When I was young, this was referred to as ‘playing’ and it wasn’t done in Mom and Dad’s basement on a computer screen. You went outside and were obliged to return when the street lights went on.

Today in our politically correct world, it’s juvenile terrorism and the kids would be arrested, and if the elementary school principal found out about it, expelled.


  1. Yeah.

    I'm always saying everything I did when I was a kid is illegal now – even the stuff that wasn't illegal then.


  2. Looks like the kind of stuff I did back in the day. In my case supper was served at 6PM and I sure better be there or else. We played baseball with a well worn and dark colored ball until we could barely see it. It wasn't batting, it was self defense.

  3. Come to think of it, I can't remember a single lunch during the summer. It was breakfast and outside until Dad twisted or mom rang a triangle hung by the kitchen door or the streetlights came on.

  4. My nutshell answer–

    Dry feet and full tummies for too long.

    By the time I was in high school, I had been knocked unconscious twice. The second time, a horse caught a squirrel hole at a gallop and went down with me–also broke my left arm. I not trying to brag, we just learned that s–t happens. Get over it and get on with it.

    Thank you Dr. Spock. Everybody gets a participation trophy, nobody wins. The flip side is that nobody learns how to lose, which was his whole idea. Feeeelings. The irony is that it turned them all into losers.

  5. I let my sons have a childhood. No regrets but had an occasional conversation with neighbors and police. They grew up having a backbone.

    My young years were in rural areas. My dogs and I once had to face down a mountain lion.

  6. I was raised in the country. Country kids seemed to be a bit more real. But I also lived in the city and we got into much the same mischief, all of it would not have been considered to be politically correct now. You, me, most of the people who visit this blog, all lived that life as children. Pre-Spock.

  7. I carried a Browning 9mm High Power semi-auto almost every day through high school and young adulthood. I didn't flaunt it, but I had it. Constitutional carry. I can only imagine what they would say today.

  8. That's just how it was.

    Today kids seem to have an endless supply of money. My granddaughter, in 4th Grade petitioned me for a smart phone. (My daughter said no) She explained that she was the ONLY girl in her school who didn't have one. (a fact that my daughter confirmed) I said, I'm glad that you don't have one.

  9. We always had the navy equivalent of midrats – PB & J and bread, milk in the fridge. If you were hungry, make a sandwich and go back out. Neighbor kids grazed at our house. We grazed at theirs. Sometimes bologna sandwiches if we had bologna. The pack vanished the day that it was purchased. Hungry boys will do that.

  10. Interesting to imagine what became of those kids in the ensuing years and decades. Good decisions? Bad decisions? Hopefully more good than bad.

    I went from FCO-Luton and LHR-ATL with zero, literally zero (as Joe Obiden would say, only this is the real definition of literally), virus controls. At the Global Entry passport control the officer handed me back my passport and was compelled to say, “That’s all” because I guess I stood there thinking a barrage of travel questions were heading my way. Nope.

  11. Thank you for the report. I've been traveling too, and no virus controls. I did wonder if the TSA critters were virus carriers, though. Three in the Bay Area were tagged as positive.

  12. Well, you know that TSA really is the acronym for 'Totally Stupid A**hole'.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  13. We did get a fever check with one of those gun things when I entered Italy at Naples on March 2nd.

  14. People complain about the TSA getting all handsy but I’ve had a few foreign security types—this trip included—get so grabby I’ve wanted to tell them to buy me a drink.

  15. Yep, imagine the 'vapors' today if an 8 year old went riding down the street on his or her bicycle with a single shot .22 tied to the handlebars… LOL And yes, triangle called us home, and you better be running!!! 😀

  16. We didn't have cowboy hats and six shooters. We had space helmets and blasters. We didn't ride pretend horses, we flew jet fighters and spaceships.

    We were still little boys, doing all the stuff little boys do, but with a different slant to it.

    And I'm making sure our grandson gets to do plenty of Little Boy Stuff….

  17. Honestly, I think it's even worse that you can't carry a jackknife there. There is no England, any more.

  18. No spaceships or cowboys/indians where I lived. For us it was WWII with Tommy guns, like Vic Morrow of the series 'Combat' sported. I never got to be 'Sergeant Saunders' (Vic's character), one of the big kids was always Sgt. Saunders. I was usually a Nazi…

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