Is Canadian actress, Katheryn Winnick, too white?



Annual percentage of population in European countries who consume cocaine, 2019.


How much does the population of Asian countries grow/decline every year?



Independent Berber kingdoms in the 8th century. 

The great Berber revolt in 740 against the Arab power allows the creation of independent Berber kingdoms in the central and western Maghreb and the foundation of Sijilmassa.


A Dry Year out West

The map shows surface soil moisture as of March 29, 2021, as measured by the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) satellites. The colors depict the wetness percentile; that is, how the levels of soil moisture compare to long-term records for the month. Blue areas have more abundant water than usual, and orange and red areas have less.


12% of GDP is from Govt/State Owned Enterprise [Prison, College, Military, State National Parks etc].



Wild boar population density in Europe.



Most common pub name by local authority in England.

There are a lot of pubs in Old Blighty that have been around for a VERY LONG TIME.

There is a pub in Yorkshire, owned by my family (paternal side) in the 1830’s, that still exists today, still pouring stout and offering basic pub food. As the story goes, my many greats grandfather was a younger son, not slated to take over the pub. He apprenticed as a stone mason, built/worked on bridges, and then immigrated to the US where he continued that work, leaving the pub behind.


  1. Looks like Nebraska is not hurting for rain. Historical note: when my great-grandfather closed down his blacksmith shop on the Ft Kearney Trace and bought a farm, they had to loop around a body of water while getting to their new home. When I was growing up, that area was all farm land. Now it’s water again, and is called the Funk Lagoon.

  2. I had never heard that Oregon might be a mutation of the French for hurricane. Neat.

    Maine might be named for the nautical term if you go back far enough etymologically, but it’s almost certainly more directly named for the French province of Maine.


  3. Central Florida, well, basically all up and down the spine of Florida, is dry. Not quite 1998 (the year of the Florida Firestorms) dry, but still dry.

    As to population increase, Japan had best start encouraging the horizontal hulu, the procreation pop, else they may be gone soon.

    Regarding wannabe breakaways from China? Who would, in a sane world, want to belong to or be ruled by Beijing. Only Washington DC and Sub-Saharan Africa seems to get close to the evil of Beijing under the ChiComs. (my opinion, based on my feelings only. Okay, the Hague and the EU sure do come close. As to many Southwest Asian ‘countries’? Well, I don’t really consider many of those ‘nations’ to be real nations, more tribal, much like… sub-saharan Africa…)

  4. In the map of percent of GDP from Govt/State Owned Enterprise, I notice here in East Central Florida, we’re in the 10-12.5%. I would assume that’s from the Kennedy Space Center, Patrick and Cape Canaveral Space Force centers, and possibly the National Wildlife Refuge sharing land with the Space Center.

    Since that says Govt/State Owned does that mean it’s not counting private companies that are government contractors? Defense or otherwise.

    We’re closer to the normal rainfall than the spine of the state, as Beans points out. Currently winding up two full days of rain, just not as much as forecast. At least at my place.

    • It can’t count government subs. Those numbers would be much higher.

      A lot of subs also do private work, and I don’t know that anyone has undertaken the true reach of the government in that regard.

  5. Katheryn Winnick (woof woof!) is way too white. A Viking shieldmaiden (Lagertha) should only have been played by an African pygmy transwoman. But the History Channel wasn’t aware of these complexities back when Vikings was beginning filming. Quite an entertaining series that was, though, despite such obvious shortcomings.

  6. The first capital of Maryland (1634) was St. Marys City, named for the Mother of God. It’s located in St. Marys County, and it contains St. Marys College, (a public university), all named for the holy Theotokos. This by Catholic settlers who made a near miraculous sea journey from England so they could freely practice their faith.
    Some years ago I concluded that the on-paper naming of Queen Henrietta Maria was a ruse to avoid the persecutions that eventually followed them across the Atlantic, while still naming the colony in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    Besides; who do you know that prays for the intercession of Queen Henrietta?

    • It’s been a very long time since I was there. Back when I was at either, they were full or mostly full depending on the year. I saw photos of Lake Mead where the Temple Bar Marina was about half a mile from the water. But the casinos on the strip are fully flushed with fountains and so forth.

      No need to go there. (tear in the eye)

    • Appearances are misleading.
      Reservoirs inevitably silt.
      Looking up at a dam from downstream gives the impression of great depth.
      From overhead, much of that water-holding capacity is reduced by silting.

      Dorena Reservoir is east of Cottage Grove, Oregon.
      The former body of water is silted… nearly level to the top of the dam.
      2021 water capacity is a tiny fraction of the 1960 original.

      Next to california’s Folsom penitentiary, Folsom dam occupies a deep wide canyon.
      Looking up from downstream, the capacity must be enormous, right?
      During the dry season (California has twelve months of ‘dry season’) and occasionally year-round, the reservoir is closed to boating because of mountains of gravely silt.
      Start walking at the Granite Bay boat-ramp, and walk straight across to Mormon Island in El Dorado county… interrupted only by a polluted stream coming down from the mountains around Auburn.
      Upstream of the dam, the canyon no longer exists.

      Anytime rushing water slows, any material in that water tends to settle.
      A meadow forms in a canyon.

      We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene Oregon.
      The entire Willamette Valley is a swamp fed by multiple rivers.
      Daily, more of the Cascade Range ends-up in the valley.
      Instead of one pronounced water-way, the water spreads sideways to form a shallow swamp.

      From the point of clearing silt, the collapse of the spillway a couple-three years ago at California’s Oroville dam was productive.
      For several weeks, the Yuba River flowed unimpeded, moving hundreds of millions of tons of accumulation.

      For thousands of generations, the Nile replaced used soil on farms in Egypt.
      After the Nile was dammed, that annual rejuvenation was lost.
      Today’s Egypt farmers rely on petroleum-based chemicals to grow crops.
      Inevitably, the soil degrades to sand, requiring genetic-modified crops developed to tolerate the conditions.


      Would I be interested in moving to Phoenix or Las Vegas… or San Angeles?
      Maybe not so much.
      I enjoy my long showers.

      I welcome your rebuttal.

      • Phoenix sits atop a deep aquifer. They don’t have much of a water problem. The Palo Verde Nuclear Electric Generation plant makes use of it as well. So that’s a different situation all together. Las Vegas/Clark County has bought up much of the water rights in Western Utah (the desert that sits atop an aquifer) and they will be draining that to keep the desert blooming in Sin City.

        I have no argument with what you wrote. Dredging takes place in many harbors around the world where man’s intervention caused them to silt up. If you’re going to impede the flow of water, you dredge or you end up in the situation that you identified.

  7. I love Yorkshire and I love its pubs, though it’s been many years since I’ve been to either. As for that Winnick persynn, obvs racist. Report yourself. Again.

  8. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is one of pubs thats the oldest in England – plus Ye Olde Salutation Inn and The Bell Inn, all where I live and a drinking hole for crusader knights back in the day dating back to the 1600’s.
    My favourite named pub round here is called the VAT and Fiddle
    ( VAT – is value added tax and we all like to fiddle the taxman!)

    • I recall VAT (the tax, not that pub in particular) from back when I lived in Old Blighty. It’s a vicious tax.

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