being what it is, he now really wants to be king because he wants to ‘shake things up a bit’.  The retarded cousin becomes king — it’s too much like the Obama Presidency for comfort. 
It’s tough to take it all seriously when the Field Marshall has never made his own bed, or managed to whip up beans-on-toast for his supper.

37 thoughts on “Good Time Charlie

  1. When Liz kicks the bucket, King Charles will assume the throne with much pomp and pageantry. He will command his loyal subjects to love him. See how this works?

    Pulling pints into all hours of the morning or making up a bed with hospital corners has never been a bona fide occupational qualification to assume the British Crown. Or not that I know of. Chuck is perfectly qualified to be King of England.

    Long Live the King. Such as he is.

  2. Fredd – the queen will never die because she knows that Chuck is imminently unqualified to be king.

  3. The Queen may think so now. Early on there were concerns of Princess Diana's more common blood mixing with the more royal Windsor blood… But I'm with you. William would be a good king.

  4. I have a lot of respect for the Queen. I do not think there is any way to pass Charles and have William be King. No one has any faith in Charles and I think he would be a disaster. William would be a better choice.

  5. On the positive side, PCharlie can ride a horse and look regal doing it. Though he may need help now days in mounting up. You never know, maybe one day a war can be fought on the polo field.

  6. I'd be very surprised if the British people really want a king who will "shake things up a bit." How often has that kind of a king brought them luck? What ordinary, everyday people really want is to be able to live their lives and go about their business in peace and tranquility. I for one am sick and tired of constant upheaval, and the unrelenting efforts to destroy my culture and society, and I'm prepared to bet the people of Old Blighty feel the same. Besides, "shaking things up" is really not the function of a monarch. It is a monarch's job to preserve the patrimony, and to the extent he doesn't do that, he's a failure.

  7. Charles can abdicate the way that his uncle did, but best word right now is that he has no intention to do that.

    "Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way." – Pink Floyd

  8. They used to hoist armored knights (and later fat field marshals) onto horses by means of a hoist with a pully. Charles is getting older and he can ride around in a carriage.

  9. Charles would have to find somebody who would take him seriously before he could shake much up beyond turning Buckingham Palace into a museum and eliminating it as a residence and state house (one of his plans).

  10. I wonder if he can do that without the consent of Parliament.

    How weary I am of anti-elitist elitism.

  11. Fresh blood in the "royal" gene pool is needed once in a while.

    Otherwise the royals tend to get a bit…uh…."inbred" shall we say?

  12. The monarchy owns Buckingham Palace, not the state. The Queen owns all the minerals under the surface, not individuals. The Queen owns the oceans and many or the rivers – personally.

  13. I see. Well, still, just because Charles CAN do something, doesn't mean he SHOULD do it.

  14. Too bad she can't just name William. Charles makes me think of McCain right now.
    Maybe Charles asked Killary for a tip on how to be rid of Diana? (j/k)..

  15. Never cared for Charles, and William would seem a far better King. But what do I know of Brit politics and kings and queens.

  16. Being of Irish descent, have nearly zero interest in the British crown. Do admire the Queen for her WWII service.

  17. As king and monarch, he'd be unstoppable. The fact that there is no dispute that he wouldn't be up to the job of bar steward in a knocking shop doesn't mean that he wouldn't be a great king. Look at Barack Obama as an example. He never held a straight job. There is nobody that I'd know who would hire him to do anything, and he was president for eight miserable years.

  18. You'd make a great Queen. You have all of the talent necessary. I can see you pronouncing "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS", wielding a sword instead of a cattle prod – but the sentiment is the same.

  19. She's been a good Queen, all in all. Her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh was a warrior in his younger years and served with distinction in World War 2 (two of his brothers served in the German Army as I recall). Phillip was a disappointment to the family, but sometimes men don't turn out to be the men that they would have hoped they could be. I think that's the case with Phillip.

  20. Yep, Obama is the embodiment of P.J. O'Rourke's definition of politics: prestige without merit.

  21. Somehow the name fits if you think that he's capable of being a bar steward at a knocking shop. You are ever the optimist.

  22. Look at all those medals pinned to Chuck's chest. He must be some kind of national hero, the boldest of the bold, the bravest of the brave.

  23. You're right about Barry. He couldn't run a lemonade stand. And neither could Chuck. Two peas in a pod.

  24. LL,

    He is a guy in a fishbowl with million of people staring through the glass tapping on it and oohing and aaahing all the time. A person with a brain would be driven to the edge constantly. A dim wit serves the purpose, as long as it is a wit dim enough to not want to make a name for himself. From the discussion, it sounds like Chuckie wants to be known as a right wit dim and all.

  25. Chuckie could learn from the dwarf at the toss. Just get tossed, get your free drinks and cash and enjoy the ride.

  26. It's why revolutions happen. King George III was said to be much like Prince Charles. There go the colonies.

  27. I wouldn't trade places with the Field Marshal, and anyone with a lick of common sense would possibly cut back on the uniforms and medals and proceed with a modicum of humility.

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