Oppose Calif State Parks Initiative 2010

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Radical liberalism/utopian socialism takes many forms. One California ballot initiative that they are collecting signatures to appear on the 2010 ballot in November is the California State Parks Initiative.

I went to Home Depot to buy Chinese made stuff and a guy sat outside collecting signatures for ballot initiatives. One of them particularly drew my attention. What it will do is collect on the order of $20.00 from every car registered (new tax) which won’t go to the state – it will go to the Sierra Club – to administer California’s Park Service.

Carl Pope is the Executive Director of the Sierra Club. He’s also on the executive committee of George Soros’ organization, America Coming Together.

A self-described “radical,” Carl Pope has been the Executive Director of the Sierra Club — one of America‚Äôs largest and most influential environmentalist groups — since 1992. In the 1960s Pope was a supporter of Students for a Democratic Society. After graduating from Harvard College in 1967, he volunteered for the Peace Corps and spent several years working in India. That experience converted Pope to the environmentalist cause of limiting population growth.

Giving taxpayer money to the Sierra Club to have them do what the state should be doing is like giving money to ACORN.

Please join me in opposing the California State Parks Initiative!

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