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Obama Care Survival Guide: The Affordable Care Act and What It Means for You and Your Healthcare (available on amazon.com)

When President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, he handed Americans one of the most sweeping pieces of social legislation in U.S. history. 

Available from amazon.com for $11.97
in paperback or $7.69 on Kindle.
Author, Nicholas J. Tate brings the American people the “ObamaCare for Dummies” book that helps cut to the chase on the Affordable Care Act of 2010 — the 2,700 page legislative bill that Congress passed without reading.
This book serves as a valuable resource for those currently insured, those who are not, and the tens of millions of seniors, youth, business people and others who will be affected by the new law. The ObamaCare Survival Guide reveals: 
  • How the currently insured will be affected, including rising premium costs 
  • Medicare shocker: cuts in benefits, new rules 
  • New protections for the uninsured 
  • Hidden fees and levies 
  • New taxes for the affluent 
  • Small businesses, new requirements, tax credits 
  • Prescription drug users: new fees 
  • A timetable for each part of the healthcare plan 
  • Essential benefits insurance companies must provide 
  • ObamaCare’s impact on long-term care 
  • Your responsibilities and penalties under the new laws 
  • How to maximize your healthcare dollar on the new plan 
  • The cost to you as a consumer 
Sales of “ObamaCare Survival Guide” have exceeded 100,000 copies and the book now ranks No. 4 on Barnes & Noble’s list of best-sellers. It also ranks No. 4 on Amazon.com’s list of the best-selling books in the Politics & Government category, and No. 1 in the Health Policy category.
At 264 pages, the book provides a very simple overview of Obamacare, it is easy to read. (SPOILER ALERT) If you are looking forward to find out how to survive Obamacare, the answer from the book is that you can’t. However, the devil you know is usually better than the devil that you don’t. (that might have been a better title)
Any law that is passed on a holiday weekend in the middle of the night without one Republican vote in favor of the Bill where not one of the signatories have read it and had time to evaluate it — is usually not a good thing.
Review from amazon.com: I read this at a Barnes and Nobel because open enrollmenet season is upon us and have noticed several trends that appear to be troublesome over the past 2 years. In short, this “guide” explains somewhat potential and current changes to health insurance and its implementation…
The 1 negative review I read indicated that if you are a right winger this book was for you and if you were a left winger forget it. Sorry, but in my opinion information is information whether you like it or not, I suffer through MSNBC, PBS, CNN, and Fox that way I can decide, not let someone else do it for me.

It’s the law of the land and it’s time that you were informed in detail on how that law impacts you. You won’t hear it from the liberal media.

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  1. I suspect that the liberal media has a different take on it. Wasn't one of the slogans from 1984 "Ignorance is Strength"?

  2. Based on the impacts I've seen this month (prescriptions went up $100/mo on my MSA, and my co-pays went from $30 to $60, it's NOT going to be pretty…

  3. That's just the opening salvo. But think of all of the illegal aliens that you're providing healthcare for with your contribution!

  4. WOW no comments about Obamacare – just bashing him. If a disabled vet gets all his healthcare from the VA, does he need an insurance plan??

  5. Since I'm a veteran and get care from the VA, it's a single payer plan with the government picking up the tab. Do you recall the OLD VA – pre George W. Bush? That's Obamacare, my friend, except that you'll be out of pocket for it.

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