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There are always momentous things to discuss here on Virtual Mirage. Welcome to Thursday – just because.

We need to fix the political system. (h/t J. S.) There is a solution but very few people are talking about it.

Since Jules lives in the UK, I thought this would be a good opening to this UK Edition.
People have finally found it, and the price of some furniture has dropped.
Safety Warning: 
Yes, I know, if it had been in the UK, it would have been a lorry, not a
truck, but you all get the point, don’t you?
Muslim Unemployment in the UK
Pat Condell has some advice for people who might consider hiring a Muslim in Great Britain. 

8 thoughts on “Good Morning (UK Edition)

  1. Pat Condell has a point, and it's not just confined to muslims who seek preferential treatment in all areas of our culture. You could extend his common sense explanation of unequal unemployment figures to other groups who do this very same thing to their employers as well.

    Take, for example, young women who apply for various positions. Especially young women who recent graduated from college with degrees in 'Women's Studies." What sane hiring manager would possibly hire a walking, talking sexual harrassment lawsuit, who will find every excuse in the book to define her future workplace as 'hostile.?'


  2. I would NEVER, EVER hire a person whose major was any species of racial studies or gender studies. Anyone who picks that is a person with grievance issues. I'd much rather send them down the road to inflict some politically correct (poor dumb) bastard.

  3. Ha! Funny. We do say a truck a lot more now.
    I agree that equality should be in the workplace so privileges should extend to everyone but without taking the piss. You go to work to work, end of, and businesses (particularly small) can't afford to be paying you for anything other than that. Were the shoe on the other foot….

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