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This Turd “Lived” Down the Street

The grant deed was issued, there’s cash in my bank account and I’m gone, but this is what was going on in my neighborhood.

(LA Times) Another California imam has drawn criticism after delivering a sermon laced with inflammatory remarks about Jews, calling them “unjust tyrants” and praying to Allah to “destroy them.” 
Imam Mahmoud Harmoush’s comments came during a July 21 sermon delivered at the Islamic Center of Riverside.
I don’t know Imam Mahmoud Harmoush personally, but he attends the mosque-down-the-street and lives a block away from where I lived up to last week. My house was in a very nice part of a nice community but the neighborhood was going full-beard, and I sold out (to another beard), leaving those non-muslims even more outnumbered. 
And for those sanguine readers who are consoling themselves that “LL, there will be muzzies wherever you go.” You’re wrong. There are still places in America that will remain muslim free for the remainder of my life. What the nation does after that is its own problem. 

Tightening Things Up

There is a sense of hubris that descends on people who work at the White House – every White House. This administration is about par for the course.

I’m sure that having General Kelly as the chief-of-staff will instill a sense of discipline and order to an operation that Reince Priebus was not able to manage well. Gravitas is something that a chief-of-staff needs to possess before they sit in the big chair. General Kelly brings that too. The corrupt, sly, lying, smug, elite, mainstream media is unhappy about the addition of General Kelly, but they’re unhappy about everything so nobody outside of the beltway or Manhattan cares.

I don’t think that the White House was as “chaotic” as the corrupt, lying media choses to portray it. However as is the case with every administration, there were a lot of voices that needed to be edited.

Things are running their course in the new worker’s paradise where people are starving and the regime is turning brutal in order to remain in power. Welcome to the joy of a socialist government. 
South America is known for banana republics, but Venezuela was once known for its educated and polite society. As the Animal Farm scenario plays out, we see the replay of Cuba, Nicaragua and Argentina. 
Part of my consulting work used to involve Venezuela, which is why I rarely comment on conditions there here on this blog. It’s really a pity to see the place go to the dogs, but is completely predictable. No chicken bones must be cast to predict that things will continue to decline and the place will be ravaged. It’s like turning a pack of wolves loose in a mansion.

I wonder if avant-garde students will start wearing Maduro t-shirts?

Russian Sanctions
It’s such an odd turn of events. When the Soviet Union was in charge, the liberals loved the place. Bernie Sanders vacationed there like the good communist that he is. You know the story. 
Now that the communists are gone, Russia is a capitalist-Christian nation. Those same liberals now hate the Russians. I had lunch with an old friend/Russia hand the other day and we mulled all of this over, because the world has gone mad, pushed into insanity by the Deep State and their pawns in the corrupt, elite, sly, smug mainstream media.
Russia has its own interests and a lot of them were formed by the Great Patriotic War (WW2). Anyone who has studied history or Russia understands this and grasps that the Russians are behaving the way that Russians do. And I can’t blame Russians for thinking in Russian terms.

In terms of GDP globally, Russia sits below South Korea and above Australia – and the nation is NINE TIME ZONES LONG, spanning half of Europe and all of Asia. It is a unique place with unique problems and a culture that has been carved and shaped by suffering. Russia isn’t an economic threat to the US. Neither are they a nuclear threat.

Morons like Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and others in his social group would like to see us engage in a war with Russia. I’m not sure why, but it’s what they want. Cooperation with Russia in real terms does nothing but benefit the USA. At the same time we need to be concerned for the welfare of our allies in Poland and elsewhere…but we need to lay-off the Russians.

I understand that Mitt Romney considered Russia a threat, but I know the weak minds who advised him on these matters personally. They were people who spent much of their lives in school or inside the Washington Beltway. None of them were ‘operators’. None had a reputation for common sense. They too thought in terms of the cold war, and they drank the Kool Aid. Russia is rational, reasonable and has an agenda. The US is rational, reasonable and has an agenda. At some point those agendas follow the same path. It makes much more sense to work with the Russians on those areas of consensus than it does to fight them.

Those Amusing Democrats

The Democrat Party announced that they had a “Better Deal for America” as part of their rebuilding program to get back on top. It doesn’t matter that they just came off 8 miserable years of Obamanation. They’re hoping that the American political memory is incredibly short. This week came the announcement that Rep. Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi (D-CA), the old senile crone who presided over their demise would remain House Minority Leader. Good move Dems! The filthy, corrupt mainstream media didn’t react with the enthusiasm that I thought they would. Maybe it’s true that if you hit a donkey between the eyes with a ball pein hammer hard enough that you get its attention? (I thought of that as an old wive’s tale but maybe its true!) What do you think that the sly, smug, nasty lying mainstream media sees in Pelosi’s continued leadership?

The only thing that saves us is that as f-ed up as the Republicans are, the Democrat Party is worse off.

Keep Pelosi, Dems. You deserve her.

46 thoughts on “Review of the Week’s Events

  1. Where the hell is Fredd and his biting wit these days? Is he OK?

    Students aren’t smart enough to change their t-shirts. Che Guevara will always be the number 1 go to leisure wear for those who can paraphrase a book but have zero common sense.

    A Russian friend, Larry? Zis eez very smart ev you. #PogromWithKalashnikov

  2. Have you noticed Pelosi's deer-in-the-headlight eyes when she is speaking from the podium? Her train of though…. squirrel. She seems to doze off or is drunk on her ass. Let the Dem's have her. She is their poster child of how they want all of us to be.

  3. I checked and found that the Maduro t-shirts are out there. It's only a matter a time until they start showing up on campus. Maybe that will happen when the body count gets high enough.

  4. Fred's rapist wit has been absent and I don't know where he is. Last heard of, he was building a house in Texas. He may be doing that and too busy to hang with the lesser mortals?

  5. You're right there. She is the model progressive.

    She does look freaky with that stretched face and that eerie look – like some sort of sci-fi experiment in prolonging life that went wrong.

  6. Of course. I forgot about the body count. Venezuela hasn't started the nearly endless purges that are required – and coming. Maduro and his goons only have the blood of a few hundred stopped by bullets, a few thousand (mostly children) who starved. But the fact that there are shirts are out there are mute testament to the predictable stupidity of communists.

  7. I'm sure that there are Kim Jong Un t-shirts but he's sort of a comical looking character – the only fat man in North Korea – with that ridiculous hair cut. He's more of an evil fat clown. I don't think that the Fat Un t-shirts would blow off the shelves if he killed another three or four million by working or starving them to death.

  8. LL,

    Revised title to post

    "This Turd Stunk up the Street"

    As I was reading you last bit about Fat-Un my mind went into a smoke screen and I thought you wrote that they will make the Fat-Un shirts once he killed 3-4 million by starving or eating them. Time to move these 60 y/o eyes closer to the screen.

  9. Where do the ragheads get their money to live in the fancy part of town? I never see any of them working.

  10. LL,

    This brings u an interesting thought, who is your congressman? in old neighborhood? Increase the mooslimb vote and sway election to pro-mooselimb democrat (pardon the redundancy) then move on to next targeted district. Th money comes from middle east oil proceeds.

  11. As the old Steve Miller song went, "Take The Money And RUN"! Very happy to hear your albatross has been cut loose.

    We're still waiting to hear from our Realtor, but we've given him the priced we'd like to get, and the lowest price we're willing accept. I still think he should have listed the place a bit higher, but that's water under the bridge now.

    I just hope a deal closes soon so we can get all our stuff moved before the snows start to block the passes.

    Colorado and Wyoming are the only states I've seen that have railroad style gates to close the Interstate highways!

  12. LL,

    Congrats on your sale. Best of luck on your continuing efforts to get the eff out and established at the mine.

    My question about Pelosi is this–given that she is most certainly being propped up by a cocktail of the finest pharmaceuticals (our tax) money can buy, is she still calling the shots, or is she just a sock puppet fire hazard?

    As to the Kim T-shirts, here is a slogan suggestion–

  13. I'm curious about your thought on mcmasters? He seems to be purging Trump/Bannon people.

  14. Pelosi has handlers and the Deep State trusts her. Barack had handlers and the Deep State trusted him more than they trusted McCain. A wicked witch will melt rather than catch fire if Wizard of Oz lore is to be believed. Maybe somebody should dump a bucket of water on her?

  15. I'm not a big fan of McMasters. I fear that he's completely acceptable to the puppet masters and that's never a good sign.

  16. Wasn't there a Star Trek movie where the evil aliens had their faces stretched all the time. I saw that on one of the movie channels a month or so back and thought of Pelosi.

  17. He has to be wearing a big red clown nose — and maybe it could have something to do with the Stephen King book, "IT".

  18. California has border guard stations masquerading as "Agriculture Inspection Stations". Nobody is fooled.

  19. Pelosi should have made her entry into the world of stage as a thespian in that series. She would have lent credibility to the alien face stretchers in a way that no other person could.

  20. Have relatives by marriage that recently moved to Panama. Do you see the problems of Venezuela spilling over into Columbia and then Panama?

  21. It's weird, isn't it, how the rainbow party of peace loving unicorns and pink hat celebrities are so keen to go to war with Russia. The sly peace movement media are all about it too.

    They've been driven insane, by Satan.

  22. Stumbled and mispoke on Chris Wallace's show last Sunday.

  23. No. The Columbians are keeping that situation at arm's length. They just ended a war with FARC. Communists aren't tolerated there. Same with Panama.

  24. West Kansas is in short supply of liberals, who seem to be concentrated in the far eastern part of the state, Kansas City suburbs and Lawrence a university town. Most folks outside those areas are pretty rational.

  25. Some say that BAAL and MOLOCH have met and kissed each other in the Democrat/Hollywood/Media nexus.

  26. LL,

    McStain was there to block better human beings from winning and possibly beating Barry.

  27. I thought that if McCain won the presidency, that he would have screwed up things so bad for so long that we'd never see another Republican in the White house. Barack led America to Donald J. Trump.

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