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Pope to Visit Norks?
Pope Francis accepted a handwritten letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, delivered by President Moon Jae-in, on 18 October, inviting him to visit Pyongyang. North Korean communists are as anti-Christian as any people on earth. However, one of Kim Il-sung’s (few) friends was the late Reverend Billy Graham.
Casting the chicken bones to see precisely how the whole North Korean situation will play out is something that many of us do – but that place is so messed up at every possible level that it’s impossible to accurately forecast anything.
Screwed Up States
On 18 October, Ecuador announced (mood music link) that it was expelling Venezuela’s ambassador over “offensive” comments. The move was in response to accusations by Venezuela Communications Minister, Jorge Rodríguez, that Ecuador President Lenín Moreno was “lying” about the number of Venezuelan migrants pouring into Ecuador. 
During his speech at this year’s General Assembly, Moreno had said his nation has received more than 6,000 Venezuelan migrants a day and that “children are arriving with measles, diphtheria and polio.” 
Rodríguez seized on those statements and said it would take “140 bus-loads per day for seven years” to reach the number of Venezuelan migrants that Ecuador claims to have.
Not only are the Venezuelan leaders bad governors and bad neighbors, they can’t do math. Despite the expulsion and disrespect, Ecuador continues to assist Venezuelans who reach its borders after transiting Colombia. The UN reported nearly half a million Venezuelans have migrated to Ecuador in 2018.
The great Venezuelan exodus continues. The UN estimated in early October that more than 2 million of the 32 million Venezuelans have left.
The Common Denominator
When you look at horrible places to live with failed economies, rife with human suffering at all levels, you will note that they’re all communist enclaves. All are dictatorships where a few very wealthy oligarchs live like kings while the rest of the nation serves them. You’d think that Americans would be thrilled that they don’t have to live under that sort of horrible oppression…but wait. Look no further than the multi-millionaires at the NFL, NBA, etc. who feel the oppressive yoke placed upon them here.
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