Nature abhors a vacuum. 
There is a rule that should be inviolate: You broke it, you bought it. 
I was opposed to the War in Iraq as were many in the US Intelligence Community for that very reason. Invading Iraq meant that we would need to keep hundreds of thousands of US troops in Iraq for at least twenty years – maybe forever. It would also put the US in a position to rule a nation which had been held together with medieval torture methods. The US and kinder/gentler would not work. Never the less, President George W. Bush pushed the button and the rest is history.
When President Obama strolled into office, he declared a new world without American influence. And ‘you broke it, you bought it’ flew out the window. And the entire Middle East is in turmoil as is North Africa, specifically because of Obama’s foolish policies. What we see has been entirely predictable, both what Bush did and what Obama did was based on hubris and flew in the face of natural consequences.
President Obama removed the Sixth Fleet from the Mediterranean and the Russians replaced us. Now the Russians have all but taken over Syria (with the dictator’s blessings), have an armored brigade on the ground, a mixture of ground attack and air superiority aircraft at Latakia, and have declared their own zone of influence which has been approved by Israel, Iran and Turkey. US out Russia in.

If you were Putin, what would you do first? Attack ISIL or wipe out troops trained and organized by the USA? Sure, he is killing off the US-backed anti-Assad opposition group. Predictable? Absolutely.

The Wall Street Journal reported US officials as saying that the targets had in fact been rebel forces backed by the Central Intelligence Agency. 

As the US continues it’s diplomatic rhetoric, Russia is not even pretending to hide its real intentions. More than at any other time in the conflict, Washington’s tentative Syria policy calls to mind the fable of the emperor with no clothes. Russia, meanwhile, is holding all the cards.
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and all who surround them are nothing but a pathetic joke.


  1. In the words of US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter:

    …it’s important to see if we can get the Russians in a position where they are coming to understand the contradiction in the position they now have and the possibility that by seeing a political transition and defeating extremism is something you have to pursue in parallel to succeed in Syria, maybe they could make a constructive contribution. But they’re not on the path to doing that in the way they do — they are acting now.

    WTHell did he just say?????

  2. GOBBLEDEGOOK. How do the Russians see it?

    Abject weakness, indecisiveness and foolishness that stems from a soft man who has lived a soft life in a soft culture.

    How would Genghis Khan view Ashton Carter?

  3. They're far worse than just a "joke".

    They're a threat to the US (foreign AND domestic…..), and should be treated as such

  4. Exactly, LL. I consider myself to be above average in reading comprehension, and that makes no sense what so ever.

    As I've said before, Trump resonates with people because he speaks in plain and understandable terms.

  5. I don't care so long as Shillary gets pinned with the outcome she helped engineer. Let the Russians spend their money on another rat hole instead of us.

  6. The Russians controlling all Middle Eastern oil (with their partners in Iran) in addition to their own exports would create an unusual paradigm in the world. Is it one that you are willing to accept?

  7. I'm no expert, but Putin seems to have outplayed our crew of bumbling clowns and mountebanks at every turn. Watch them spin and gyre as their ISIS proxies are wiped out.

    But what's your take on Israel? Has Putin done a deal?

  8. This also gives him a 'UN approved' in to the middle east… Back that up with the new presence in the Med, and look at what's going on… sigh

  9. Every nation that becomes involved in the Middle East steps on it's dick. Russia is included. Didn't they learn anything last time?

  10. Israel is smarter than the US, but with the Russian Army on their doorsteps, I'm sure that they're circumspect. They know that the US is not their friend.

  11. Yes. The ongoing squabbles in the region keeps any one party from dominating. A change in direction for the USA after 2016 could bring about energy independence (coal gasification, etc). Obviously I don't have your world view or experience but do hark back to what my late father, a CBI veteran believed, "The only thing an Asian understands is a boot on his neck and rice in his belly".

  12. Trump, Fiorina and Carson resonate because they do speak clearly and they're not part of the established political class who have betrayed us. On the other side, there is Sanders, who isn't even a Democrat and has broken out of the pack (as a communist) with an even more radical message in the general "throw the bums out" theme.

  13. The USA should be TOTALLY energy independent and coal is not our enemy, as you suggest. However, the real politics of oil and energy are complicated precisely because we have meddled for so long. Forever, really. Cutting the Gordion Knot may be as simple as handing the ball to the Russians and letting them run energy for the rest of the planet (presuming USA and Canada are independent) – but one must also accept the consequences of allowing the Russians that authority.

  14. Can you imagine if they played mumbly-peg? Obama would shoot the knife through his own foot with each throw. If they played marbles, Obama would have a square shooter marble.

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