A Response to SiG – on Mexican Drug Organizations

The Federal Republic of Mexico

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), party leader of the National Regeneration Movement (Mexican Communist Party) is in the fourth year of his six-year term as president and Mexican chief executive. When he assumed office, he removed counter-narcotics activities from the Mexican Army (SEDENA) and Navy (SEMAR).  In essence, removing government opposition from drug organizations in Mexico unless there was some particular interest and that would be handled by Gobernacion (The Department of the Interior) and. Fiscalía General de la República, FGR; prior to 2019, it was Procuraduría General de la República, PGR). There was a lot of renaming and reorganization under AMLO.

The Centro Nacional de Inteligencia or CNI, is a Mexican intelligence agency controlled by the Secretariat of Security and Civilian Protection. Before that organization, CISEN managed that function.  There has been a reshuffling of people as well. Depending on who you speak with there will be different spins. My sense of the changes was that the skim that was arriving during previous organizations had to be re-directed to AMLO and the communists, and that’s why the shake-ups and re-naming.


Context and Precedence: Many years ago (before Amado Carillo) the flow of narcotics through Mexico was managed by the Mexican Army, which oversaw and regulated the business. Each of the 32 states in Mexico had a general and they worked with other generals to find common ground.

Today if want to traffic narcotics from Mexico to the US and start your own drug business, it’s not that difficult. You’d simply need to buy a narcotics product (pick your poison) and connect with somebody who sends narcotics north. Your quantity (say 1 kilogram of cocaine) would be bundled with their quantity which may include other people such as yourself. You would pay the transporter 10% of the value of your product as insurance and they would deliver it to you in the US – say California. They may move it through trucks, through tunnels, on airplanes, or by mules that body-carry it across, but you’d get your kg.

You need a distribution network in the US to sell it at retail and you need a separate network to bring the money south. Normally this becomes a family concern, or possibly two families. One to transport north and distribute and another family to bring money back to Mexico so you can send 2 kg north the next time.

In essence, that is how the drug business works. Tens of thousands of people participate in doing just this. Drugs and money can be intercepted or stolen and so long as the profit exceeds the loss, you’re a successful drug trafficker. The 10% ensures the load as far as the US, then it’s all up to you.


The larger traffickers (maybe people who insured your load) have an interest in selling at a fixed price. If you decide not to sell at the price laid out, you will have a problem. There are also regional taxes levied by organizations. For example, Guadalajara. The Guadalajara Organization spends many millions of dollars a year to buy police support. If they find out that you are sending drugs to the US without paying your fair share (mordida), you’ll have a problem. The police who protect those paying them off will target you. When you pay the tax to the Guadalajara Organization (sometimes there is more than one in Guad), they protect your interests. That is what it is to be a “member of a cartel”. You’re still your own person with your own drug business, but you contribute to the squeeze that is required by all levels of AMLO’s government.

Mexican Drug Cartels are not organized like the Japanese Yakuza. The heads of the organizations come and go. Cartels are organized, reorganized, and folded into other organizations, rising and falling constantly and people are paid a lot of money to develop charts that are generally useless to explain it.


The rule of thumb at the US Ports of Entry was that 1:3 US Agents were on the take from one or another criminal organization. I haven’t called Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to see if that projection changed but my sense of things is that’s still about the prevailing ratio. Let’s say that SiG has a CBP Agent under control and that this agent can pass car-loads of drugs or aliens through a port of entry. SiG will likely rent out that agent to one or more groups that have an interest in moving contraband into the US. They will pay SiG an amount and SiG will pay the agent and likely the controlling organization at the border town a percentage. In Tijuana, it would be Cartel Tijuana Nueva Generación (was Arellano-Felix Cartel). Enedina Arellano Félix is allied with the Guadalajara Cartel at the moment.

When I worked for USGOV in Mexico, the FBI was on the take from drug cartels. They provided women and money in exchange for services that the FBI would provide both in Mexico and abroad. The Special Agents who rotated back to the US did so as multi-millionaires. That may not be the case today. I don’t know. DEA was less corrupt though they had problems of their own. If an FBI Special Agent could facilitate an amparo, he could ask for many millions of dollars. An extradition proceeding would be held up. An amparo is an extraordinary constitutional appeal, which may be filed in federal court, by Mexicans, and by foreigners. It is often referred to as a “constitutional protection lawsuit,” which is basically governed by articles 103 and 107 of the Federal Constitution.

In Mexico and in the USA today very much of what happens at higher levels involves a pay-to-play program.

The specifics and amounts when it comes to corruption vary.  Reflecting on the experience that Tony Bobulinski had with the Biden Crime Family is instructive in payoffs and ripoffs. There was no Mexican involvement present but the patterns are familiar.

SiG’s question – So when I see situations like the wholesale drug movement across the border, or the human trafficking going on, I figure someone on our side is getting paid but I never hear anyone talk about that.  I figure they’ve got to be pretty high up.  

The policy of allowing wholesale and unrestricted immigration without regard to the constituted law that prohibits it is part of a democrat strategy to get democrat voters into the system through offering welfare and benefits (bribes). Republicans blaggard the process but big R donors benefit from low-wage servile workers. It’s not so much of a payoff/bribe situation as it is a policy with a long-term political goal – not unlike LB Johnson’s great society. Higher-value illegal aliens are still smuggled through tunnels by drug cartels.  That these illegal aliens bring drugs across the border is of no concern to the current regime in power in the US. It’s still illegal to traffic drugs and people are arrested all of the time. Court dockets are full.

The Executive Branch issues orders that are carried out. Agents who object are replaced by those who don’t. The FBI supports the wishes of Pedo Joe and his legion of crooks.

Does that make any sense?

Moving on, there is more to the story.

US Foreign Aid

The President’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Budget Request for the State Department and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is $60.4 billion, which includes $29.4 billion for USAID fully and partially managed accounts, $1.7 billion (6 percent) above the FY 2022 Request. How generous. How much of the $60.4 billion that is dumped for the most part into foreign shitholes is administered by Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)? I can answer that question – maybe 90%. The number could be higher,  I’m trying to be conservative here. So US State wants to develop clean water in Mozambique or it wants to encourage democracy in Sudan or it wants to feed the Taliban in Afghanistan, which it does to the tune of $1 billion per year. State goes to NGOs to carry out these vital tasks. There are a lot of NGOs. Coincidentally, they’re democrat party donors. It’s the same scam that Barack ran with “green energy”. The NGOs take their cut, maybe 50%, the party takes 30-40% (which would include 10% for the big guy) and 10% ends up helping crippled children in Bolivia (if that).

How many former US State and CIA employees work for NGOs that are headquartered in the Beltway? You can’t swing a dead cat around your head without hitting them. It’s a slick hustle and if I was a crook, I’d be doing it too. I could do it from home if I wanted to soil myself. Many of these former USGOV people who ride that gravy train have convinced themselves that they are about God’s work. They attend church on the weekend and drop cash into the bucket as it is passed and their children and grandchildren attend expensive prep schools to prepare them for Yale where they can join Skull and Bones in preparation for national service themselves.

Let’s say that you were a member of a Mexican family who had an interest in this or that US policy. How would you get the attention of legislators and executive branch mavens? There are a number of donation bundlers that you could use, but we’re talking big money here and they’re small potatoes. You’d go through the big NGOs that State (and CIA) use and would donate (tax-free contribution) to them to help the blind to see/lame to walk in Ghana. Their relationships (after a healthy haircut into the pockets of the administrators) with USGOV officials allow them to dump hundreds of millions into political action committees across the spectrum with no oversight.

If somebody thought there might be hanky panky, they could call the FBI to investigate. A few quiet words over lunch would kill that investigation. It would end up in a crate wedged between Hunter’s Laptop, Epstein’s videos, The Lost Ark, and alien carcasses from Area 51.

That’s how the big cartel money moves to influence USGOV.

This is a Wikipedia page of NGOs. Who is involved in what? It’s a question worth asking. The filthy ones often don’t rise to the Wikipedia page level. They maintain a lower profile.

Private Military Organizations (PMOs) can also participate and do when it comes to private arms sales. For example, let’s use a hypothetical. At an air base somewhere in Eastern Europe an aircraft lands with military supplies destined for Ukraine*.

*The US has spent $91 billion in Ukraine to date in 2022. After revising their number in September 2022, the estimate for the entire Russian defense budget in 2022 was adjusted to 4.7 trillion rubles (US$77.7 billion)

Back to the aircraft unloading military supplies. Some of it is loaded onto trucks headed to Kiev. Other supplies are loaded onto a second airplane that will make stops in places like Albania, hypothetically, where it will be redistributed and sold. Who manages sales like this, a portion of which would be pushed through the NGO route to the Democrat Central Committee? You need a PMO, familiar with the buyers (who may even include Wagner Group) to manage it.

If somebody were to ask where Wagner Group came by it, they would claim to have captured it from the Ukrainian Army – the fog of war and all that. Of course, everything is hypothetical.

Well, not everything. FTX funded the Democrat Party Mid-Term elections through laundered funds that were sent to Ukraine to fight Russia.  Overall, in 2021 and 2022, Sam Bankman-Fried donated approximately $38 million to various candidates and PACs, mainly giving his cash to Democratic candidates and left-wing groups, according to Federal Election Commission filings (FEC). The majority of his political giving, though, went to the Protect Our Future PAC, a group founded in January that is dedicated to boosting candidates committed to preventing future pandemics.

Sam is said to be in the Bahamas on a yacht.  If he ever returns to the US, you can bet that he’ll end up in Epstein’s Cell where he will kill himself.

It’s a filthy business.


    • The Administrative State/Permanent Washington/The Swamp runs integrated corruption to the extent that were it to stop, the crash would be – significant. It’s pay-to-play. It’s how Barack Obama went from being a near-penniless legislator before he entered the White House to a billionaire 8 years later. It’s how AOC racked up tens of millions while receiving a $174K-a-year salary. If you’re in the game, you’re rewarded.

          • They’d want to insure that they have something on you in order to trust you. There is a pattern in that, winding its way back into antiquity.

          • Something about LBJ, trust, peckers, and pockets?
            Yeah, I think this has been a major function of the Security State for many decades now: keeping blackmail files on those in or near positions of power.

          • Epstein’s Island catered to the top tier. They’d get you on video humping a small boy or a German Shepherd (the dog, not the tall blonde Alpine chick with blonde braids), and you’d be their man. It made Epstein incredibly wealthy.

          • Giz-Lane is the exception. But she’s a deader within 10 seconds of the seizure, capture or destruction of all the proof she has hidden on everyone.

            Once her hidden security net is gone, so is she.

            Retirement isn’t very peaceful when you have to sleep with one eye open all the time. Especially waiting for the cameras to be turned off and the guards to disappear.

  1. Interesting Business Plan…sorta like the Drug Trafficer’s Cookbook.

    From my cheap seat I have sensed the graft is far bigger than anyone could determine, with the MSM propagandists feeding us one thing while doing the complete opposite. The drug trade allowance, and of course WIDE OPEN borders, is intentional to keep the populace guessing and in a stupor. (eg. $17Mil Congressional harassment slush fund? Now why would they NEED THAT?)

    Your PhD-level synopsis (top rate!),spoken from direct experience therefore trustworthy without the LG Front Loader spin cycle…gives REASON to what we have seen for 30 years, escalating over the past 10, and really escalating in the last 2. It is why the DC Stye needs a seriously housecleaning at the atomic level. It is also why a weirdo sexual behavior story that has been spun up as “a nutjob with a hammer home invasion” is totally false and being “Chappaquiddick’d” to fix seriously bad optics for the [current] Speaker. The old cretins need to go…all of them.

    More of us are getting tired of taking it in the shorts so some “Mom’s House, Basement Dweller Mophead” with a computer could sit on an island beach untouched after laundering a bunch of cash-backed crypto vapor for TPTB. They are working overtime to “fix this”. And that’s just ONE.

    American’s are being made as fools. (some anyway)

      • Nice reference…”Knives out” could be the only solution as legend indicates Alexander the Great did just that.

        Besides, The Nan effectively “retired” today. Gave us all the smarmy magnanimous “to allow new blood to carry forward all those wonder Democrat ideals.”

        Would that be the Squad Gals? Gag me.

        (Ps. The “new me” is a work in progress. I am at least not listening except top of the hour news breaks, which, like the ocean, one only needs a single gulp to discover it’s awful.)

      • It would be nice if the press did their job and actually worked to investigate or uncover all this. I’d love to see the books to know which reporters are being paid by the system and which are true believers, high on their own gaslighting.

  2. Always appreciate your insight into how things really work. We know it’s rotten, we just don’t know exactly where and by how much.

    And, “It would end up in a crate wedged between Hunter’s Laptop, Epstein’s videos, The Lost Ark, and alien carcasses from Area 51.”

    Heh. I always knew they had the Lost Ark and the aliens.

      • Ark/Aliens- I’m ticked the government hoards all the cool stuff, keeping it for themselves under the self-serving mentality of “it’d be too dangerous for the public to know”.

        Pretty sure half of us can handle it.

  3. Opium and coca are agricultural products, and I’ve heard they require about as much processing as white table sugar. Drug prohibition functions as government price supports for drugs, and a vast system of makework for government. If the drug gangs ever really get government out of the way, they will remove the support for their high profit margin — oops! Imagine a libertarian future of harm reduction: here’s your drug of abuse, it’s pure, it’s of consistent strength, it’s a dollar a pound, and you can buy it at any drugstore just like aspirin. You’ll still be addicted, but you won’t OD or be poisoned and you won’t be tempted to steal to pay for it.

    • There is an extensive primer on the production of and on the various grades of heroin in my book, “White Powder: A Novel of the CIA and the Secret War in Laos” – paperback and digital. Sure it’s a shameless plug.

      There is no doubt that people want drugs (of all kinds). Alcohol withdrawal will kill you quicker than opiate withdrawal. I don’t think that there is an easy solution. Over-the-counter heroin or worse still, fentanyl would solve the addict problem because they’d be dead. Just don’t allow Narcan to be administered, and they’ll sail into that long good night, comfortably numb.

    • but you won’t OD or be poisoned and you won’t be tempted to steal to pay for it.

      Good one. Of course people will OD on it, legal/OTC or not. People F themselves up on prescription drugs (my point here being that they are legal) all the time. As far as poison goes, pharma is poisoning us with FDA complicity, or so it would seem. In the Libertarian Utopia of course there’d be no FDA but rather voluntary organizations that run their own labs and certify (for a fee of course) based on their own good name and reputation. We can be certain that those will be reliable and totally not corrupt/corruptable. (yes yes, market forces will drive the bad ones out of business after 243 people die from liver failure because of a bad batch of acetaminophen)

      And you ever see how many people steal alcohol? Legal, and available cheaply, yet people still steal it.

      I know a number of opioid addicts. Some are quite intelligent and even sensible as it happens, apart from the addiction. A few I even consider friends. But their demon has seriously F’d up most of their lives, and even the ones that “pass” are nowhere near where they could be. I’m no expert on the psychology of addiction, but from my amateur observation, most of them got started through self-medication for psychological issues. And then their lives went into the toilet. Which only made the dependence stronger, not just physiologically, but psychologically.

      • Obviously, prior to the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harrison_Narcotics_Tax_Act of 1915, America was completely worthless and achieved nothing, because drugs were legal and therefore everyone was a lazy addict, right? My understanding is, when drugs of abuse were legal there were the same percentage of addicts, but they had more functional lives because they weren’t also being chased by the police. I’m not rejecting your personal observations of addicts, I’m saying prison is not a treatment for their problems. The correct thing to compare libertarian policies to is not our imagining of perfection, but rather the actual situation that exists today.

        • Yeah, a similar number (percentage-wise) of people were lazy addicts. I think you’ll find that addiction is a thing that some people are vulnerable to, and others not so much. The former will (statistically) always become addicts (of something) and the latter will (statistically) not. Very few people, outside of those unfortunates who are (for example) slave-whores owned by organized crime, are held down and injected with heroin against their will until they become addicted.

          No, prison is not a treatment for addiction. For a large majority of addicts, there seems to be no effective treatment, beyond death, which tend to come relatively soon. I don’t think anyone thinks prison is treatment for anything, it’s revenge for victims, with a dose of punishment for perps, and a side of keeping assholes away from the (relatively) innocent bystanders, for a while. As such, it works fine for the stuff addicts usually tend to get up to after a while, like committing other crimes.

          I very strongly doubt that addicts were much more functional around the turn of the last century than now. Junkies aren’t going to be able to hold most jobs, heroin doesn’t promote functionality. Honestly, neither does weed if you actually smoke so much of it to count as an addict. Coke? Sure, you can be a cokehead and hold a job… at least for a good while. But coke and the other powerful stimulants tend to lead to incredibly bad decision-making, as they often make people think they are BRILLIANT. Spoiler; they aren’t. IDK what the psychedelics really do to people… not too many folks seem to do more than dabble with them. But, uppers make you stupid and reckless, and downers make you useless (very broad generalizations). Not conducive to being valuable members of society.

          There was certainly plenty of Human misery in 1915.

          They also died more often, which kept the numbers down. I’m all for that, actually. Someone wants to commit suicide, which heroin use is as close to as doesn’t matter, let’em. Whenever an EMT NARCANs someone, the law should be tattoo an x on their forehead. When they have 3 exes, no more NARCAN.

          OTOH, I do tend to believe that the drugs should be legal, since The People seem to want them so much, and that is the essence of proper law in the US.

          I have quite a bit of sympathy for Libertarianism, but AFAICT it’s a waste of time because only a small fraction of the Human population considers it to be attractive. Forced Libertarianism is an oxymoron, and I don’t see human nature as likely to change in favor of it, at least not “soon”.


          • I have hears that for some, prison actually IS a treatment. That when addicts get in bad enough shape with malnutrition, they will get themselves arrested in order to have a period of sobriety and get fed 3 meals a day (which they were skipping while drugged out).

            I say that as neither praise nor condemnation of jail, just a wry observation that there can be dark ironies in life and everything is a trade off.

        • I have quite a bit of sympathy for Libertarianism, but AFAICT it’s a waste of time because only a small fraction of the Human population considers it to be attractive. Forced Libertarianism is an oxymoron, and I don’t see human nature as likely to change in favor of it, at least not “soon”.

          Libertarianism is not conservative imperialism, it is the rejection of imperialism. I object to other people forcing their policies onto innocent me, and similarly I don’t have standing to object to how others want to live their lives.

          I very strongly doubt that addicts were much more functional around the turn of the last century than now.

          This has a testable implication, which is that pre-1915 America should have been a complete mess from addicts, but it wasn’t.

          I don’t think anyone thinks prison is treatment for anything, it’s revenge for victims, with a dose of punishment for perps, and a side of keeping assholes away from the (relatively) innocent bystanders, for a while. As such, it works fine for the stuff addicts usually tend to get up to after a while, like committing other crimes.

          Vice is not crime, and no human has the moral duty to do what other people want them to do. Calling people who didn’t receive the taxes they wanted “victims” implies communism.

  4. So it’s not as bad as the movies and news reports make it out to be.
    It’s actually much, much worse.

    [Remark on the irony of the Kerry graphic redacted.]

  5. FTX – It gets deeper, put yer Wellies on. The political/financial criminals just move around the world thievery cul-de-sac. My brother’s response:

    “Thank God Joe Kennedy created the SEC to protect the average investor from such fraud and deceit. Oh, wait. Nothing to see here, as long as you donate to the right party, there is no accountability.”

    “John Ray III was appointed chief executive of FTX last week shortly before the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and Bankman-Fried resigned. The attorney – who previously oversaw the $23 billion bankruptcy of energy firm Enron – is now tasked with investigating the rapid and stunning downfall of FTX.

    “Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls and such a complete absence of trustworthy financial information as occurred here,” Ray said in a filing with the U.S. bankruptcy court for the district of Delaware. “From compromised systems integrity and faulty regulatory oversight abroad, to the concentration of control in the hands of a very small group of inexperienced, unsophisticated and potentially compromised individuals, this situation is unprecedented.”

    That last sentence.

    • Just realized that FTX Sam had to have watched Runner, Runner (Affleck/Timberlake) and used it as his inspiration…except for the crypto vapor vehicle and the fact he’s a dufus who managed to align himself with the power elite. He’s in the same ballpark as Epstein only this guy is not suave by even the latest woke Webster’s definition. The story fits almost perfectly.

      He’ll be dead before Christmas.

      • Maybe. He’ll never return to the US to testify. As soon as he departs the Bahamas his plane will go down somewhere over the Atlantic. Before Christmas? 50-50

    • IDK why the SEC dude is surprised. Or pretending to be surprised.

      It was an illegal currency exchange for an illegal currency. Oh, and a money laundry.

      WTF was he expecting?

      I also think he doesn’t know what the word “unprecedented” means.


      • It’s a smokescreen, all of it, to protect the inner circle. How did this dufus nerd become a billionaire? He’s a Nervous Nelly yet we are to believe he “sold” his operation to supposedly powerful people…altho, so did that Theranos Steve Jobs wanna be chick selling higher up’s her vapor-tech.

        We (the proverbial “us”, “the half”) are solution oriented who normally operate within the rules. Our main focus is to make things better. Theirs is not. In fact, their approach starts with self, then moves to maintaining that mode at all cost. Look at The Nan yesterday, could she get any more self-serving, looking like a female crypt-keeper? I’m amazed the woman can walk to the podium and speak at all…she’s friggin 82…yet STILL operating as Marie-Antoinette. They are so transparently reprehensible but think they are God’s gift to “us”. “Are we not merciful!”

        Nothing will change until every career “excrement on America’s boot sole” types are put out to pasture, or better, in the hog pen.

  6. Ah, yeah, Mexican corruption. It’s built into their culture so deeply I don’t think there’s any way, short of nukes or killing pert-near-everyone, that it can be stopped

    Things haven’t changed much since the days of heart-ripping-out Incas were in control.

    Which is sad. More and more, I think the only way to get some control over the situation is to create a 20 mile deep dead zone where anything, I mean anything, moving in said zone gets wiped out, killed, flattened, blown up, eliminated from the face of the earth.

    • Mexico is not the biggest problem. Feral negroes are not the biggest problem. As Cicero may or may not have said:
      A nation […] cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely,[…] He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.

      Neither secret nor unknown these days. It’s right out in the open, but the worst among us have seized the sacred mantle of victim. Victimhood was their shield in days past; for some decades now it is both sword and shield. Or a better analogy: today it’s a bloody claymore mine. Naming the villainy of any particular individual is instead branded as an attack on the entire group, so it cannot be done, lest one have one’s life destroyed.

      • You’re right. There are very few migrants coming from Mexico these days. But I know. that wasn’t your point.

        I live so far from modern America that I forget the victimhood albatross.

        • Quite true, Mike_C.

          However, the internal problem is quite difficult to solve. The border is trivial, we just Guantanamo it (as above). How many Sainted Migrants try to sneak into Gitmo, to get aboard the gravy train?

          Of course, most of them would just go the cargo container route instead, but at least that is nicely controlled and the mechanisms are all in place for the Right People to get all the Right Payoffs.


  7. I do OK, I’ll gross about $175K this year, like AOC. I can tell you my net worth is just a fraction of what she’s grifted in just a few years.

  8. You’d almost get the impression that the War Turtle and his ilk are fighting so hard against the populist movements because they’re afraid of being caught dirty.

  9. On the money as always… And THIS is how poor politicians leave the Beltway as millionaires in four years. And nobody questions it!!! Gah. ‘Best’ one I saw was a senior Dem senator who flew into Sig on a ‘fact finding’ tour with a floozy, was met by a Mercedes and whisked off to Taormina for a week. Came back just in time to catch the USAF bird back to the states, and when some folks got curious, found out the car belonged to a Mafia honcho, along with the villa where the good senator stayed. That was ‘called in’, and the caller was transferred within 3 days of making the call… To Adak…

    • Ah yes. That pattern is played and replayed and was since Uriah the Hittite got in the way of King David and Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba. You may be able to tell from my comment that I’m thinking about a sermonette.


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