Ok, I don’t know how many days that it’s been but I haven’t exactly been a model citizen under quarantine, because I’ve been out shooting watermelon that the elk then eat. And I’ve been driving around doing a little food shopping. Home made (from scratch) pizza for dinner last night. But work is slow. I think that we pulled in $20K into the consulting business which will make everyone happy. It serves to keep the lights on, but clearly won’t buy many toys. And yes, he with the most toys still dies, but dies happier than without toys. 
A friend who lives locally, former USAF Raven, then transitioned up to F-15’s, left the service and flew for United Air Lines before he moved to the Arizona Highlands, came over for dinner, with his wife. BBQ’d tri-tip. They brought salad and rolls. Not precisely a quarantine.

The neighbor with the Hughes 500D flew over, buzzing the mine. He’s commuting from the Phoenix Valley, not precisely quarantined, but he is social distancing.  You can fault him for a great many things (like not letting me be his pilot) but he is keeping his distance.
I’m giving a lot more thought to menu now. Lots of frozen animal and bird flesh, plenty of vegetables. Squeezing lemons for lemonade make me think of Senator (up)Chuck Schumer and I squeeze every drop of precious liquid out of them as I squeeze – and squeeze.  Fox News is not on all day. Maybe it should be, but it’s not healthy for me to listen to it these days. 
On the bright side, if COVID-19 forces Planned Parenthood to close for two weeks, the virus will have saved more lives than it has taken.


  1. unfortunately they are predicting a surge in births due to this crap, more low information voters in 18 years.

  2. Actually Z-Man's Sunday post "Springtime In The Pandemic" may have some merit.



  3. This Wuhan virus is a big-city thing anyway. When people opt to live on top of each other, this is just one of the prices they pay. Those of us who opt for the wide open spaces have been practicing social distancing for most of our lives. And then there are those of us like me and Wise Old Fool whose personalities tend to lend themselves to social distancing effortlessly. Works for me, anyway.

    Shooting watermelon? Where the bullet leaves a little hole in the front and the back half of the melon is gone? And that requires a calibre larger than a .22, and I don't picture you as a .22 type, LL.

  4. We do what we can. Thankfully the truckers are still moving product to the stores. Glad I'm living in a small town, and being a writer now, pretty much a solitary existence anyway…LOL We've postponed our little weekly gatherings for a couple of weeks just to let everybody decompress.

  5. My client, who has me deliver delinquent notice letters to mortgage defaulters, has instructed us to tape the envelope to the door, then knock/ring doorbell. Still need to do our little speech, but from a distance.

  6. Tri-tip is one tasty cut of beef. If I want one, I usually have to mention the fact to a meat cutter at the local grocer. It's worth it.

  7. I'm still going to work (essential) and coming home to my wife who's been here all day and is happy with that.
    Only difference is not going out to the diner.
    Or church.
    My buddy drove through Ann Arbor and sent me a video of the trip.
    Reminded me of The Omega Man.

  8. We are very fortunate in this country to have such a strong, vibrant, supply chain. If you were over 40, I'd worry more about you partying hard through the pandemic. As things stand, rock on!

  9. Indeed it is. For some odd reason, it's more popular on the West Coast than it is in the center and east of the nation.

  10. On the way out, I stopped at a light and noticed that the trees are all starting to turn green and the flowering trees are about to go into peak bloom. Persephone is making her way up from the underworld and all of creation celebrates.The cycle of life is immutable, which means that all things come to end, even plagues.

    Z-Man is on the money.

  11. Sounds like you need a chopper. It is probably an essential business expense, necessary to preserve Mom, apple pie and the Flag,and insure the security of the nation, so it should be included in the "bail out everybody who can fog a mirror" virus plan. With fuel and tech support. Hmmm…You probably won't be satisfied unless it comes with a couple mini guns and hellfires…Possibly Davis Monthan has something in store for you. Does the RIM identify as a friendly foreign nation?

  12. I'm with the Texas Lt. Governor. Let's get back to life as normal and just be careful like we have been since the start of it.

  13. If I had unlimited "pick-a-part" right at Davis Monthan, I could definitely come up with something that would fly.

    The Rim is the Rim. It needs to sign a treaty with the US – but it needs its own air force. That's for sure.

    • back in the early 1970s there was a fire in the mapping office storage area; destroyed old maps of whats buried where…neighbor is retired GSwhatever worked DM since the late forties and tells me of crated stuff buried out in the beyond past the hardpan areas on the base. back when the red menace was the rage, they did stuff like that. some day, an archaeologist is going to have an widowmaker of a heart attack while digging a privy.

  14. I bet if you were just nicer to the Loach owner (do you call him T.C. ?) he'd let you fly it… Maybe if you got him a couple rocket pods for Christmas?

    Ooh, or maybe a GAU-19 gun-pod! So hard to choose…

    • doubt the loach would lift the gau19 pod if it had ammo in it. maybe but i doubt it. on the gripping hand, there is the ah64 with the gun, ARA, hellfire stingers organic jamming systems and all that you can run from the back seat without the gunner in a pinch. and the gun is just so easy to reload…

  15. Does the WWM have enough room to put in a Hog capable runway? Few things say 'mind your manners' better than a flying gattling gun.


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