Major League Baseball

Last Saturday, I watched the Brewers/Cubs game on Fox and there was no kneeling and pandering. Good game, Brewers predictably won. Then the Giants/Dodgers game came on.

And I turned the TV off. I won’t be watching baseball for the rest of the season. They could have knelt in the locker room and worshiped anarchists, looters, arsonists and communists there, and nobody would have cared. But when you bring it on the baseball field, I’m done.


A Study in White Privilege


The Progressive Choice

For Leader of the Free World


When you live in Arizona

And you go on a road trip.


The Greatest Generation


Things weren’t always the way they are now.

There was a time in America when almost everyone new where their food came from. Not anymore. I think that’s part of what is wrong with the nation.

1901: Chuck wagon on a Texas cattle roundup


    • It’s good that I’m not in Portland these days. And it’s good that I’m far from all of the action. I live a life (for the most part) of quiet contemplation.

      If I was closer to things, the temptation to engage in planned political kidnapping and interrogation of Antifa leaders might be too great for me to resist. You know, these things can be managed ex-officio, but when they are being PROMOTED by the House of Representatives, and when the FBI has been known to be involved in a coup to overthrow the President of the United States – how deeply do you want to delve, at this point in the situation?

      The manufactured riots are a Democrat Party strategy to make the American people uncomfortable with things – and Joe Biden can come along and the riots will stop, just like magic. Because Joe’s ‘the man’. The conspiracy runs deep.

    • All of my firearms except perhaps a small .22LR were lost in a terrible boating accident.

      • I am so sorry for your loss LL. When things like this happen you seldom have any chance to find anything due to the depth and mud on the bottom. It will simply be too expensive.

      • I have bought, according to official records, three guns. All .22s (a 10/22, an AR7 and a MkIII.)

        I have no knowledge of any private transactions that may or may not have made my document storage device weigh a lot.

        I have always paid cash for freedom seeds so I have no idea what may be lurking in the bottom of my closet.

        Those gun socks and gun cases? I use them for my rattan SCA swords, of course. Yeah, that’s what I use them for…

        • You’re getting forgetful as Biden, but don’t fret, it’s a prerequisite to run for president on the Democrat ticket.

  1. When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe. – Thomas Jefferson

    I have become Portland, destroyer of worlds. – Wild, wild west

  2. Just having my morning caffe…wondering what the newest lies they’ll try to sell us today…then saw your ‘kit’ photos for “going out”, which I am about to do for supplies. Need to rethink my town run strategy as it appears I am severely lacking in appropriate protection. Thankfully going to Cheyenne and not Denver or Aurora.

    4H is why rural kids understand certain things about their food, removing the stewardship and contact as to where it comes from shows large on what passes for young men (and gals) these days. Rural kids don’t have time to “protest” or question whether they are a boy or girl or whether America is the greatest country. They get it…and gain what I call “the cowboy knowing smile”, and aren’t easily fooled.

    • There is a definite difference between city kids and country kids when it comes to work ethic.

      Well, you need to see to your own defense. The level needed is defined pretty much by the destination.

      • Starting to see the urban creeping into the rural, limited here as convenience is still part of their criteria.

        “Well, you need to see to your own defense.” As my brother reminds me…”One is none.”

  3. That loadout looks similar to the one I would have taken on a recent trip to see the granddaughters. Damn that tippy canoe!

  4. Yep, no more baseball for me, either. Sad because it was the only other “professional” sport I watched other than hockey.

    Oh, well, I got to see the Cubs win the World Series, something that will never happen again, at least not in my lifetime.

    Nice road trip supplies. What’s with the fabric wrapped over the suppressors? Do they get that hot?

    The two guys by the Sherman are true American Warriors. My uncle the paratrooper (dropped into France the night before D-Day) used to tell stories at family gatherings about the “Mohawk Guys” with their shaved heads, warpaint, and TOMAHAWKS. He said they terrified the Germans with their savage attacks and hand-to-hand combat.

    And everybody (well….90%) who lives here knows where their food comes from. Sometimes it’s just across the road. When I was a kid, we knew which farmers grew sweet corn, and which grew field corn, so we knew which fields to appropriate a few stalks from for late summer BBQ’s.

    • Got to hear from the guy who runs rmjtactical, and tomahawks supposedly had a similar effect in the Middle East.

      • I have two rmjtactical tomahawks. I used the Eagle Talon to great effect. The Jenny Wren has tasted only my blood (just a nick).

    • Tomahawks and Roofing/Shingler’s Hatchets. Fun to use, good around the homestead. Whacking someone in the back of the leg is a great way to get them to stop moving fast. But my favorite tactic is to swing low and aim high. Catch them in the femoral or crotch. Most people don’t know to block that move. Works especially well if you fake a move with your other hand.

      That, and when some darned stupid kungfu twit goes to kick you, block with the off arm and chop their femoral in half like you’re chopping a vine, then step away as they bleed to death. If you do it right, strike just hard enough to punch to the bone but not into the bone, so you don’t lose your hawk, or hatchet, or bowie or machete, or kukri or cinquedea (a really nice Spanish/Italian wide short sword with a point, excellent against armor and against non-armor. Short of a Gladius, probably one of the best short swords/large daggers ever!)

      Hmmm. Need to pick up another Estwing roofing hatchet. Left the last one in someone’s hood…

      • Next time I’m out picking up stuff at the HD I’ll check for roofer’s hatchets. One of my best buddies is/was a roofer, and he always carried a couple of them in his truck.

        For work, of course…..

  5. Totally sick of “Ben & Jerry.” Who are those posturing, virtue signalling goons? Oh, massively rich commie ice cream people.

    Everyone needs to stop buying their garbage.

    • They are beloved in Vermont, and it’s the official ice cream of Bernie Sanders, which begs the question of whether or not they are putting LSD into the Chunky Monkey.

    • Stopped buying their overpriced garbage in 1995 when I was reading some coply magazine and they had an article about B&J’s support of the “Free Mumia” movement.

      Farkin leftist poopie-heads. Semi-socialists. They want socialism. They just want everyone else to pay for it while they collect as much cash as possible.

      • None of the elite socialists (Hollywood types come to mind immediately) want to hand all of THEIR money to the urchins, slothful and insane. They don’t want to give up their walls, their guards and their jet set lifestyle and live out among the unwashed. It’s a scam, always has been a scam.

  6. I have never ever not known where my food comes from or how it’s processed. How can one not know in this information age.

    Yet there are people, like AOC, who don’t understand that food comes from dirty places.

    Heh. The price of eggs and chicken doubled in the EU when they banned factory farming of chickens. Dumbarses.

    Food. Glorious food. I don’t have to hack the cow apart to know my meat was once part of old bessie or #13244-A or whatever. And I keep nasty things away from my sweet wife who can eat meat, but… like the time I served whole roasted rabbit. She could eat the darned cat-shaped object once it was separated into individual chunks. But whole cat-like object??? Nyet.

    Stupid sheeple. And now they have ‘Beyond Meat.’ I find it funny that one of the premier ‘Not Meat’ suppliers is…. Morningstar Farms. Which, Morningstar, is another name for The Devil. Real Devil’s food, no?


    Guns. Lots of guns. Only thing more fun than shooting is cleaning. Okay, I’m weird, but gun oil smells good. Make a car freshener that smells like that and it would sell!

    As to the kneelers… nope, lost me. All over. NFL. MLB. NBA. NHL. Any of the varied women’s sorts. May they all be subject to The Trump Curse.

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