The goals of the Great Reset are these:

^Eliminate national sovereignty and independence.

^Destroy and replace the free enterprise economic system.

^Eliminate private property.

^Own nothing but be happy (learn to love the Big Guy & friends)

^Abolish Christianity

^Cashless society

^Universal income


Are you starting to notice a pattern by now?  For the past six years, the American people have been emotionally manipulated by manufactured waves of outrage.  Once the corporate media identifies a trigger, it obsessively focuses on it for weeks or months on end, and the narrative that develops will be echoed and magnified by millions upon millions of social media denizens.  Before too long, much of the population is whipped up into an irrational emotional frenzy, and that frenzy is used to move certain agendas forward.

Our societal divisions became deeper than ever before as we endlessly debated about masks, vaccines, mandates, and other restrictions.

Manufactured waves of outrage about COVID dominated our national discourse for nearly two full years, but we were finally getting to a point where we were almost ready to put it all behind us.

And then the Ukraine war came along, and now everyone has a reason to be outraged again.

You may have noticed that hordes of social media lemmings are plastering their profiles with Ukrainian flags these days.

Next month, they may have to switch back to COVID again.

Then in May, the hot topic may be racial injustice if a police officer caps a drug dealer and the public has no more appetite for the Ukraine War.

Every June is reserved for the pride of alphabet people/sexual degenerates.

July could be “Rocket’s Red Glare Month” as we engage in a “limited nuclear war.”


The Rogue’s Gallery



  1. One thing you can say about #LIBTURDS… regardless of the stupid and contradictory things they say or write, it never seems to really harm them in the end. (p)Resident Joey Poopy-pants had TWO presidential campaigns derailed for saying stupid shit and plagiarism, yet here we are… 15 months into an absolute disastrous administration.

  2. The world is imploding on purpose, Satan is doing a happy dance to and our useless _Residenr is silent, nowhere to be found .

    I say over the next month we focus on Christ’s death and resurrection, more on the latter, and force THAT onto the prominent narrative.

    • It’s not at all woke to discuss Jesus Christ, crucified and risen even though our lifespans are pitifully short and we will have to meet our maker sooner than later. It’s a disease of denial that permeates the culture.

      Imagine if people loved their neighbors as themselves? Matthew 25:40. The standard for behavior.

      • If I were that dismissive of my neighbors’ achievements, and that impatient with and contemptuous of their faults, foibles and f-ups I’d probably be lynched.

        • You’d be. a democrat. They’d embrace you as one of their own and take you into “The Big Tent” where all philosophies except those that don’t agree with them are embraced.

    • I reckon it’s got more to do with people who’ve had reality smash them in the face good and hard at some point. Nature red in tooth and claw type of thing.

      Unfortunately it’s only something that comes of experience.

    • The elite don’t like to be mocked. They’re your betters. You should have more respect for President Brandon and the Ho.

      • I have to claim oppression of my culture. There’s a long Aussie tradition of taking the piss out of people in power.

        • The Aussies seemed to knuckle under to the elites over the covid issue. I hope that they are able to vote the scum from office. I hope that the US will do the same.

          • I hope so. Unfortunately this federal election is a choice between a party that enabled all the abuses, and a party that is outright socialist, if not full commie. About the only real hope for it is the minor parties will get enough seats to curb the worst excesses.

            The states look like they will throw out the sitting governments. Sadly, I think Australia as it was is done, and what it’s turning into is a demonstration of the worst of the western world’s recent disregard for basic rights.

            Still, where there’s life there’s hope.

  3. The (Rogues) Gallery is missing a certain Dr. A. Fauci. There are quotes from the AIDS “epidemic” (way back when) that could’ve been used.

    • Do you mean St. Fauci? I’m waiting for the Vatican to canonize him. It will make the candles and Fauci worship trinkets worth more.

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