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Canada-US Trade Dispute

Is it really about trade, or are they just upset that the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup? If that’s what it is, they need to content themselves that if it wasn’t for the liberal distribution of Canadians playing in the league on all teams, that there wouldn’t be professional ice hockey. 
Or maybe they’re angry about having to speak French. You see, Canadians speak French, but when they try to do that in France, the French people mock them for it. There is no gratitude from France, just speak English, Canadian friends. Let it go at that, and sing Oh Canada! in the Queen’s language.
The whole trade dust-up would be solved if they just admitted that they actually are the US 51st State, now, wouldn’t it? We could be their 11th province if they accepted President Trump and the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights if that feels better. Trudeau and his rainbow socks, would have to go, eh?

Internet News

Ever since I installed Adblocker, I have been severely depressed. Hot singles in my area are no longer interested in me. (h/t MT)

Bees are Cool

Here is an interesting factoid. (LINK) When you think about bees in general, their place in the ecosystem and how they function, I can’t help agree with the Utah Highway Patrol that they deserve a special place in our hearts.

I’m serious about that. If I wasn’t so busy running to and fro trying to earn a living, I think that I’d keep bees. I may do that at the White Wolf Mine. I haven’t quite decided. They require care and love, but there is nothing about bees or honey that I don’t find intensely interesting.

Lots of Fake News

Most of the fake news carried by the corrupt, lying, smug, sly, elite media is generated to support the agenda of the radical, progressive left. No sacred cow is as sacred to them as the global warming hoax.

Politico claims that deadly insect-borne diseases are “on the rise” in the U.S. due to “warming global temperatures.” Although disease-carrying insect populations have increased greatly over the past several decades, there is no reliable evidence that climate change is the reason. Instead, the surge of these insects corresponds to the banning of DDT, a highly effective insecticide. Politico would never mention that.

Barbie Options

I wonder which Barbie little girls prefer? The fat, trailer park Barbie should come without teeth and the pack should include mixed race children with several demographic variations. One could be a little Obama?

There should also be a trailer that she lives in with a pot bellied Ken, who wears a wife beater, and drives a POS beater with a bent fender. That would be very progressive.

It would be more progressive still if fat Barbie came with box of fried chicken and a beer or something like that. Because every little girl aspires to be trailer park Barbie, doesn’t she? Who knows but what her little boy could grow up to be president?

13 thoughts on “General Ranting and Rambling (Sermonette)

  1. "….deadly insect-borne diseases are “on the rise” in the U.S." Gee, I hope I don't have to start taking those big orange pills again.

  2. Robin Williams said something to the effect that being Canadian like living in a studio apartment on the next floor above a great party. Add in your Adblocker comment and well, there you have it.

  3. I have anti-malaria drugs in my medicine cabinet left over from my last trip into the bowels of the third world. They have unpleasant side effects, and I have no present plans to journey back. However, it would be a real beast if malaria returned to the US. I don't see that happening.

  4. Yes, I think that's on point. The only place in Canada where they seem to have an on-going party is Montreal. The last time I was there (summer), it felt like they were always gearing up for Fat Tuesday without the pay-off.

  5. Ken would be in a lounge chair with a can of beer in his hand and both would be holding cigarettes. Life can be hard of former child stars.

  6. Since the US has the world's largest trade deficit. It's been that way since 1975. The deficit in goods and services was $566 billion in 2017. It is not difficult to understand why so many politicians being angry at Trump when he spell the word trade balance and emphasize balance. For so many years other countries have benefited from the surplus and presidents like the cool and funky Obama just printing dollars and increasing the debt on taxpayers expense gave away opportunities. Trump force the other countries to start thinking and being responsible for their own defense expenditures reducing the US taxpayers burden and supporting job creation in the US will do good in the long run and everyone understand it but they hate him for it. I too think it is good that other countries must start takings responsibility and stop letting the US taxpayer carry the burden. Hopefully the US will start to rebuild the infrastructure to make the country efficient, modernize the education system and support the ones becoming engineers. The best strategy to reduce the regressive left is to educate people in natural sciences and math. The result will boost the economy and people will start spending and investing and that will raise the level of standard for most people. You should really appreciate Trump and now he also seem to fix the standard of living for the millions living in the North Korea.

  7. One step in the road to making America great again is to make trade deals fair. No more free rides. And North Korea has a historic opportunity to bring its suffering people out of the gulag into the 'world'. It can't happen suddenly, but it can happen.

  8. Not everyone turns out the way that they hope the might have – in Ken's case, the long road of addiction led from riches to rags…stuck in a trailer with ghetto Barbie.

  9. Whoa. This post crescendoed like some kind of symphony. Good work! But I will say this.

    Bees are really, really important. Get some at the WWM, seriously.

  10. Bees are cool busy workers and there is a future despite som worries in the past

  11. Well, since you're as sweet as honey (unlike Barbie) I think that you should keep bees! You can sell some jars of honey for loadsa money, as I know from being Manuka'd in my time. Imagine how much White Wolf Nectar could fetch!

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