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(PJ Media) The polls and early voting numbers have been looking really good for Republicans in Georgia. Gov. Brian Kemp has an easy path to re-election, and the GOP has momentum in other races — including a surprisingly good chance in a congressional district that hasn’t elected a Republican since 1875.

One of the key races that the nation is watching is the Senate race between incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) and football legend Herschel Walker. Early on in the campaign, Walker earned the label of a “bad candidate,” and his campaign made some missteps early on. He shook up his campaign and started to gain ground.

As the election nears, Walker has gained momentum, despite Warnock’s continued attacks on his opponent. A surprisingly strong debate performance and the enthusiasm on his bus tour have bolstered his chances as well.

Polls continue to look great for Walker, and the RealClearPolitics average currently has Walker up 1.4 points, which is a tight race, for sure.

But Walker may be receiving some help from an unlikely source: losing Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Abrams is performing so poorly against Gov. Brian Kemp that she may also be serving as a drag on the Warnock campaign. At least that’s according to a theory from News Nation’s Zaid Jilani.

Fat, greasy, filthy, and obnoxious Abrams has been screaming racism and sexism loudly but people are tired of the porn writer’s campaign and it shows in the polls. There was a time when Democrat insiders had been touting Abrams for the top slot in the White House. Apparently, that ship has sailed.


Paul Pelosi Incident (redux)

Then there are all the elements of the Paul Pelosi Break-In timeline that don’t quite add – Matt Margolis.

How did the illegal alien, felon and homeless drug addict David know the Pelosi mansion and how did he arrive there?

Who was the “third party” that the police mentioned who let them into the house? Was it David’s pimp/driver?

Was there forced entry and did the alarm go off?

No video? What about the body cam of SFPD?

Did Paul go out Friday? If so, where? And when did he return?

All of the Pelosi mansions and properties have 24/7 armed guards including Federal Police inside and local police outside. Were they given the night off?
What was David doing prior to breaking in?

Why SF General? There are 4 hospitals that are closer.

Why did he refer to David as a friend when Paul P. called the police?  The taped conversation is in the public realm.

Whose hammer?

Paul Pelosi’s personal lifestyle stopped being his business the minute his political pals started accusing conservatives of attacking him. The accusation that Nancy Pelosi — the woman most in the know — hasn’t made.

I don’t care what the 82-year-old Paul Pelosi’s prurient pursuits might be. They’d seem to be on par with the rest of DC and the people who visited the late Epstein’s Island. Based on what little we’ve been allowed to know, what might have happened is something too sad to even be salacious: A family with a terrible secret that resulted in a violent attack and a near-tragic end.


The End of the Great Wall of China

Yes, I know that there are 7 or 8 great walls that were constructed in China. This one ends in the ocean. It’s a little like the series ending of Lost.  All that you ever needed to do was to swim around it.


Uber – in decline?

The ride-sharing giant Uber is continuing to have a rough time turning a profit, with the company’s third-quarter earnings revealing a net loss of $1.2 billion for the last three months despite revenues that continue to grow.

Hmm… it would seem in its base form, this service industry company is responsible for running a computer application that connects drivers who are currently classified as independent contractors, with passengers for pay. Working capital investment is minimal given the business model is premised on using independent contractors and their private vehicles. By observation,  one might logically conclude the firm’s losses are NOT based on declining consumer market demand, but rather, inept corporate leadership.

Based on Uber’s current losses, it’s not a reach to foresee the firm may not survive the potential implementation of new IRS rules under consideration which will likely force the company to reclassify its contract drivers as employees.  Under proposed changes, IRS rules will revert back to an older standard in place prior to 2021, whereby,  independent contractors must be largely autonomous in their business model; eg, a business cannot be solely dependent on independent contractors to fulfill all its production output as its core business model;  and contract employees, must be free to solicit contract work from other firms, and their business model should not be solely reliant on contract work from one business. In addition, independent contractors must have control over setting prices for their services, their hours of business operation, and the ability to control personal profit/loss. Clearly, the current Uber business model appears to fail under that proposed IRS rules test.


The FBI Won’t Release the information from Seth Rich’s computer…


  1. Of course the current Uber model fails under the brand-new IRS interpretations and rules. Almost as if, speaking conspiratorially of course, the rules and interpretations were made after careful study of Uber’s rules and therefore were designed to counter said Uber rules.

    But that’s crazy talk, right? No government entity would purposefully create rules that would invalidate an active business that’s been operating so long.

    As to the Pelosi issue, yes, Mr. Pelosi is/was a known gay player, and everyone involved knew this, from Nancy to the neighbors and all the security agencies. Hammer-boy was known to be a valid guest, and could only gain that level of entry if he was ‘cleared for entry’ (take that as many ways as you want.) None of this is surprising. None of the attempted coverups and re-tellings of the story and reimagining and ‘lost’ evidence and ‘lost’ statements will change the fact that most of America knows Mr. Pelosi got attacked by his gay prostitute.

    The Donks have been working triple time trying to find people to Kavanaugh the chances of Walker winning. Seems most people in Georgia don’t care what the Donks are saying as to negative issues with Walker. Funny how it’s okay for them but not for Republicans.

    And, seriously, the Donks are getting hit hard everywhere. The DNC has pulled all of their money out of Florida (well, for the most part) which means they’ve given up on swaying the vote. Unfortunately, verified allegations of widespread cheating in African-American areas seems to show that vote harvesting and outright fraud are still here. Though there are those predicting even Broward County will turn conservative-ish this election cycle.

    • Uber never should have been legal in the first place. You can;t circumvent taxi laws by starting a taxi company, but calling it a pear orchard.

      Taxi regs and shenanigans could certainly use reform, but Uber is not the way forward.


      • It’s not just Uber, there is Lyft and there are half a dozen other regional players who follow the same business model. The whole “are you an employee” (or are you an independent contractor) situation is widespread. Sometimes people are independent contractors, some are employees, but USGOV moves the goalposts.

  2. Don’t feelz sorry for her after yet another election is stolen from her. She can always get a job as the Pillsbury Dough Girl, woke edition.

    • Stacey Abrams HAS a job in the far future. She’s the president of United Earth.

      Apparently the Star Trek future has reduced interstellar travel to days (or is it minutes in the JJ Abrams Trek-verse) but obesity remains intractable.

      Both Stacey and JJ being called “Abrams” is probably a coincidence. The main thing they share in common is the felicitous state of each belonging to an ethnic group wherein they can claim that any personal criticism of the individual is an attack on the group. In this goofed up world, that automatically invalidates the critique and makes the critic public enemy #1.

      How does that even make sense? If Ralf Braun gets fired for incompetence, can he claim Deutschophobia? If Aoife O’Connell is caught embezzling is anti-Hibernianism to blame? If I screw up and get caught can I claim systemic anti-Sinotism?

      • First off, racist, what makes you think that Jeffrey Jacob Abrams and Stacey Yvonne Abrams are not blood kin? What could be more woke than that? JJ gave the ample-bodied Stacey a role in the latest Star Trek whatever, which I haven’t seen. It’s not uncommon for a big-time Hollywood producer to give a bit part to a cuz who may be down on her luck. I would have thought she could land the role of the evil Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (Dune) and could carry it off without the need for padding. Stay tuned, I guess.

        • Of course I’m racist. It’s my Han Chinese heritage. To not be racist is contra-Han. Clearly I’m saying this for comedic effect — actual Chinese from China have blurted out (in a business lunch meeting, yet) “oh, we don’t think of you as really Chi…”). I almost choked trying not to laugh because the poor guy turned turkey-wattle red and literally clamped a hand over his mouth. This was a 50-yo physician turned CEO, not a little girl. Hahaha! And yet we now have a GREAT working relationship with good amounts of trust and even loyalty bilaterally. (Among other lessons from that, overlook unintentional slights and insults.)

          Re Dune. I really hope Villeneuve shot additional scenes . I’d love to see an extended version. Even at half-the-book there was too much to pack into a single film. But the visual design was excellent. Ferguson’s Lady Jessica was a little too weepy for how I envisioned the character, but maybe that was not her choice of how to play it.

          • The problem with dropping a refinery in the Pacific (make your own island) without military cover is that the Chinese would be there as soon as the first barrel was refined to take ownership. The Caribbean is beset by typhoons/hurricanes and the equipment would take a thrashing.

  3. Sorry, but I just can’t stomach the spin put out by the Demoncrats/Media/Bought and paid for SF Police/Corrupted FBI…
    Aside from all the questions about the impossibilities of an MAGA Terrorist that can pernitrate the multiple levels of security of Pelosi’s home…In his underwear.
    There is an even bigger logical fallacy already in evidence.
    They have stated that the MAGA Terrorist allowed Mr Pelosi a bathroom break where he promptly made a call to the police to get help for his “friend” David…
    Then the unarmed underwear clad 80+ year old walked out of the locked bathroom to do what?
    If there was no one home, why would a 80+ year old man walk out of a secure room to try to talk sense to a 40 year old MAGA Terrorist armed with a hammer if he knew the Calvary was on the way? He wasn’t protecting his family, no one was home but him the MAGA Terrorist and the shadowy figure that escorted the cops in which THAT person will simply vanish from all thought as simply as his passenger did the after his DWI.
    If you or I or any of the Non-Political Royalty came dreamed up this story we would be laughed out of town, Yet our Ruling class and there clean-up crew in the MSM DEMAND we bow down and lap it up.

    I say Ridicule anyone that tries to spin this load of Horse Fritters, Then Meme em til they die of Shame.

    MSG Grumpy

  4. Abrams can’t do anything else productive, politics as a Democrat is the only avenue she has available. Same with The Magical Mr O out stumping, didn’t work this time around because he’s still just a community agitator underneath.

    Will we have election results roughly by 10:00pm Tuesday, or when waking up this time Wednesday morning will Fox et al have recalled their “projected winners in key states” as “those other votes” appeared as America slept? If that happens there will be civil war.

    The Pelosi wackadoodle deal is getting worse for him/them by the day as timelines and “facts” change and twist. Mr Weirdo entered a “not guilty” plea but his PD hadn’t even been privy to the police report. Smells like a Gwyneth Paltrow candle.

    The FBI can’t release Rich’s computer yet, the Clinton’s place in Russia isn’t ready yet.

  5. you know, there might be hope yet. it occurred to me that project looking glass may be coming to fruition as truth after truth seems to be coming to light and available to the masses. the real covid stats, the vax fail, seth rich, pelosi et al. things are seeing the light of day, now only if something gets done about it. people must hang, there must be atonement. tptb are ginning up a famine on purpose now, and ww3 is in the offing. will the veil be lifted in time?

    • Lifted in time?

      I think that it’s been lifted for a long time, but people don’t take it very seriously. Once there is no food on the store shelves and freezer section (because we all know THAT is where food comes from) they will worry.

      It doesn’t apply much to this blog’s readers, but how many people have 1 month’s supply of food and 1 week’s supply of water in America?

      • Even noticing there IS a veil makes you a -phobe or an anti- or an -ist. And labeling someone an istaphobe is modern excommunication.

        More than half the country knows. But most are afraid to notice on the record. I’ve had friends (lefty, anti-Trump, etc) tell me in private they can’t believe how bad things are. They are disgusted by the pushing of perversion on children, among other things. And many notice the curious (though of course entirely random) predilection of one group for violent crime, and another for financial underhandedness. (Note my choice of words. There are things that are not illegal by black-letter law, but decent folk would not do those things. Thus underhandedness.) But these friends are terrified that anyone will know that they’ve noticed. (I don’t go around looking for drama and conflict, but I refuse to bow down and grovel at the altars of diversity and sacred sacred victimhood. At scheduled work functions for such things I simply don’t show up. If it comes up unexpectedly and I’m expected to mouth the pieties I politely decline to speak. Only once was I pushed to “engage”. So I said “you don’t want to hear what I have to say” and I smiled. Remarkably, this worked. I was then left alone. Anyway, this is probably why a few persons have crept, solo, into my office to vent about these things. In one memorable case, the individual was basically seeking reassurance that he was not crazy. “Doesn’t anyone notice what’s going on?” Seriously. I was boggled when I understood what that person was after. But if you get your worldview from CNN, Twitter, and Hollywood….)

        Lately I’m of the mind that the biggest obstacles are those who still believe in the legacy media and “the system”. You probably know the type. They’re mostly genuinely good people, but they believe what is printed in The New York Times, and that all we need to do is voat harderer.

        • Veil phobia is a real problem in some quarters.

          Women don’t want men to lift the veil only to then demand that they keep it on. Of course, that has extended to America during the plague.

          Masklophobia (sometimes referred to as maskaphobia) is a specific phobia used to classify a general and irrational fear of masks. People with this fear can never be woke — sorry to say. They are also likely to be anti-vaxers and plague spreaders. As you know, there are also. masklophobic deniers who believe that these anti-maskers are only pretending to fear masks so that they don’t have to mask-up.

          Would you excommunicate a masklophobe because of a condition that they can’t help? It’s like condemning Fetterman for not being able to speak. coherently — it would make you an ableist!

  6. Paul Pelosi
    Why should we be surprised by the spin doctors following the same model that has always worked? Willie, “I didn’t have sex with that woman” Clinton, etc. The goal is to distort and deflect, not disprove. The general public soon loses interest.

    • Yeah, and it’s one of those – who care’s if Paul Pelosi takes an infected load from a San Francisco gay prostitute? I really don’t care. It’s simply annoying when the media lies again.

  7. “The FBI Won’t Release the information from Seth Rich’s computer…”
    Is there a list of things the FBI won’t release? Be nice to see right out front if they a closely linked to one of the political parties.

  8. The Georgia elections… who is going to count the votes this time? That (to me) looks to be the key as it was in the last election.

  9. In other news – I’m back and I’m now an honorary member of the mafia. Don Jules.

    Also, you need to watch a BBC mini series called Rogue Heroes – it’s a drama based on the true story of how the SAS was formed. It’s done by Steven Knight -the same screenwriter/director for Peaky Blinders. I think you’ll like it a lot.

    Blimey – I’ve been gone so long your website has forgotten my information! *Slightly outraged*

    • Who are you again?

      Oh, that’s right, the lady on the posh Italian extended vacation. I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t visit the blogs either if I was living the life. I’m glad that you’re back, rested and no doubt planning your next escape. Switzerland, and Italian islands, how do you top the last two vacations unless you visit Texas?

      At the moment, Rogue Heroes is not on any of the streaming services in the US, so thanks for taunting me. I’ve been waiting to see it but based on the information available, I’ll have to keep waiting.

  10. 2023 does not look good. Even if the repubs take back the house and senate, I don’t think it will change anything. The establishment RINO’s will hold power and say, “In the interest of what’s good for the country, we will not seek investigations or impeachments, that’s what demorats do and we’re better than that.” Business as usual, keep the Ukraine money laundering going, etc. I believe Seth Rich was the one who hacked the DNC servers and was going to release the info to Julian Assange, which prompted Hillary to make the phone call. Why else would the fibbies demand his laptop and all info be sealed for 100 years?


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