To Be – Or Not?

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Bullet Points:

** From CDR-SAL – Within the Biden administration, the struggle is among three groups: liberal internationalists, who want America and the West to do what it takes to ensure that Russia loses the war; pragmatists who want to check Russia but fear Russian escalation and believe that the war will inevitably end in a compromise peace that falls short of Wilsonian hopes; and Asia-firsters who worry that U.S. support for Ukraine reduces America’s ability to face the more significant and long-term threat from China. President Biden has tried to stay in the middle, giving Ukraine more support than the pragmatists and Asia hands prefer, but dribbling it out more slowly than the Wilsonians would like.

** Stranded? Just weeks before its collapse, the Western-backed Afghan government sent dozens of army officers for training to India, a close ally.

** Eight years ago, prominent atmospheric scientists and physicists predicted that global cooling would take place over the next few decades, perhaps even bringing a new mini-ice age. They were scoffed at and mocked. The record is official: no global warming is happening, period. This will not deter the global warming cult, however, from crowing about global warming. Technocrats invented the global warming scam in order to flip the world into Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. They are losing control of the narrative and may flip over to global cooling as they did in the 1970s.

** NJ town flip – The leadership of the town of East Hanover, New Jersey just flipped from Democrat to Republican. It’s probably safe to assume the reasons for the change were the economy and crime, but you have to wonder if other factors were in play.

** In other Disney news, there’s gonna be new Toy Story, Frozen, and Zootopia movies.  I wonder in ancient Greece, someone got tired of hearing about the Labors of Herakles again and again. Disney said Wednesday it is planning to reorganize into three segments, while also cutting thousands of jobs and slashing costs.

** From Jules – A sea shanty.

** From Nov. 1944 to March 1945 Japanese Army and Navy undertook its incendiary paper balloon-carried bomb “Fu-Go” campaign against North America. A desperate attempt to set the forest of the Pacific Northwest on fire in order to dampen American morale and disrupt the war effort.

On February 21, the RCAF achieved its first balloon kill when Flying Officer Edward E. Maxwell of the No. 133 (Fighter) Sqdn shot one down with his trusty Kittyhawk at a lofty altitude of 25,000ft over British Columbia.

** Matt Walsh: “Do you do you think that a 16-year-old can meaningfully consent to have their body parts removed?”

**  The French PAPOP (1990s)


** Golden State – “Women wearing thongs in broad daylight on street corners, pimps following mothers taking their kids to school, and prostitutes twerking in traffic have become common scenes in California. Local leaders claim human trafficking and prostitution are rampant in the Golden State after a new criminal justice reform that its author said aims to protect transgender women from being unfairly targeted by law enforcement.

“It’s absolutely out of control and dangerous — not just for the sex workers but for the community,” San Francisco Supervisor Hillary Ronen told the San Francisco Chronicle this week.

A road in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District has become lined with prostitutes and pimps, prompting city officials to install barricades as residents sound off that not only do they feel less safe – especially at night – but that they are worried about the women working the streets”



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  1. In the last 2 weeks 2 NJ town / city councilors have been murdered. Both black, both Republicans. One of the seems to have been a workplace dispute, the other is “no leads”.

    Weird shit going on in Jersey.


  2. I read that the first woman was shot 7 times in the face while sitting in her car…that’s personal. The second guy apparently pissed off a co-worker or something. “Forget it, Jake…it’s Jersey.” The Green River Killer in Seattle back in the seventies and eighties killed 45 prostitutes over a ten year period who he picked up while they were trolling the streets, he said they were the easiest prey, like a veritable smorgasbord. LA and San Fran are sinking into depravity all for the sake of virtue signaling and “Protecting trans prostitutes.” They voted for this, so do I care? Nope.

    1. To me, it’s normal urban decay.

      I drove down Valley Boulevard in Rosemead, California (LA County) the other day on the way to meet some Wo Hop To (Harmonious Union Plan) gangsters (Hong Kong Triad) the other day and I reflected on my life. I thought about where I’d been, what I’d seen and survived, and marveled that I’d lived this long in urban decay. It’s certainly not because I’m good. More likely that I’m lucky.

  3. they already flipped over to climate change. pretty safe bet since the one sure thing is that climate changes, normally. even the head climatards don’t believe what they are saying, yet idiots buy it hook line and sinker. that’s even more frustrating to watch.

  4. If I remember correctly, the Japanese balloon attack had two sets of balloons – bamboo paper ones to carry the incendiary devices, and a silk balloon they used for monitoring. The silk ones lost buoyancy faster so they didn’t make it all the way. This led the Japanese to think all the balloons were falling short of their intended target. Something I read a long time ago, so the memory is iffy.

  5. “Liberal internationalists”?
    Why spend 20+ letters when a perfectly clear and succinct 6-letter word will do? This is a neocon operation.

    Regarding San Francisco, maybe they voted for that mess, I don’t know. But maybe they voted for that in the same way that the people of the US gave 81 million votes to Joe Biden, and the way that Arizonans overwhelmingly voted in Katie Hobbs.

    1. San Francisco is an odd place. Prior to the present insanity, I liked the place not just for the geography and the Officer’s Club at the Presidio, but for the ethnic food (excellent dim sum) and the house I stayed at when in town, in Tiburon, that a friend owned but never used. Said friend thought that the place was haunted and feared selling it. The ghosts feared me so it worked out.

      1. SF was a cool place once. Good Bookstores. Good record stores. Good food. Neat things to see. Nice weather.

        Seems like it was not too long ago.


  6. SF- So? They get the result of what’s in office, like nasty DA’s on the take persecuting the good and innocent trying to defend themselves or property against the anarchy in the streets. 12yo car thief in Denver shot by owner when the kid pulled a gun and shot at him. What will happen to this man who was fired upon by this now dead wayward soul punk who has been told there are no consequences…until now?

    Joisey- Yeah, but will their politics change? Putting a Duramax badge on a F250 does not make it a Chevy.

    Sea Shanty…need to have them play that on LiveIreland. Fun stuff.

    1. I hope that the defensive shooter identified as black and female.

      I commented to a friend the other day that there were no soul brothers or sisters on the train, but that it was still a black-female-owned business because all employees so identified. There must be some sort of government cheese available because of that noble demographic. All the men were women all of the women were men, or so they self-identify.

          1. Nope…been waiting for something real time to no avail.

            *reckoning…seems the phone didn’t know the correct word and sub’d something else. Maybe they have been monitoring and thought I meant “Recon-ing”. Heh.

          2. I learnt in my formative years that you recon the objective first, then you make the reckoning, so maybe the phone was just trying to help.

    2. Heard a call on the scanner a few weeks ago that a 16 yo on a bicycle (from Laporte) was down in Loveland, and shooting at people. The PD apparently knew who he was, and was headed to his home.

      1. Geez. Watch a few investigation shows and every time without fail, “recently released from prison on early parole and has a long history with local police”.

        Wonder if his mother has him in to the psychiatrist who prescribe drugs?

  7. Climate change: Dr. Leona Woods Libby, wife of the guy who invented radiocarbon dating, was the first person to study climate records based on the geologic record. She predicted in the ’70’s that warming would continue until 2000, followed by 50 years of cooling.

    But now, for some unknown reason, she and her predictions have been scrubbed from the internet.

    Worth looking at this graph:

    1. Climate weather has been talked about for well over 100 years. The push that there was Climate Cooling was about 1970, then Climate Warming, then they found out that was a bust so they said Climate Change. It is all about the ones in charge keeping power and keeping the rest of us stupid if we do not understand what is happening.

    2. Man predicts, God laughs.

      I ask myself if it is possible to “predict”? Trends?, sure. But these are all guesses…actual prognostication is really a dart at the wall. Pennsylvania where I grew up is having warmer temps than has been typical for the past 20 years. Northern Colorado where I am has more mini storms, wind, less sunny, and colder than any year we have been on the property. I say ‘here’ it’s colder. But that’s just my impression because normally it melts back before the next round. Not this year. Old Timers say it’s more normal like they experienced “back then”.

  8. Climate Change
    In nearly all “science” reports the authors slip in one or two sentences about climate change, climate warming, climate cooling, etc. How Neptune’s 14 moons influence our climate escapes me but I’m not a schooled scientist.

    I’m not the first to say go woke, go broke. Consumers vote their wallets every day. Who wants their children exposed to degeneracy? Not too many is my guess.

    1. If you went to grad school long enough and ate enough of those mushrooms, the significance of Neptunes moons would become clearer. I think you’ll also need a man bun. If it’s too late in time for a genuine bun, you can wear a blue (Neptunes color) wig with incorporated bun. Extra points for an unwashed wig

      1. Not enough hair left to grow a man bun. Might manage a pony tail. Too many scars to shave the noggin bald. Wig? Aren’t they hot and scratchy?

    2. No kidding. Got this sentence from from [now ex] insurance company tap dancing around jacking up prices, like I’m some idiot who believes in such nonsense:

      “Major trends such as social inflation, economic concerns, worsening weather patterns, ongoing supply chain issues all continue to effect the cost of insurance across our country.”

      What the hay is “social inflation”? And who says we have worsening weather patterns? Compared to what exactly? Then extort the customers for higher premiums using these made-up terms as excuses (well, for the Woke it could be ‘reasons’).

        1. Whatever happened to ‘X’ company providing a product or service and leaving it that? The “Woke” (asleep really) can’t help peeing all over themselves because they are loathsome people running loathsome companies yet believe they are righteous. Like “climate change is an existential threat to life”, these are secular religious cults. Disney was MADE for children to delight, starting 40 years after Walt and it’s a kids version of [that constantly promoted wacko] Rue Paul’s Drag Show…pure exploitation evil sold as good and wholesome.

          We have more quickly been eliminating such companies we do business with, switching to those who uphold our values. I’m just ticked I didn’t do it moons ago…didn’t recognize the slow creep.

  9. Well if the climate continues to follow along the prediction of the chart, Elon’s successors can launch giant mirrors into orbit to reflectt more sunlight onto earth to help fight global cooling. That along with the mandate to use more hydrocarbons to increase CO2 levels that will be mandated by a future EPA may just save the day. Otherwise Jerry Pournelle in his book “Fallen Angels” was very prophetic.

    1. It’ll be too late according to AOC, we’ll all be dead as The Highly Sensitive Gaia gets ticked at the ant humans and implodes herself by hurtling into the Sun. LL has a doomsday countdown clock, I think we’re less than three years now.

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