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I have no idea whether the portents are good for me, but the Year of the Fire Rooster (cooked chicken?) is upon us. It should be a good year for KFC no matter how things work out for the rest of us.
New Years celebrations in Asia are different than they are in the West because they are also the rough comparative of the “day of the dead” as practiced in other parts of the world. 
The Year of the Fire Monkey (2016) was a good year for me and I don’t know if it had anything to do with a fire monkey or not. I’m not all that superstitious. 
Never the less, I wish all of you who need an excuse to celebrate a profound celebration as the year changes to that of the Fire Rooster!

I asked a Buddhist friend what characteristics one might expect from one who was born in the Year of the Fire Bird. The Fire Bird/Rooster year is the most volatile of all Chicken signs (Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal) He consulted a tome and summarized that they will tend to be smug, narcissistic, ego-driven jerks. It will be a good year for journalists and politicians-to-be. A great year for actors bound for Hollywood.

Next year, 2018, is the Year of the Earth Dog. Likely a less tempestuous year from a Chinese astrological perspective.  Donald Trump was born in the year of the Fire Dog, for those of you who are keeping track.  People born in the Dog year are typically prudent, loyal, kind, honest, cautious and play well with others.

Lunar new years come in sixty-year cycles. We won’t see the return of the fire bird year for some time to come. Is that a reason to celebrate? Only if the sun is over the yard arm…

When you’re finished celebrating the Year of the Fire Rooster, you can begin your countdown to Carnival, which is not unlike celebrating the new year or anything else, except that it’s done wearing less clothing.

You don’t have to wait sixty years until the next Carnival because people that did that wouldn’t look good enough to parade around (nearly) naked, wearing feathers and silk. The reason that I mention it here is that many of the Carnival folks wear feathers, which is an appropriate tribute to the year of the Fire Rooster, I guess.

Except that they wore the same feathers during the Carnival celebration celebrated in the Year of the Monkey. Maybe it was a dress rehearsal for the Chicken Year? I think that I need to buy an airplane ticket and fly to Carnival so that I can ask that probative question.

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  1. Just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, if you ask me. When one lumps 1/12th of the worlds' population into a category, and claim that they all possess a defined set of characteristics and behavior is the stuff that makes a living for gypsies and other ne-er-do-wells.

    Then again, the Chinese have been doing so for over 3,000 years, give or take. I guess there must be something to it, or it would have been debunked a while ago.

  2. Like I don't have enough ways to waste time, you send me off looking for my Chinese sign. Turns out I'm a rooster and the upcoming year is going to suck big time for me. I think I'll stick to being a Capricorn.

  3. Something is wrong. Reading about Wood Monkey characteristics is nearly 180° from what I think I am. Then again, friends and family say I am a contrary contrarian.

  4. There are a lot of Asian people who set great store by it. They marry and are given in marriage based on comparable symbols, etc. Then again, the Buddhists feel that their births and re-births are all a function of this cycle. I'm not a Buddhist.

  5. Being born a Capricorn insures that you're too cool for school. At least that is what I and the other Capricorns say.

  6. Maybe you need to go to Carnival? It will turn your life around — or so it's said. Wood Monkeys get into monkey business there.

  7. Well, I guess all Capricorns stick together. Dick Gephardt (D-Mo) is also a Capricorn, Adrienne. You two must be like peas in a pod.

    (Note: while digging around for other nefarious Capricorns to make my point here, I checked out the birthdays of Pol Pot, Ghengis Khan, Jeffrey Dahmer, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Geraldo Rivera and a few others: nope, not Capricorns. Dick Gephardt was the only Capricorn I found on the quick and dirty search)

  8. Gephardt must have been a mistake — like finding a black fly in your chardonnay. Ok, other than Dick Gephardt, all Capricorns are cool.

  9. See, I learned something new today. I never knew the… Earth signs? Preceded Rooster, etc. I was born in the year of the dragon. Hubby in the year of the Horse, is all I know.
    Interesting read. Went to Mardi Gras way back when, and have no desire to go again.
    Hope you are all having a blessed weekend!

  10. Still more correct would be no clothes.

    The lady in the photo is named Nina, and I've known her for about ten years. The photo does not do her justice.

  11. The earth signs are just as important as the Year sign. There is also a containing note with most Chinese Astrological signs. For example: I was born in the year of the Wood Sheep and the containing note is "gold in mine". Thus I'm a wood sheep with a favorable metal sign as well. It gets very complex if you delve. The only reason that I know what I do of it is because I've hung out in Asia.

  12. Ah. "Gold in mine", hey. Perhaps your purchase of White Wolf Mine was determined when you were born…

    Seems like understanding their astrological signs could take a very long time. But very interesting.

  13. It's complex and as Fredd suggests (above), it's been studied for around 3,000 years. I think that it's smoke and mirrors but what do I know?

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