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Lee Baca – Behind Bars
I first became personally involved with Los Angeles County Sheriff Baca when I was the commander of the Regional Gang Enforcement Task Force. We were a multi-jurisdictional outfit comprised of federal, state, county and city law enforcement with US Attorneys and the Orange County District Attorney’s prosecutors embedded. The task force  focused primarily on Asian organized crime, though the net extended well beyond that focus. We ranged through the US and Western Canada in our efforts and met with considerable success.
Lee Baca
As with many who encountered the Sheriff, I was like one of the blind wise men, divining the nature of the elephant through touch. Was it the tail, the slab side, the trunk of a leg, the leaf of an ear or a tusk that defined the man?
Our problem was more with his second wife, Carol Chiang. In 1999, Baca married Carol Chiang, who had immigrated to the US from Taiwan in 1979. One of our investigations found that Chiang had been acting as a “bag man,” potentially for the sheriff. She was taking “cash contributions” from Asian Organized Crime under the table. It could be argued that he never knew what his wife was up to and that quid-pro-quo activities were arranged by Chiang and subordinate (usually Chinese) sheriff’s officials without the direct knowledge and complicity of Baca.  
But Baca became a wealthy man while Sheriff of Los Angeles County. And sometimes people are caught for one thing and sometimes for another if they’ve decided to ‘break bad’.
(linkFormer Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has reported to prison to begin serving a three-year prison sentence for a corruption conviction, according to federal records. 
Baca, 77, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, had been free on bail since appealing his obstruction of justice conviction three years ago. The U.S. Supreme Court declined his final appeal last month and Baca was ordered to begin serving his term by Wednesday. 
Baca was behind bars at the Federal Correctional Institution La Tuna, near El Paso, Texas, according to a federal Bureau of Prisons online database.

Ego drove him to put FIVE stars on his collar. Pride goes before the fall.

Back to Living in Tents?

Rags to riches to rags might become a reality for some of the world’s wealthiest nations. Buying protection from places like the US may be short lived as the lives of nations are measured.

DUBAI (Reuters) – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Thursday Gulf Arab states — some of the world’s richest countries — could see their financial wealth depleted in the next 15 years amid lower hydrocarbon revenues if they don’t step up fiscal reforms. 

The six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) – whose net financial wealth the IMF estimates at $2 trillion – accounts for over one fifth of global oil supply, but economies in the region have been hit hard by a drop in oil prices in 2014 and 2015.

The Butt Guy (Boot-jeg-jeg)

He tied with Sanders in Ohio, but(t) the Democrat party dismisses him as a fading star. Is he running to secure a vice presidential slot with one of the older guys like Sanders and Biden, who predicts his demise while in office regularly?

Or could the tepid mayor of a medium sized Indiana town, who was never able to win statewide office, now win the Democrat nomination for the Presidency?

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  1. I really hope that the acceptance of the thought of a male "first lady" is a thin veneer and that in the voting booth people would say, "No way in hell?".
    I don't hate gays, I just don't affirm their lifestyle and getting the presidency would be the largest affirmation.

    As for Baca, as many elected officials, how do they explain the wealth, or is no one caring enough to investigate?

  2. Hmmmm. A 5 star crook. But I'm with Ed, a lot of elected public servants seem weirdly rich. Speaking of which, what's happened to Biden?

  3. The butt guy just doesn't have the support of the black vote; in general the black population, primarily in the south, is a God fearing block, and Mayor Pete and his male wife just don't cut it with them. Or as they say in the south, 'that dog just don't hunt.' No Democrat can flourish without the black vote. Never happened before, won't happen now.

    Rich public servants – this has been going on forever. In Illinois, if you are elected to state-wide public office, or a high City of Chicago office, you automatically are deeded a mansion and a luxury automobile, apparently. How these are financed has never been discussed, ever. Recall that Barry Obama bought a house in Hyde Park, IL (a nice one) when first elected to the state senate. I believe the salary for that office was around $75K a year at the time, and the house he bought was around $750K, give or take. Then the vacant lot next to the Obama digs was sold to Barry via Tony Resco, a crook of the highest order, for peanuts.

    Never been investigated. Yes, mentioned a few times, but mentions don't turn up the malfeasance and skulduggery involved in slimy deals like this. Chicago is known for untold thousands of these type of deals for our humble public servants.

    If you are waiting for investigations into this scummy world, you will be waiting quite awhile. Like forever.

  4. In Baca's case, it was difficult to separate him from his crooked wife when looking at finances – and most of the squeeze had been paid in cash. In the end, things didn't work out for him.

    As to the Butt Guy's first lady, I don't know what to say that wouldn't sound horribly inappropriate in today's world. So I'll pass on that except to say that sodomy is a sin for a reason.

  5. Biden is polling fourth in New Hampshire (behind Bernie, Butt Guy, and Warren). The numbers are looking a lot the way that they did in Iowa last week. And he's also looking weak in Nevada. The Butt Guy is sucking up his support. Two creepy guys, sharing creepy voters, I guess.

    Biden and family follow a long tradition of becoming rich through graft, while in political office. Obama was broke when he entered the White House. After eight years there, he's worth hundreds of millions. Biden just sliced a piece of the larger Obama pie. – come on, man, a guy has to eat.

  6. The Democrats are concerned that the black vote will simply stay home. Corrupt, nasty, creepy, senile, old Slow Joe Biden has lost his luster. This is his third run at the Presidency and he's simply not showing any better this time than he did the first two times. A lot of black voters are turned off by the Butt Guy and his darling wife. Warren is a minority woman but I don't see her playing well in Black America. Bloomberg may stand on his box and try to buy their votes with some sort of direct cash payment?

    Hey, what happened to the investigation of Juicy Smolett, one of Chicago's favorite sons?

  7. You have experience dealing with covens – and that may be what is required. You should throw your hat in the ring. Of course, you'd have to move to DC. Take Fredd along as your chief of staff. He'll keep you out of trouble.

  8. Unfortunately, it seems to me that Lee Baca won.

    By the time he got caught, he'd lived his life of wealth, power, and influence, and might not even realize that he's in jail, at this point.

    On top of that, he falls for a 3 year wrist-slap.

    It's a shame, even L.A. doesn't deserve to have it's cops selling them out to the mob.

  9. He has Altzheimers so he may not even be miserable on the inside. Still he will meet his maker. And he may see justice then, or mercy? I'm not sure exactly how all that works.

  10. Baca: Another case of he came to do good and did well indeed. A retired LA County deputy was a vendor at the charity pistol match I work. I don't recall his name or I'd ask if you knew him. I'll have to see if he's here again this year.
    Concerning Mr. and Mr(s). Butt Guy, I have strong doubts they'll make it to the White House. I do believe it'll be a brokered convention and that there's a good chance Bloomie may buy the nomination. I could be wrong though, and often am.

  11. Some murmurings of re-opening the Juicy case have been reported, but that's as far as anything will go. Juicy has filed a lawsuit against the City of Chicago, for God knows what, but I suspect that suit and the City's investigation will wind up in the same place: out of the public domain, never to be brought up again (except by you, maybe, LL).

  12. PS: there you go with that 'woman of color' thing with Warren again. Now would be a good time to again point out that we have seen jars of mayonnaise with more color than this whitest white woman ever to be born into white-dom. You may notice she's come in third in both Iowa and NH, not a resounding endorsement of her floundering candidacy, if you ask me.

  13. Juicy is a member of a downtrodden minority group and I think that he self-identifies as female at the gay bars he trolls. He should be exonerated on that basis alone.

    Liz Warren is apparently having a slight wampum problem as she looks forward from the New Hampshire primary. Her supporters will likely gravitate to Bernie, the other person running on the National Socialist platform.

  14. I didn't work for LASD, but I did rub shoulders with quite a few of their intel people who worked the Middle Eastern portfolio.

    Bloomie (with a Michelle Obama VP) could buy the nomination, and may well do so. Bernie supporters would likely stay home. Bloomie doesn't have much appeal beyond being rich, and wanting to scold you for being dumber than he is.

  15. Buttgiggle will peak and fade. His shallowness can only hold him up for so long as a foil to Comrade Bern.

    Who knows what's nex? I still say the Mooch is waiting in the wings to swoop to the rescue.

    Regarding the Middle East going broke? Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of kleptocrats and out-right evil people. It's not like there's not been warnings before, due to oil fields drawing down (and no-one wanting to frack over there.) It would be one thing if those countries concentrated on education (real education, not just learning the Koran) and actually becoming productive members of the world.

    And as to politicians who become rich while serving as politicians, well, gee, how could that ever happen? Mayhaps if more investigations into politicians and their ever-increasing bank accounts occurred, on all sides of the aisle, with equal enforcement and equal justi.. Now, stop that laughing, I'm trying to be sincere in my hopes here!

  16. It was convenient for them to pump their fields dry before US/Canada started ramping things up.

    Yeah, what we need is more FBI guys looking into things. I'll be happy when the FBI starts recording interviews. What they do is write down what they think they heard you say, formalize it in a report (302) and then it becomes a fact irrespective of whether or not it's accurate. There are a lot of small things that the FBI could do, but it would expose gross incompetence, so they don't. That's part of the problem.

  17. What would we ever do without the FBI? I don't know, but I'd sure like to find out.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  18. The left is gonna play on homophobia to get this perv elected like they played on racism to get Obama elected.

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