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My daughters take selfies…thousands of them. They also use their cell phones to photograph stuff that is meaningless, and Instagram it to their friends (and other sisters).

If my daughters had been on the Titanic.

It’s not a pet peeve of mine and is clearly embedded in the culture these days since cell phones take higher quality photographs than most cameras used to take.

And if somebody wants something scanned, I take a cell-phone photo of the document and text it. So I’m part of the problem as well. I even take photos of chalk-talk when I’m working out a problem on a dry-erase board before I erase it. Somebody STOP ME!

24 thoughts on “Mish-Mash

  1. You call it a problem, I don't know that I would go that far, LL. It's just technology, and improvements in tech will always march on.

    Imagine Thag the caveman, 20,000 years ago hunkered down in his cave, talking with Ooma, his cavewoman: "Ooma, I am wondering what the world is coming to. Just the other day, I saw Thak and Uggo propping fallen down trees tightly up against each other, and then binding them together with mastodon sinew to make an open terrain shelter. Imagine that: they hunker down inside something other than the solid rock of cave walls. Nothing good can come of this development, Ooma."

    I am hesitant to 'stop' you, LL. I think history proved Thag wrong.

  2. Its a state law in the People's State of New Jersey, first responders can not take pictures of evidence or crime scenes (I'm guessing there's an exception for evidence photos). I attended a briefing for a large scale takedown involving many agencies, and in addition to the other legal warnings was "no selflies."

  3. I'm not into selfies, but I love that I get to see the ones my kids, and grandkids take. Technology is another tool in the tool box.

  4. I can't imagine a set of circumstances that would lead me to take a "selfie" at a crime scene. Who would do that? —an idiot?

  5. Thag and the guys innovated out of necessity. Maybe that applies to the selfie, but I have difficulty reconciling the two in THIS situation.

  6. As someone who took their very first photo with a Kodak Box Camera – first introduced in 1888, so by the mid-50s I'm sure I was using one of the "upgraded" versions – to my current Nikon D7000, I find the cellphone camera a pretty amazing tool. I too snap images everything from documents to the bloom on my wife's fall crocus . . . I like it! No need to stop sir . . . enjoy!! 🙂

  7. I love the camera on my cellphone because it's so handy, but I don't take selfies. My daughters take enough for all of us.

  8. I think that's where I stand. It's nice to have a camera with me for the odd time that I may use it. Maybe 20 shots a year. Possibly 30 – two or three a month total. My daughters are well into the thousands annually.

  9. Or you could run around Austin and pose with random street people, which would make you progressive, I think. Maybe not unless you renounce firearms and start dressing like a drunk clown…it is Austin.

  10. hahaha, and I had thought it'd make us happy now that we're well connected and information flow is swift.

  11. I remember – vaguely of course now in my dottage – the saying drilled into my head as a kid by my parents and some teachers: Fools' names and fools' faces always appear in public places. Looks like that's now on the ash heap of historical sayings. I can't imagine that Mark Zuckerberg would much relish a return to a more introspective and discreet culture.

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