“Ignorance is Strength”

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We Can’t Trust the Government

Do you really expect Jo/Ho and friends to spend infrastructure money on infrastructure?

If you do I have a bridge to sell you.

Do you recall the $800 billion that Barack earmarked for shovel-ready jobs. They managed to create somewhere under 50 part-time jobs for $800 billion.  $10 trillion might get you 500 stand-around jobs or no-show jobs because of inflation.


Summer Reading Suggestions


Peter F. Hamilton – Fallen Dragon  The book is not one of Hamilton’s famous sci-fi trilogies and that means when the book ends, it really ends.

Though he’s a mercenary for the Zantiu-Braun corporation, which gets its profits by periodically looting old interstellar colonies, Lawrence Newton has his eye on picking up a treasure trove of alien technology. When the Zantiu-Braun Third Fleet descends on the planet Thrallspring, the invaders unexpectedly find the inhabitants, who have access to some of that lost alien technology, prepared to fight back.

In the distant future, corporations have become sustainable communities with their own militaries, and corporate goals have essentially replaced political ideology.


Mystery Aircraft 1

You shouldn’t have to look this one up.


Mystery Aircraft 2

This one is a LOT tougher than the one above, and for that reason,  I’ll put the answer at the bottom of this blog. We are using the honor system.

Martin, I’m counting on you to getting the answer on the first try. You’ve been on a roll lately.


It’s always good to know who is whispering in Jo/Ho’s ears and pulling strings.

If you want some interesting reading, dive into Black Rock Corp.

You might wish to start here with Zerohedge. The war against home ownership. I’d like to write it off as a conspiracy theory, but it’s real and it’s quantifiable, and it’s part of a long-term strategy as part of the Great Reset.

They’re not after you. Not really. They’re after your grandchildren.


Arkancide? You be the judge.


American Thinker asks if you can spot a domestic terrorist?

“The first indicator is demographics. According to our colleagues at the FBI, domestic terrorists are likely to be white, male, and middle-aged.  That is not to say all your middle-aged, white male friends and followers on social media are domestic terrorists.  It is simply a way of narrowing down the pool of potential miscreants.  You can basically eliminate from consideration anyone who is not white, male, and middle-aged while directing more scrutiny toward those who fall into that demographic…”








Life and Art

Silicon Valley, the Media, and the Democrat party are what Skynet was (Terminator Series): An existential threat to civilization and everything we hold dear. A threat to common sense, rational thought, individual freedom, the Constitution, and most of all, the Republic.

America has been the bulwark against tyranny in the world for almost a century. When our Skynet succeeds in eliminating the United States, the entire world will be less safe and, eventually, civilization will collapse just as it did when 2029’s Skynet launched its war.

Reese’s characterization of Skynet couldn’t be more accurate today: “Listen and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead.”


Answer to Mystery Aircraft 2

The Ryan FR-1 Fireball

It was an American mixed-power fighter aircraft designed by Ryan Aeronautical for the United States Navy during World War II. It was the Navy’s first aircraft with a jet engine. Only 66 aircraft were built before Japan surrendered in August 1945.

From a guess-the-aircraft perspective, it was a fair entry because it was production fighter aircraft, though it entered the Pacific Theater too late. There weren’t many Japanese planes left to shoot down at that point.

38 thoughts on ““Ignorance is Strength”

  1. deHavilland Venom. An early UK jet fighter. There was also a naval version the Sea Venom.

    1. Its not that I know aircraft. Its just that when I was a kid I used to spend my pocket money on plastic model aircraft kits, build them, and then have them hanging on my bedroom ceiling. I remembered the Venom being one of these.

      1. As I recall, the Sea Venom was less successful than the land-based variant simply because of the demands placed on aircraft on an aircraft carrier (every landing is a hard landing, corrosion, and a single-engine is not ideal. Why the Navy went with the F-35C, a single-engine aircraft as its defense fighter eludes me.

  2. I’m no statistician but to see four guys off themselves after an event???
    Three? No way,, One,, well, not necessarily connected to the event. Two,, maybe coincidence,, but THREE guys, who offed themselves? Unless they are specifically hiring people who have suicidal tendencies,, I’m not going to buy that. I admit I stopped paying attention to the details of the reports at number three. I don’t know what happened to Sicknic, if he died because it was his time or if Someone helped him.
    If you’re under thirty, Maybe you could be buying this crap, but at over65, the bullshit is visible through the veneer of their cascade of liars spewing lies trying to paint it all up as coincidence.

    1. There is a lot of bullshit floating around these days. The Democrats (not just the Clintons) have a “dead men tell no tales” way of approaching those who would offer a different narrative than the one they want to be presented.

      1. I had not heard that there had been 3 “suicides” of officers involved in the January 6th protests (not riots, not insurrection). When I heard there was a fourth, I came to the same conclusion. I think that these individuals had flipped or were known to be about to flip on the “insurrection” narrative and needed to be silenced..

  3. “In the distant future, corporations have become sustainable communities with their own militaries, and corporate goals have essentially replaced political ideology.”

    History has a way of preceding itself, wot?

    1. Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? Or is it a little of both? Fallen Dragon is a good book – sci-fi, espionage, coming of age story, and thus entertaining.

      1. I want one of those pistols like in the original Rollerball that can blow up trees. I need to find one of those before the boating accident that’s in the not-so-distant future.

        I’ll have to look up Fallen Dragon, L-L, thanks.

  4. As to CDC guidelines:
    I imagine they are having a helluva a lot of fun watching everyone dance to their tune as they change the tempo, the beat and the lyrics on the fly.

    1. Even the weakest bullshit-o-meter has to be pegged with the flip flop of the message from Jo/Ho and friends. Based. on polling, the number of sheep who are willing to be led blindly is decreasing, thus the donkeys simply increased the volume.

  5. The last mystery plane: Even though I wrote a lengthy term paper in High School on WW2 air support I have absolutely no idea…but will say from a design aesthetic that classic design stills holds the eye.

    Spin The COVID wheel: I stopped listening to the political hacks and morons May of last year when they kept changing their “guidelines” and it was clear everything they said was a lie. It is flatly illegal for the CDC to make dictates, edicts, or any sort of demands on Americans. But since this administration has taken lawlessness to a high art, the CDC’s Madam General Moron thinks she can. And Biden just stated he would defy his Constitutional oath. Too bad the R’s are wet noodles or they’d be calling for his ouster. And Gov. Abbott told them to go pound sand. Don’t mess with Tejas.

    Still wonder with everything else out there significantly more deadly, including daily car wrecks, why have they elevated this coronavirus to special fear status? Probably because half the people are dumbed down enough they believe Joe is a moderate and good guy, Cuomo didn’t kill the elderly or grope every woman near him, masks do anything, and that Trump was lawfully impeached because their feelings were hurt with “mean tweets”. Compliant snowflakes.

    Saw last night that the fourth CapPol officer was Foster’d/Epstein’d (no way do I believe he killed himself). What the hey is going on?

    Everything we see and hear, save for Tucker and a few others, is deflection tactics…silent warfare that sneaks up on you, then it’s too late.

        1. Yeah, or both.

          There are a number of key legislators who claim to be conservatives (butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths) like Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) who are almost completely funded by Google and big tech. They’d be offended by being called cowards and traitors, but we know them by what they do, not by rhetoric.

          1. Agreed…both (save for a few).

            MTG may seem like a nut (in the media for certain), but she tosses the lit dynamite stick back at them, making them howl “Not Fair!”.

            This is coming to a head…yet, like LL said the other day, the Dem’s and Looney Left either have no clue as to what their actions portend from half of American’s, or they are getting really nervous because thy know they will lose big, and we’ll see the crocodile tears like HRC’s campaign headquarters on the night of the 2016 election…where they knew they would win but didn’t.

    1. nah, they just lived in d/c, where the murder rate is 3x higher than the covid rate. they got so caught up in it, they murdered themselves.

      1. All four hacked themselves to death with axes. The fact that no suicide notes or axes were found at the scene didn’t strike anyone familiar with Jeffrey Epstein as unusual in the least.

    2. Just imagine (as I have) that you are a conscientious cop.
      One who thought he was on the side of law and order, and righteousness.
      Your self image was built on that.
      And you found you were serving the devil.

  6. I would have said an early Douglas A-1 Skyraider for the second one, but you said it was tricky.

    Interesting how parallel evolution of airframes given roughly the same requirements exist.

    As to the current administration, well, nothing, nothing surprises me at all about no infrastructure in the infrastructure bill and the close ties to all sorts of shenanigans.

    Like O-Bozo having over 800 people, from guests to staff, at his sea-level mansion for his barf-day. All unmasked.

    Or Kamala having a Juneteenth celebration dinner amongst leftist white peepo while her black attendants stood quietly around the table to wait on the entitled leftists.

    1. I’ve heard that the African royalty canceled their big jamboree at the mansion at Martha’s Vineyard.

        1. Incidentally, the 12 year battle by islanders with an off-shore wind facility developer – very well funded by the greenies who live there but…NIMBY…got axed by a a judge right after King O and his other half moved into their seaside estate. Nah, nothing to see here.

      1. And the question is, where did he move it to? I hear Epstein’s Island is still available.

  7. First one is a Venom, the second is the ONLY surviving FR-1 Firefall (the ONLY reason I know that is I saw it at Planes of Fame museum). It appears Joe/Ho are now shopping constitutional lawyers to find some that will ‘concur’ with their violation of it… sigh

    1. All they need to do is pay the mouthpiece enough, or bribe some Obama appointee judges. They may not even need to bribe them.

  8. As Stalin was once quoted, “As soon as the showtrial is over, kill the witnesses in case they recant.”

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