Pajama Boys and Girls

The figures, which were published in daily newspaper Bild revealed that 873 suspects were investigated by authorities between 2003 and 2013

A Portrait of leftist radicals in Germany. But they’re the same everywhere.

The vast majority of left-wing protesters arrested on suspicion of politically-fuelled offenses in Berlin are young men who live with their parents, a new report found. The figures, which were published in the daily newspaper Bild.

Of these 84 per cent were men, and 72 per cent were aged between 18 and 29.

Spending other people’s money is sweet, whether it’s mom’s and dad’s or the taxpayer’s it defines the people who have the time to be radical.

I recall a town meeting situation in Flagstaff, AZ, pre-plague. I live over an hour away, but there were political issues that I wanted a voice in. Flagstaff is a liberal bastion in Northern Arizona. A fat kid – male, maybe 25, wolfed down a hunk of chocolate cake from one of those plastic containers as he sat sitting near me. (there was an empty chair between us. I don’t like sitting next to people I don’t know) In the brief conversation between grunts and forks of cake, I learned that he lived at home, had never had a job, dropped out of college after one year because Northern Arizona Univ. wasn’t liberal enough. Single mother. Gender-confused (of course). Guess what kind of shirt he wore? Yeah, a Che shirt. He was complaining because there wasn’t more free stuff at the meeting. He considered himself to be a leftist radical (of course). Setting aside the Christian notion that everyone has value, if I was him, I think that I’d fall on my sword.


  1. One worthwhile legacy of the “O” years–at least they created the “Pajama Boy” meme.

    It’s proved useful.

  2. Notice that all these women are, to put it politely, unattractive.

    There are a few attractive liberal women, but mostly they are stupid pie wagons.

    At least as far as I can tell. But what do I know, I don’t get out much.

    • Most of them are crones, full of self-loathing.

      There are pretty women, usually vacuous, often heavily pierced and inked.

  3. I stopped living with my parents when I was almost 18. When I left for the military, they were glad to see me go even though there was a war going on. It wasn’t because they didn’t care about me, it was because they did.

    • It’s important to learn to be a man, and it’s difficult to do if you never leave the comfort of the cradle. I’m not taking shots at people who live and work in the town where they were born, but they’re missing experiences that would make life richer.

  4. Definitely NOT the type of woman one wants to take home… And the freeloaders are finding it MUCH harder these days, as there is no place to freeload! 🙂

    • Taking something like that home to meet the parents means that you’ll be looked at as if you have a screw loose.

  5. It’s almost always true that you never see an attractive woman dressed as a vagina.
    But I don’t think most women actually know that much about their twats (only interesting part of their anatomy).
    For instance: how many women are aware of the Skenes and Bartolins glands? The former are situated either side and slightly below the urethra (i.e., nearer the vagina). The latter are below the vaginal opening, again, either side. All are involved in providing lubrication, with the Skenes also giving rise to a squirt sometimes – this is a real squirt, not some old slapper peeing as a pretence.
    So whilst men have ten (including the navel) entries into their bodies, women have FOURTEEN!
    Here endeth the lesson. I am available for practical demonstrations…

  6. I remember when the pink hats were marching about everywhere. What a bunch of ugly, ugly women. I can remember thinking (much like a man thinks) “There’s a bunch of women who need to get laid.”

    • It’s very very tough to beat the mirror – and it’s impossible to beat the clock, because that will kill us all.

  7. You know the haiku:

    Why am I so fat?
    Said the girl at the bus stop
    Look! A donut in the rain

    And I’m with Adrienne, what happened to all those wimmin dressing up like…

    • You know, when I see that behavior, it doesn’t make me mad, it makes me sad. What is so dark and rotten in those people’s lives that impels them to their choices, their philosophy (much of which is tied up with murdering their OWN BABIES in utero) and their ultimate destiny, which will be to meet their maker and explain themselves.

  8. Bringing Emergency Cake to a town meeting is one of the stranger things I have ever heard.

    The guy does sound like a Marie Antoinette fan though…. maybe that explains it.

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