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Lunden Robert, Biden baby mama
A paternity test established Hunter Biden’s Paternity with his child in Arkansas. Lunden Alexis Roberts posted online by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Biden denied having sex with his baby mama, but won’t contest the results. Roberts’ child was born in August 2018, while Hunter was in a relationship with Hallie Biden, the widow of his late older brother, Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015.

Roberts filed her paternity suit in May, about two weeks after Hunter, 49, married Melissa Cohen, 33, following a whirlwind, six-day romance. In 2015, following the release of information hacked from the Ashley Madison website — which caters to people seeking to have extramarital affairs — he claimed an account with his email address was “set up by someone else without my knowledge.”

Members of the Biden family (to include Roberts, now) are entitled to Secret Service protection at taxpayer expense.  

I wonder whether or not this will spur more likely lads and lasses to come out of the woodwork. Biden is still living on the interest from that $1.5 billion that he received from China (to make investments), so there is a deep pocket for them to tap into reaching back to Beijing. If Slow Joe wins the presidential election in 2020 (unlikely), I’m sure that the Chinese government will be thrilled to kick in another few billion by way of a BRIBE to the Biden family, and the mainstream media will ignore it. The donkeys will celebrate it not as a ‘bribe’ but as ‘tribute’, which they will interpret as ‘Constitutional’.

11 Nations?

Is North America really comprised of eleven separate nations? (more here) According to the article, I live in the “Far West”, which is a code word for deep fly-over country. The article says that we are an ungrateful lot, developed by East Coast investment, yet suspicious of those carpetbaggers.

Meanwhile in Chicago

Federal Law Enforcement in the USA
BW Bandy, a Canadian, posited a question yesterday. It’s a good question: “Why are there so many federal law enforcement agencies?”
The question could be expanded to include, “Why are there so many federal intelligence agencies?”
And taking it a step farther, “why do we have so many military services?” Does the US need a navy and a coast guard? Does the navy need a land warfare service (the US Marine corps) or couldn’t that mission be handled by the army? And most recently the Space Force.
I will let this blog’s readers answer these questions if they are inclined. 
A lot of the law enforcement agencies are artifacts of the past. That doesn’t mean that they are not valid today. But often the core mission has changed over time. The US Treasury enforced the Volstead Act (prohibition of alcohol). ATF and IRS enforcement had that mission. The US Coast Guard started out as the Revenue Cutter Service and they basically enforced customs regulation, and maritime safety came much later. The Postal Inspection Service handled thefts of mail and money that traveled as a subset of the mail (train robberies, etc). The Secret Service evolved from the Pinkertons who protected POTUS during the American Civil War (War of Northern Aggression). Inspectorate Generals popped up to count beans on the construction of the Intercontinental Railroads. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation coverage of banks (and bank robberies) gave the FBI a reason to be. J. Edgar Hoover morphed that mission by blackmailing US politicians and becoming the most feared man (by politicians) in America.
Most massive federal agencies want people that THEY can control handling their own law enforcement needs. State has DSS, CIA has a police and security service dealing with CIA only, US Dept of the Interior have forest rangers and park rangers who recapture picnic baskets that Yogi the Bear steals.
The RCMP as a national police force also has a type of military mission, that does not exist in the USA. It evolved differently.

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  1. "And taking it a step farther, "why do we have so many military services?" Does the US need a navy and a coast guard? Does the navy need a land warfare service (the US Marine corps) or couldn't that mission be handled by the army? And most recently the Space Force."

    IMO there are advantages and disadvantages to having multiple military services. Among the advantages is that competition tends to promote better operations. Among the disadvantages is that everyone wants to protect his/her rice bowl. As for the Space Force, if we ( the USA ) do not take control of the orbitals, the Chinese will. It has long been an axiom in warfare to take the high ground. The orbitals of a planet are the ultimate high ground.

    As to the all too numerous federal agencies and their " police forces/thugs ", this is a nest of snakes that has long been needed to be addressed. As I read the Constitution of the United States of America, there is a very limited mission of the federal government. Again, rice bowls. In theory, we should dismantle the whole thing and start over. However, in the world we live in, that would put our country in danger from many other countries. Again with the orbitals. I see no real world solution. I hope that perhaps someone else does. Until that wise person emerges, our current President seems to be doing something along those lines. I hope that he is willing to endure the slings and arrows for another five years to continue the work he has done thus far.

    That is my rant for today.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  2. IMPORTANT CORRECTION: It's not 'Yogi THE Bear.' It's Yogi Bear. Yogi Bear was a caricature of then-famous New York Yankee catcher, Yogi Berra, and hence he was not Yogi THE Berra, he was Yogi Berra ('I never said all the things I said,' and 'it ain't over 'till it's over.')

  3. Ol' Hunter seems to be a real piece of work, a real chip off the corrupt block.
    I live in The Midlands, though I'm in shouting distance of the Greater Appalachian border. My attitudes, and those of most of my neighbors, tend to swing towards the latter "country."

  4. The Biden gift just keeps on giving. I'd forgotten about the Ashley Madison smulduggery. Good work, "Hunter."

    I guess it's asking too much for one of our many myriad agencies to lock up one of their own?

  5. New Lefty Dem candidate tagline:

    "Free picnic baskets for all!"

    (If Sanders says this in the next few days you know he's reading your blog…not that's any comfort, might even be creepy…but hey, just sayin'. Heck, Sanders could call Ocasio-Cortez, "V.P. Boo-Boo" and walk around mumbling "Hey Boo-Boo, let's steal some pick-uh-nick baskets from the rich and give them to the lazy bums…uhh..less fortunate.")

    As for Ne'er-do-well Biden…all one needs to know is the contrast against The Donald's kids.

  6. I'm in favor of a Space Force if for no other reason than it needs its own rice bowl. The Air Force will always be its stepmother.

    The only solution to the whole federal mess is that good and decent people need to be at the top and they need to hire people like themselves. ATF should be folded into FBI, maybe DEA as well. But if you ask the FBI, they shudder at the thought of those elements joining with their culture.

  7. Bernie just gets more and more strident as the old communist that he clearly is. Having AOC as a sidekick must be a hoot. Shifty Schiff reminded America that he has a license to practice law and that sets him above and beyond the ken of deplorables. In the same way, AOC has a bartender's license and that puts her up there with Schiff.

  8. There is some merit to the 11 nations thesis, but we're all Americans or Canadians, depending which side of that border that you land on.

  9. If they can't even lock Hillary up, given the huge greasy gobs of felony evidence with her fingerprints all of it, then no. Nobody of theirs gets locked up. Ever.

  10. Hunter Biden's a real piece of work.

    As for the "11 nations", it's a work by people who have never been there. Even going by their definitions, they get it wrong.

    Philly's part of New Netherland.

    New France should include parts of northern Maine, a tiny chunk of northern R.I., Detroit, St. Louis and Chicago. Balmer Merlin might as well be in there, too.

    South Jersey should be either Tidewater or Yankeedom.

    Minnesota should be it's own thing, it's that different.

    San Diego isn't really part of El Norte, or the West, or the Left Coast… it's kinda some of each and sorta the last vestige of Old California (Pre-'75 ish).

    Greater D.C., to include Northern Va and Metro area Md needs to be it's own thing (The Swamp).

    That's just off the top of my head.


  11. Schiff's statement — what a pompous you-know-what dweeb. But, as you say, "our betters" merely reminding us they are our betters, even if being a bartender covers your entire resume.

    Never could scan how THE BERNN could, with a straight face, reconcile his ill-gotten wealth with his socialist mentality. Just another grifter fraud married to another grifter fraud.

  12. @Klebert: Minnesota should be it's own thing, it's that different.

    Absolutely! Grateful to have escaped!

  13. The Bidens. Nominally Catholic so birth control is out.

    Perhaps the "states" could be divided by a sense of humor, ranging from none in North Dakota, to "laughing your ass off" in the Southern tier.

  14. Hay Kle:

    "…a tiny chunk of northern R.I.,…" Rhode Island IS only a tiny chunk. Take a part of it away and it disappears.

  15. The Fed Gov..and ALL of its agencies….are like cancer. Once an agency…or a tumor….exists it will grow, expand and become more invasive until it kills the host unless forcibly excised. Agencies change names and occasionally merge but one can count on a single hand the number of federal agencies that have been eliminated in the past century.

  16. You can always have tinier chunks! It's Quantum Mechanics!

    Just ask Sparkle City, AKA Central Falls.

  17. There will be a sacrificial goat that will be slaughtered. It may not go beyond that, but someone will swing.

  18. And if the socialists/communists took over even the massive federal behemoth that we know now would greatly expand with an army of minor apparatchiks looking more closely at people for any sign of political correctness.

    WSF has asked for the bunk closest to the stove in the FEMA re-education camp. We may need to fight him for it.

  19. The DNA is telling and by contesting it, Old Slow Joe would be further sucked into his son's filthy orbit. Right now, the mainstream media is blacking out the incident, but given enough interest, even they would have to report on it.

  20. Not good enough for me. Just throwing a low level nobody under the bus simply to toss polite society a bone is not getting the job done.

    We need a big cheese to take a fall. Comey. McCabe. Stryzok or Page would be a mininum. Obama had his corrupt fingers all over this, but outing him as a scumbag would be too much to hope for.

  21. Camp: another glaring and unforgivable error in your comment: Yogi and Boo-Boo do not 'steal' pic-uh-nic baskets (got that one right), they 'filch' them.

    Just setting the record straight.

    Fredd The Nit Picker.

  22. You can never tell who will weaken and sell out his co-conspirators in a grand jury. Immunity for somebody like Clapper may make him barf up the truth on Brennan and then the daisy chain runs back to Barack, Susan Rice, etc.

  23. I am sufficiently chagrined, although I would not call you a Nit Picker…yer just "smarter than the av-er-age bear!"

    (In my defense I WAS speaking of The Bern…who WOULD steal them under the guise of another social equality redistribution program.)

  24. Maybe people would feel better about Sanders (they'd feel the Bern) if he dressed up like a dancing bear, stealing picnic baskets. It's certainly how he plans to operate when he enters the White House.

    I'm still thinking that Hillary should try to hitch herself to Bernie as his VP.

  25. Here I was thinking he's already a dancing bear (RUSSIA!).

    Dem ticket of B.S. (haha, something in that) and HRC might work…for her…The Bern would have a sudden heart attack a day after the Inauguration and Pelosi would move up the notch she is gunning for.

    (Okay, shutting up now, don't want to give the deranged Dem's any ideas that might work this time.)

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