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The late SS-Brigadeführer (Brigadier General) Franz Six was the architect of post-war Britain’s fate. He laid it all out as part of the Nazi War Plan in 1940 when they were hopeful that the British would fold like a napkin in the face of the master race. 
During the post-war interrogations in Nuremberg, he laid them out and they’re interesting. Hitler viewed all BUT the titled aristocrats in England to be racially inferior. 

Franz Six

Brigadeführer Six’s plan called for:

  • Immediately killing the 300,000 Jews in Britain.
  • Scientific research equipment and staff would be relocated to Germany, along with important “Germanic” art treasures.
  • Newspapers that had criticized Germany would be shut down.
  • The entire able-bodied population of Britain, all the men between 17 and 45, would be deported to industrial slave labor camps on the continent, probably in Silesia.
Those were the official SS plans. However Heinrich Himmler apparently was skeptical about the value of that slave labor. He had a different, private plan in mind that involved SS special forces simply killing about 80% of the population of England. Women would be kept as breeders to turn out a sub-race of low value workers for the Reich.
What pieces of England were left would presumably have been useful for vacationing Nazis. Beautiful scenery, castles, fox hunting.

Franz Six was convicted of war crimes at Nuremberg and served seven-and-a-half-years in prison. After that he lived 20 more years and worked as an advertising executive for Porsche, pulling down a significant salary. So it all worked out for him.

9 thoughts on “Franz Six

  1. They almost pulled it off.

    (1) If the Germans had not attacked Russia, Russia wouldn't have attacked them for a very long time.

    (2) If the Germans had held off until the U-Boats were ready they could have strangled Britain.

    (3) If the Germans would have destroyed the British Army at Dunkirk.

    and so forth. We can play what-if forever but it was a close run thing.

  2. Replace a few key words in the Brigadeführer's plan, and it would be the position and plan of Antifa, or a Bernie-bro strategist.

    Jews –> cops
    able-bodied men –> straight, white, Christian males
    Silesia –> flyover country
    slave labor camp –> slave labor camp (some things never change)

  3. Bernie espouses the doctrine of the National Socialist Worker's Party, so technically, there shouldn't be a difference…

    And it appears that Bernie is going down in flames. But fear not, the Donkeys will resurrect him.

  4. The more I read and study WWII history, they more firmly my belief in a Higher Power becomes. We came *this close* to losing many important battles, and the words "Grace of God" ring in my ears…..

  5. What an evil bureaucrat. Unlike, say, Skorzeny, who ended up working for Porsche too, I think. Hope he gave SS Six a hard time.

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