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Virtual Mirage will be going through a software upgrade cycle this afternoon, February 25, and the blog won’t be available for a few hours because of that. Sometimes when these upgrades happen, some of you have a problem viewing graphics and content afterward. I don’t know why that would be, and I’ll do my best to keep it real here at VM.

I still have hacking and attacking issues underway here as the software and hardware is under continual/relentless pressure. Steps were taken to keep the blog going outside of the US if this URL is wiped out by USGOV. Other improvements to the blog are being considered.



Does anyone else remember (Crying) Chuck Schumer (D-NY) telling a crowd outside of the US Supreme Court building that, “Justice Kavanaugh will pay the price!” Then the crowd tried storming the Supreme Court building to stop him from being sworn into office.  Somehow that was cool with the Democrats…

And as to kids in cages:


Izhevsk Tigr

This is the civilian version of the Russian SVD Dragunov rifle. The Tigr retains some of the features that you are familiar with but there are differences that I wanted to point out to any potential Tigr purchasers. The Tigr has a shorter barrel than the SVD, it lacks the adjustable gas system and flash suppressor. The stock is “sporterized”, the handguards are not ventilated and the stock lacks a cheek rest.

It’s possible to put a Tigr into spec as an SVD. Buy a donor SVD and use that. Sell the Tigr to somebody.


In the News

Anita Dunn

( A post-election profile of Joe Biden campaign adviser Anita Dunn in The Atlantic was titled, “The Mastermind Behind Biden’s No-Drama Approach to Trump.”

The article itself wasn’t extraordinary. If you haven’t read the specific piece, you’ve read one like it about the bloodless political animals lurking behind the smiling politicians, skulking in the background as they keep a list of allies to be spared and prey to be hunted.

Dunn is one of the Rahm Emanuels, the Paul Begalas, the James Carvilles of the political ecosystem — the sausage-grinders who settle scores behind the scenes while the toothy mannequins they serve wave vacantly in front of an American flag, spouting bromides how they like America and opportunity and equality and equity and hard work and healthy babies.

15 thoughts on “Software Upgrade

  1. The Tigr’s a nice looking rifle, but I do believe I’d tweak it a bit. On another note, I picked up a barrel from Brownell’s recently at a good price, one of their stripped retro 20″ in 5.56 1 in 12 so it’ll be just the thing for 55 grain. No M4 cuts, no problem since I had an uncut upper laying around. I free floated the installation and took it out today to function test. Passed. Going canoeing now. See you later.

  2. Good luck with the upgrade. Seemed to have worked. Re the Tigr, I’ll pass…

    Dunn IS in the mold of Emanuel, Carvelle, et al… And yes I meant mold… as in slime…

  3. I hope it addressed the lack of pictures loading, I sometimes have to hit F5 to refresh and sometimes have to clear my caches for them to load. The pics loaded this time. Boy, Dunn would have to get three guys drunk to get one to go home with her, ugly doesn’t even cover it. I can see the blatant, odious evil in her looks, I am sure she enjoys tearing the wings off of the flies that land on her… The Tigr, what is it chambered in? Nice looking rifle. SVD Dragunov rifle, is it legal to import into usa? I would be interested in viewing and reading it’s spec sheet

  4. I enjoyed shooting a friend’s Dragunov a few years back and I’d get one, just for fun. Tigr? Doesn’t appeal. And neither does Dunn, but that’s just me.

    1. You need your own Dragunov. You really do. It would be good for your soul. Maybe a tax write off as you’ll be training your parish to shoot better.

      Dunn should be done, once and for all, maybe she’d find love in Botswana?

  5. Or you can get a Romanian PSL and be just as happy and have a lot of money left over for ammo with prices being what they are…

  6. always wanted that rifle, til i chatted with some rooskies in bosnia actually using them. they had nothing good to say about it. i was crushed. too many issues of soldier of fortune as a kid. kinda like the m14, more myth than real. its a piece of junk unless you spend a fortune in time and money to tweek it out. i know a vet that had to carry an extra bolt in each pocket. ours fall apart just from marching around in circles with them. we patch them up best as we can but they’re 70 years old and have been abused by countless cadets since we got them in the 60’s. still, legends die hard…. think i’ll go shoot mine a while now.

    1. The M-14, with modern military components (yes expensive) is nothing to laugh at, and they are still in service with the Navy. The older M-14’s had a heavy stock and you had to keep a short screwdriver handy to tighten the rear tang screw unless you were bold enough to slip some locktite (frowned upon, but it happened).

  7. “Well, I’d certainly say she had marvelous judgment, Albert… if not particularly good taste.”

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