Captioned Photo: Roxy

Roxy is a female 80 lbs Pit Bull Terrier who unremarkably identifies as a female Pit Bull, but there are hints that she may be more than the sum of her parts. My grandsons feel that she may be the Greco-Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra, reincarnated. There is no direct evidence for this notion, except that Roxy loves luxury, enjoys constant attention and demands love, and manages to wrangle the best snacks. She also has a Sphynx-like demeanor.


Zeihan Speaks

Zeihan is an interesting character and his views are used to peddle his books, which are not something that I promote here. He is presently framing the current geopolitical situation as the drawdown of the global economic system that the United States imposed upon the free world at Bretton Woods after its victory in World War II: The United States used its overwhelming naval superiority to build a global trade network as a means towards the end of soviet containment but is belatedly realizing that the Soviets are gone, that the rest of the world’s markets don’t have much to offer because they are entering dire economic straits due to aging demographics, and that America is insulated both geographically and, thanks to shale oil, its energy independence.

Zeihan also predicts a U.S. disengagement from the world, which in turn will leave other states to fend for themselves in securing access to food and energy commodities. He expects an imminent period of international disorder:

“American disinterest in the world means that American security guarantees are unlikely to be honored. Competitions held in check for the better part of a century will return. Wars of opportunism will come back into fashion. History will restart. Areas that we have come to think of as calm will seethe as countries struggle for resources, capital, and markets. For countries unable to secure supplies (regardless of means), there is a more than minor possibility that they will simply fall out of the modern world altogether.”


Bullet Points

* A friend asked me if I had plans for the Fall. It took me a moment to realize that he was talking about the upcoming autumn, not civilization’s collapse.

* The Post Millennial website reports six in ten abortion clinics shut down in states with pro-life laws after Roe was overturned. The column reads, in part:

“These states had 71 clinics providing abortions before the Supreme Court’s June 24 ruling. As of July 24, 28 of these clinics remain.”

* Norks and Roks (h/t Claudio) It didn’t take South Korea long to catch up with and surpass North Korean ballistic missile tech. In 2017 South Korea conducted a successful test of a locally made ballistic missile with a range of 800 kilometers. The new missiles carry a half-ton warhead. This enables South Korea to hit targets anywhere in North Korea with weapons (ballistic missiles) that North Korea is not equipped to stop…China is also spurring its neighbors, not just limited to Japan and South Korea to greater efforts in their development of military and military-adaptable technology.

* Releasing criminals without bail (h/t Claudio) – The story from NY is played out. in other places as the de-funding of police and enabling of crime takes place. The public sees it and realizes that if they want to be secure, they need to take that role upon themselves. It explains why firearms sales remain brisk even as the federal government works to restrict firearms ownership even after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Constitutional Carry.

* From ZeroHedge – Thanks again to Claudio for the heads-up. The article is worth reading. The Brandon Regime has deliberately taken actions that make oil companies less likely to invest in drilling projects.  Sometimes it looks overt, and sometimes it’s subtle,  but the plan goes forward. As with ANY industry, there must be stability in rules and markets in order to risk capital.

* A wise man once said that you should be careful who you let on your ship.  Some people will sink your ship just because they can’t be the captain…

* From Ed Campbell: LL if you do get tired of the rain send some up to eastern Washington.  Been totally dry for at least three weeks and then it was just a sprinkle.

I arrived home and there had been a lot of very heavy rain that flooded through and around 24″ culverts causing erosion. It continues to rain heavily every day on the Mogollon Rim and the forecast is for the pattern to continue for at least 10 more days (as far out as they go with any accuracy). We’re into at least 60 days of global warming/cooling that resulted in rain.

* When the grandkids visit, almost all ready arms need to be put away and stored. You know how it goes.



I hate to say it, but — a typical Beltway government hire.


Map of the historically Jewish region of Ethiopia. From the 10th century at the latest to the 17th century, the region was the power base for the Kingdom of Simien, also known as the Kingdom of Beta Israel.


Realms of the Near East just before the Bronze Age Collapse, during which most would be destroyed or greatly weakened.


Wagner Group (Russian Mercenaries)

Updated map of Wagner Group’s operational presence in Mali. They’ve remained operationally active and supplied by Russia even though a lot of the Russian military’s focus has been on Ukraine. The question is one of priorities for the Russian Federation and Mali remains high on their list. The government of Mali invited the Russians in.


  1. As for abortion in Michigan.
    What a tangle.
    It’s hard to explain, but abortion is still illegal in Michigan.
    But a judge has moved to stop 19 county prosecutors from prosecuting.
    But there are almost 90 others unaffected.
    And when the injunction is overturned, statute of limitations is still valid and the cases are prosecutable.
    Meanwhile a judge has found a “right” to abortion in the Michigan Constitution.
    Where have I heard that before?

    • Best put 5 rounds into the cylinder of a 6-shot revolver, spin the cylinder, aim it at your head, and fire.

  2. “Some people will sink your ship just because they can’t be the captain…”

    We have a neighbor couple who live across our cul-de-sac. When they built that house, it was the first one on the street. They are both native Texans. He is a few years older than me, a good guy and we get along fine, yakking in the street often. Politics comes up, and when I remark that the progs will burn everything down just to rule over the ashes, he looks at the ground and says “I just can’t get my around that”. He is not alone. I am afraid that by the time enough people get their heads around it, it will be too late. We shall see.

    “When the grandkids visit, almost all ready arms need to be put away and stored. You know how it goes.”.


    • We see things going off the rails in some massive manner and it seems all we can do at this point is look down and scratch our boot toe in the dirt, saying “I dunno”…like we did as kids when trying to figure what to do for the day.

    • “I just can’t get my around that”. He is not alone.
      Well, yeah. Understandable. It’s hard for the normal, psychologically healthy person to understand the severely pathological. Most people can’t believe that narcissists would or even COULD do the things they do. (The Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial was useful in showing the public just how destructive a person with severe Cluster B personality disorders [that’d be Amber] can be. Me personally, I learned good and hard about narcissism from a guy I worked for over three years in my 20’s. He wasn’t evil, certainly not intentionally, though he left chaos and dissention in his wake. In his head he was a wonderful person, always trying to help the world [his words], but the world just happened to be filled with horrible, ungrateful, “mean and stinky” [again his words!] people who invariably sabotaged him out of jealousy.) The average person also does not understand how far resentment (and envy and paranoia; all three being the hallmarks of the left) can take a person or persons.

      I’m halfway through the podcast of Jordan Peterson interviewing Michael Yon. Near the beginning (about 12 min in) Yon talks about China’s “Rape of Nanking” museum and how it’d designed to “foment hatred of the Japanese”. (Probably true, but the Imperial Japanese military WERE utter bastards.) Yon then went on to talk about the general scheme of what he calls “museum warfare” (i.e. agenda and often propaganda disguised as being purely historical/educational). And then I thought, let’s see if Yon goes on to mention other museums that foment and transmit intergenerational hatred and resentment. And he did! And Peterson immediately switched the topic, with stress markers in his voice that were not previously present. I love JBP, but that was a very very interesting tell.

      ” It took me a moment to realize that he was talking about the upcoming autumn, not civilization’s collapse.”
      Keep calm and take five with me. I realize that many of the people here could account for orders of magnitude more without major effort. But I’m strictly an amateur in that area. The irony is that (I suspect) there are few globalist wannabe-oligarchs, prog thinktankers, radical leftwingers, and rabid do-gooders in the Coconinos. Whereas I am in an unbelievably target-rich environment.

      • The hate industry is lucrative. It’s the same thing as the grievance industry. It rakes in billions and if I was unscrupulous, I’d have gone into that industry. Alas – scruples.

        I first recognized it for what it was when I learned first hand (while in the law enforcement biz) that card-carrying American Nazi Party types were bodyguarding Irv Rubin of the Jewish Defense League. Then it clicked. Stan Widick and Tom Metzger (white power) had a symbiotic fundraising relationship with the Jews.

        If the plate was a little light, the Nazis would tip over a few headstones and paint swastikas and the Jews would reliably pony up money to the JDL, who would kick back to the KKK and Nazis in California in the 80s. They fed off each other as the scam rolled. The Holocaust Museum kept the fear and hatred alive. I’m not a Holocaust denier in the slightest, but the industry that grew up around it keeps a lot of scumbags fed.

        The scam runs the gambit from abortion clinics to faith-based operations that peddle fear of death to old people and milk them.

      • I noticed that museum warfare line and the quick change of subject. It left me wondering why the US has so many holocaust museums….

        • Big money. There are also a lot of grievance museums of various sorts where school children are bussed on field trips to wallow in the injustice of it all.

        • Part of the reason for so many holocaust museums is that by the 1970’s the whole Holocaust denial thing was in full swing. Seriously “it didn’t happen at all, they all moved to Russia or the Middle East or were secretly behind the NAZIs” and other stupid shhhhhtuff like that.

          Got so bad when I was in Junior High that kids (and some teachers) were openly expounding the denial bullscat. So, of course, one kid said the wrong thing in my 8th grade math class. The next day or so, the teacher brought in his personal collection of photos he took while in the US Army in 1945. He was one of those guys who were assigned to photograph and document everything under orders by, I think, Eisenhower because he knew that, 20-30-40 years down the line, people would be saying it didn’t happen.

          The photos and his stories were horrid. He took a month off after that.

          So, yes, we need to be reminded of what happened.

          Not saying that there isn’t big money and big guilt involved in the whole thing, but…

  3. “A friend asked me if I had plans for the Fall. It took me a moment to realize that he was talking about the upcoming autumn, not civilization’s collapse.”

    After years of lies, cheatery, and lawlessness our minds have been conditioned to go immediately to the negative connotation. Collapsing markets, massive unrest, teetering food supplies, and the 3rd-Grade level BS coming out of our leadership might have something to do with it.

    I’m hunkering down, gonna watch cities burn from a distance…that’s where many are headed at the hands of these reprobates as the rats eat each other. Really glad I installed the main access gates.

    • Spitballing here…

      Who’s 4th in line? Bottom of the barrel Chuckie?

      The Older Than Dirt Nan’s “unknown reasons” trip to Taiwan may get her dead (or us in another “small incursion”), which means “I Cleaned My Plate” Joey is sidestepped despite now being promoted as “Reagan Part 2″…then Kammy Word Salad gets in, signs some weird never before done OE that opens the floodgates for someone (Magic Man Barry?) to gain access, then promptly resigns. Gotta be some play for Nan to go there with zero reason and threats looming large.

        • It’s not as if the rest of the line-up inspire confidence.

          VP: Harris
          Speaker (House): Pelosi
          Pres Pro Tem (Senate): Leahy
          Sec. State: Blinken
          Treasury: Yellen
          Defense: Austin
          Atty Gen: Garland
          Interior: Haaland
          Ag: Vilsack
          Commerce: Raimundo
          Labor: Walsh

          “It’s turtles all the way down!”

          Speaking of reptiles, my phone is blowing up with texts soliciting money from the Stupid Party. Why just yesterday I got the following:
          There was talk about you in the inner circle after the GOP’s deadline yesterday, Michael, and it wasn’t good …

          Since you failed to step up, we came up $10 short of our goal to restore Trump’s Majority!”

          Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. I had no idea. Now I feel terribly guilty. I’ll have to move some money out of my “coke-N-hookers” fund to the “coke, hookers, and little boys for super-annuatated swamp grifters’ fund”. (On the topic of scammers and frauds pretending to hate each other but really working hand in glove. A monkeypox on ALL their houses.)

          • I too have been singled out for failing to bring forward the money necessary for a win by any number of candidates. And I feel bad about it – really bad – because I’m such a miserly SOB. The e-mails and texts keep coming. The thinly veiled extortion causes me to weep and wish that I had some sort of high-tech panic room. Then I realize that I live in a panic compound and it brings me a measure of relief for being such filth as to deny the Republicans certain victory. Today is primary voting day in Arizona so the pressure is more intense. I can hardly wait.

          • I missed our “guilt inquiry”, by half a ring. Too bad because they would have heard some choice words for their feckless no backbone weak feckless (did I say feckless already?) skinny armed idiotic obviously wimpy sell out uselessness.

            And that would have been in polite mode.

          • Horseback riding with the granddaughters has been pushed to Thursday. A nature hike in the area has been inked for the afternoon as I work through my guilt at having caused the demise of the Republican party through my niggardly behavior.

          • That list of names looks like the villains list of a bad TV show, or maybe some sort of children’s song. To wit:
            Twas Christmas before The Long Night, when all through the House,
            No Pelosi was stirring, not even that bag;
            Grievances were aired on the TV with care,
            In hopes that normal folks might still care,
            Now Blinken! Now, Yellen! Now Austin and Vilsack!
            On, Garland! On, Haaland! On, Raimundo and Walsh!

            You get the idea.

          • I have gotten them to stop calling me by asking when are they going to repeal the GCA and the NFA and all other arms-limitation acts and laws and regulations?

            Half the time they’d counter with “So you support private ownership of tanks?”

            What fools, then I’d start expounding. They finally got tired of it and stopped calling me.

            I’ve been working with the wife so when she gets those phone calls she starts asking them about arms-control laws and when are the Republicans going to kill all the laws and regs. (especially here in Florida where it’s too farking hot to carry concealed for us fat guys.)

          • Leahy and Walsh are the least bad of the bunch, and that’s really saying something.

            Leahy’s an old-fashioned Machine Democrat from before they went full Orwell / Asylum, and Marty Walsh is just a cheap grafter. Neither is particularly dangerous to civilization on their own


  4. Plans for the Fall, agree with Paul M; hunker down, limit travel to population centers and be prepared for chaos.

    I also put up guns when the grand kids visit. Though they are getting of an age where that is not as needed as it used to be. Could probably leave them out but why take a chance.

    Korean ballistic missile tech. Amazing what free enterprise can do. Would not be at all surprised if the had a secret nuclear weapons program. They most certainly have the technology.

    Some people will sink your ship just because they are not the captain. Way back when it used to surprise me when people did things that were contrary to their self interest just because they were not the ones leading the charge. Now not so much but it still does cause the occasional head tilt.

    Sorry about your weather LL. I did NOT do a rain dance so am innocent. I knew when I moved here that the area only gets about 15-20 inches of rain per year. Blessed we have had no serious fires yet.

    • It’s nice to have the rain. The forecast for today and tomorrow is no rain so that’s nice. My granddaughters are visiting and we’re going horseback riding.

    • Heard from one guy that the RoKs got in with Israel and South Africa in developing nukes, not that the RoKs have any, of course…

  5. Interesting ‘chart’ of Wagner’s movement in Mali. Re the rifle, I have something very similar sitting in the safe with a couple of battle packs of 118LR. Re people, they have become so entrenched in their ‘worlds’ due to the lockdown that they cannot actually function in a normal interactive environment where they come in contact with those who have differing attitudes.

    • The lockdown has justified people’s fears of the unknown and a mask is a convenient talisman. Useless, but like a child’s comfort blanket – comforting.

  6. Our town has a small Somalia populations. The men work in the local packing plant. The women dress in the manner of their culture. Yesterday I saw a woman driving wearing a face mask. My question (in my head) was she afraid of COVID or is the mask more comfortable than a veil? The point. People become so conditioned to life styles that they can’t think out of the box.

  7. Pits are great dogs. Loving, loyal, protective of their families, but a bit intimidating to people that don’t know them. Pebbles is 70lbs of solid muscle, and through she’s not a “big” dog, I would NOT want her pissed off at me. She’d rip you a new one.

    Miss Roxy looks quite content laying there. I’ll bet she’s a sweetheart if she knows you, like all Pits I’ve known.

    Plans for the Fall? Keep calm and reload magazines….

    Been getting some very nice afternoon showers here on a regular basis the last two months. Got .04″ today, and there’s some more on the radar. Last week we got 1.7″, and it caused quite a bit of flooding and debris flow up in the canyons, and in the burn areas from the Cameron Peak fire.

    This is our fourth Summer here, and I think it’s the wettest on we’ve had.

    • MrsPaulM says unless they were actually in “the pit”, the breed is Staffordshire Terrier. Either way, when treated well they are loyal and playful and will never allow anyone to mess with the kids.

      • Yes, and ours is listed as an American Stafforshire Terrier on all her paperwork.

        She’s generally excellent with kids. When the little ones are around she’s always in the same room with them, watching the door, and wanting to lick them.

        She has a problem with little girls she doesn’t know. The rescue guy we got her from said she’d been owned by an elderly woman who couldn’t really take good care of her. She was tied up either on the front porch, or in the backyard, and “neighborhood kids” would come by to taunt her, and throw rocks at her. Poor pup!

        Twice she’s growled at little girls who were visiting their first time. After she’s been “socialized” with them she’s fine, but until then she’s extremely wary of them.

    • Pebbles is a wonder dog. That makes all the difference. Roxy is possibly the reincarnated queen of the Nile… ;^)

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