I was on the road this past week and MRSLL (in tow) commented that I’m always angry when I’m in big cities. She usually doesn’t accompany me but there’s deep snow at the mine. In any event, it’s true. City people seem to have a similar disease, but they don’t see it in themselves because it’s just there. She said that I’m only happy when I’m at the White Wolf Mine. My skillsets mean that I make my living in the human jungle. So I need to go at times.

It’s difficult for her to live in the remote mountains because of the lack of convenience. However, convenience comes with a price tag and I’m not talking about money, and that’s the sermonette.


The 18th century Gothic Revival Church of St Mary and St Finnan overlooking Loch Shiel, Glenfinnan, Scotland.


The Price of Texas Tea

(excerpt from the American Thinker) Presidents had little to do with making America independent of foreign oil imports.  The improvement of fracking technology made large volumes of oil and gas that were formerly unrecoverable economically producible.  The impetus for making these resources available was free-enterprise capitalism, not presidents or government.  Market forces unleash creativity that leads to technological advancement in the pursuit of profit.  Politicians are quick to take credit for results they have nothing to do with and even quicker to blame an industry for the high prices resultant from government policies.

The Brandon Regime (ostensibly to save the planet from global warming) canceled pipelines, restricted drilling on government land, and added regulations with the intent of pricing oil out of the market.

These planetary saviors don’t care that it fuels inflation and ruins. the little man. Oil is racist after all (even though light sweet crude is black in color).

There is now a bipartisan agreement to fund the electronics industry to produce chips in the U.S. to avert shortages caused by a bipartisan agreement to lock down the economy.  This is folly.  To grind the supply chain to a halt was problematic.  Restarting it has proven difficult and expensive.  The problems were caused by governments’ pandemic policies, and the consumer is now on the hook to pick up the inflated tab.

When the government interferes with markets, prices go up.  Regulation is needed to balance the people’s interests with the self-interest of businesses.  Some regulations are good for workers, some good for the environment, some protect investors and consumers, but the inevitable effect is higher prices.

The lockdown of the economy upset the supply/demand balance.  The result was chaos, higher prices, and economic upheaval.  Politicians may blame a pandemic, capitalism, greed, racism, or any number of bogeymen.  The blame lies solely with the politicians who used the government to lock down the economy.




Let’s go Brandon. Everyone has America’s number. A corrupt old fool and a foolish Ho run the place now.

Hunter Brandon’s need to take baksheesh, undercut U.S. security interests, left Ukraine a corruption-soaked mess unfit for NATO membership, and opened the gates wide for Russia to move in on Ukraine.  Ukraine was too corrupt to be a member of NATO, yet Western interests were knee-deep in perpetrating that corruption and reaping big dollars for themselves.

Way to go, Slow Joe.  Brandon family corruption was one of many reasons why Ukraine couldn’t get into NATO and secure the Article 5 protections it needed to deter Russia.  Now it’s fighting alone and hoping it can defeat the Russian juggernaut, which is only just beginning.

I’m sure that Joe and Hunter are proud of themselves.  This is a war they made possible as they helped themselves to the goodies.

Is taking their money and their trucks the path to prosperity in Canada?


Ancient wisdom.


The Colombian government has fired a legal broadside against rival claimants for an immense treasure on a sunken Spanish galleon, with a presidential decree calling for salvage companies to register to recover it.

Earlier this month, the Colombian government announced that salvagers would have to submit a detailed inventory of everything they found on the San José shipwreck, which was discovered near the Colombian coast in 2015, Agence France-Presse reported.

British warships sank the San José more than 300 years ago, when it was laden with roughly 200 tons (180 metric tons) of gold, silver and jewels  — a treasure estimated to be worth about $17 billion today — destined for France, which was then allied with the Spanish royal court.



  1. Shipwreck- Same story with the “supposed” la Trinite’ off the Florida Coast. After careful research and fully permitted exploration, artifacts from the 1565 French fleet were located off Cape Canaveral. Global Marine said the artifacts were on Spanish ships but government officials prematurely deemed the ships French and made a deal with France, effectively stopping salvagers and investors to their rightful find, nearly bankrupting the company. Shipwrecks have become big takings business for government thieves looking to cash in on others hard work…like everything else they deem “theirs” after the fact.

    Ukraine is looking more like a grift, only time will tell, I’m refusing to listen to the breathless media circus because one can’t determine if any or all of it is real.

    Safe travels “out there among the English”.

    • Your attitude to the media is the right one I reckon. All the platitudes and rubbish being spouted now over the Ukraine is hard to believe after the last two years. Any moral authority the western world might have had has evaporated.
      About the only thing I can say with certainty at this point is the media have it wrong.

  2. Now and then I find it necessary to go into the Kansas City metro area. I’m generally a relatively calm individual but I find myself battling road rage when having to drive there.

  3. “Brandon family corruption ”
    Have you checked the salary of the president of the United States?
    Fauci makes more than he does.
    Maybe if we paid him more, he wouldn’t have to takes bribes from foreign countries.
    Should we outbid them?

    • There’s never enough money for most politicians.

      The graft potential overwhelms any amount of money we could pay them.


    • I’m thinking elected officials salaries should be put into a trust that cannot be collected until their term is over…would weed out most of the lifers.

      We should cap government employee salaries to 60% of private sector levels, the6 can keep their PERA and golden healthcare to balance.

      • The political salary issue is sticky. In Congress, you must run every two years and campaigning is expensive, you must maintain two residences. One at home and one in DC (expensive), etc. Even with perqs, and healthcare, it’s a difficult balance unless you’re rich when you. arrive in DC. Thus, they justify sticking their hand out. $174K pre-tax sounds like a lot but the two residence thing is tough for somebody who comes into office without a nest egg. You’ll spend $70K a year for rent in DC for a furnished apartment that’s not in the ghetto. Applying the 60% rule may give them $120/year or so. It makes for slim pickings unless they have their hand out to lobbiests.

          • The proverbial you get more of what you tax and less of what you subsidize. I like your solution. while we’re spitballing, eliminate lobbyist’s and PAC money, which effectively buys votes and favors. In the same vein, financial donations for a state election hopeful must come from that state’s citizens, private money only, capped at say $2k per. Sure, not 100%, but that would whittle back the graft a bunch.

            As for regular run of the mill gov’t employees, used to be you took that job knowing it didn’t pay as well but the bennies were great. Time to cut those back.

          • While we’re at it, congressional officials could be put into mass housing units remodeled from lobby offices…nice, but paid for. Would reduce some financial burden and eliminate incentives to stay forever. Heck, Trump Inc. would have it done in a year, and within budget.

          • There is military housing at Suitland, MD. I have no problem with providing them military housing at no cost.

    • I’m assuming last line is sarcasm. But to explore the idea further: I’ve said, sarcastically, for about 20 years now that we should give the incoming President $1billion for himself, and another billion to distribute to his supporters as he sees fit. Make the spoils system explicit. It’d be cheaper for the country (in absolute dollars and in reducing corruption both) in the long run.

      But alas it’s not just about cash. For too many of these types the thrill of the illegality is a huge part of the pleasure. Could not Epstein (who did not kill himself) have found 18+ women who merely looked extremely young, if he and his friends wanted underage-looking girls? Of course he could have. But the point was to corrupt actual girls, to enjoy threatening them, and to flout laws.

      In the same vein there used to be this argument to the effect of “hire hookers to provide sex to rapists and that will eliminate recidivism.” Nonsense. It’s not about horny men “forced” to become rapists to dip their wicks. They enjoy terrorizing and humiliating women more than the sex itself.

      These sorts of people ENJOY putting one over on the sheep, the plebs, the fools, the goys, the sluts, pick your term for “othering” your victims.

    • Heard and idea that those elected to congress should indeed receive a lump sum at the starting when they are sworn into office. Pick a number. After that, every time they cast a vote, X amount is deducted from that sum.

  4. Ramirez hits it out of the park again.
    Paul M, public housing for the members of Congress is a good idea as long as it came with the other caveats mentioned above, donations only from state residents and limited to a max of $2k. Be hard to track though.

    I find I am grouping all of my tasks that require going into Spokane so they can be knocked out all at once and Spokane is not a big city. Just happier out in the sticks I guess.

    LL, safe travels to you and yours.

  5. Before the Lightbringer’s third term, Weld County, CO was the #3 county in the USA for petroleum production. Colorado produced 4% of the country’s petroleum (Texas, 22%) with Weld County accounting for approximately 70% of the state’s production.. Under #46 straw dog, Weld County is down 66%.

    In my travels I pass scores of stored rigs and supporting vehicles behind fences gathering dust while delivering mortgage delinquency notices to laid off workers. Depressing, it is.

    Will the industry rebound? Also in my travels I pass sugar beet processing factories shut down 40 years ago after the Hunt brothers, who owned most of them, went bankrupt speculating in silver. The lesson is consequences of wrong decisions linger, often for decades.

    • The industry requires consistency and predictability. The Democrats want chaos, Antifa, racial strife, a fake push to solar pie in the sky, etc.

  6. Politics is power! Money is not the issue, because it flows to ‘power’ regardless of who is in office. Many times, the ‘desire’ for power consumes the person’s best intentions to ‘govern fairly’… And restarting the oil industry won’t happen overnight, nor will building ‘factories’ here happen overnight.

  7. Lack of Convenience? I thought the WWM was fitted out with every convenience.
    Agree with the price of tea in Texas. I’ve been saying that for a while.
    I’m sure Joe and Hunter could care less about Ukraine. They got what they wanted.

    You all be safe and God bless and watch over us all.

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