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There is a battle for the hearts and minds of America’s Children and the FBI has picked a side.

(Link) The FBI is hiring credentialed teachers (K-12) to work as special agents. It’s obviously not a secret—just Google FBI hiring teachers. The obvious question is why the Federal Bureau of Investigation would be hiring teachers. I have the answer from the inside. They plan to embed these teachers in school systems nationwide to report on teachers, administrations, and school boards suspected of “domestic terrorism”, which is to say, going against the woke agenda that USGOV supports.

There is a long list of books that are banned in California schools and the list grows longer. Some school districts such as the Temecula Unified School District now have a majority of board members who are conservative and who have defied the State of California and will not use texts that normalize and extol the virtues of homosexuality. The State is suing and Federal law enforcement will soon join in the fight to crush the opposition from the inside.

If the FBI is doing it, you know that it’s nefarious.

15 thoughts on “Nefarious

    1. Now I can finally achieve my goal,of working for,the Imperial Federal Government and a school board. Oh boy!

  1. Just peachy. Not really the news we need when America is in serious decline at the hands of the dementor’s who believe accelerating off the cliff into 3rd World status is some sort of nirvana. Clearly they have too much of our money to fund another subversive operation…like Jan 6 or the Whitmer Kidnapping.

    Means to an ugly end.

  2. It is understandable that the FBI will try to infiltrate schools. Much safer than fighting actual crime and think of the awards they can give themselves. They have truly picked a side. Now it is up to the voters to make them live with the repercussions of their decision. It will take decades to straighten this mess out or, between things like the countries debt and this, we may just fall off the cliff into anarchy and eventual dissolution of the country.

  3. A cousin, retired Master Chief, was elected to the school board in a small Texas town. the FBI won’t succeed in placing someone in that school district. Do you think a man who spent years guarding terrorists at Guantanamo won’t spot them?

    I mention this only to point out school board elections are important.

      1. Yes it is

        Surprisingly how small a number of people ever go to any information meetings or meet the candidate events. Way easier to make a “friends” before they are elected.

        I am in a small town in Australia but I know the Mayor, 6 out of 8 councillors and the local state government member on a first name basis. I’ve also meet our federal member of parliament a few times. Does not take that much effort.

        1. kgb+stasi=fbi…..we elected a whole new school board that ran on an unwoke/unmask agenda. a year later they refuse to follow younkin’s unwoke transgender policy of informing parents of tranny kids while they contemplate masking up and shutting down the school again. must be something in the water. the tyrant sheriff we voted out years ago is leading the polls for re-election, many of the same people that voted him out love him now. they forget his boot on their neck just a few years ago. what the hell is going on? 5g mind control? idk, but ordinary people seem to have lost their power to reason.

          1. I speak with some people and wonder the same thing – is a malevolent force poisoning the water?

          2. Water? No, of course not. Silly rabbit, fluoride is good for you.

            But the newsmedia, popular culture (Hollywood, gaming (“video gaming” much much bigger than old men like me would think), social media), both K-12 and especially college education, publishing, courts, federal govt institutions, the medical system, I could go on, but … Yeah, all poisoned.

            Yet somehow those trying to defend themselves from this mind/soul/poison are the hateful oppressors, and the perpetrators the blameless victims.

            In the latest blatant take-down attempt, They have come for Russell Brand. Frankly I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier.

          3. Anti-vaxers and climate deniers (who are ALL domestic terrorists – veterans are the worst) need to be demolished. Brand too.

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