A look backward or a look forward — or both.

“In bayonet training throughout the world, the soldier who wields the bayonet is ordered to scream as he drives the blade through. Civilians assume that the cry is meant to terrify the opponent, but it isn’t. It’s meant to bridge your natural reluctance to push a long blade into a living human being, and to cover the sound of steel cutting into flesh and bone. As dreadful as is the task, should your enemy be coming at you, you accomplish it so readily and remorselessly that, how can I describe it? It seems no more difficult or disturbing than say, lighting a match.” — Mark Helprin, ‘A Soldier of the Great War’.


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Fun with Maps

Legality of recreational marijuana in European countries


Alaskan boroughs and a state smaller than each of them. The point is, that Alaska is big.


There Is a European Standard??


  1. RE: Alaska map.

    Was that before or after ALGORE melted it? Inquiring Native Texan minds want to know.

    • As you know, WWW, Alaska is mostly under water now and Mt. McKinley is an island. The crisis that flooded the American coastline and made my home in Arizona beach front property only serves to underscore that we have six years left to live. The weather tax, promised by Jo and Ho is the only thing that will save the planet. That and banning plastic drinking straws.

  2. Army basic training, circa 1963, bayonet/buttstroke training was emphasized. I loved it and became very good at it. A few years ago I put on an impromptu demonstration for a group of disbelieving car salesmen. Still had the moves.

    It is said the military trains for the last war fought. In Korea too many men cowered; more than those who fought back when attacked. Our cadre worked hard to instill a fighting mentality. I wonder what is emphasized today?

  3. When I took basic training back in ’68 shouting was still part of bayonet drill. While “KILL!” was the preferred cry, one drill sergeant declared, “I don’t care what you shout as long as it’s loud.” Being the ornery cuss that I was, I started shouting, “BIRDS! FLOWERS! TREES!” I could see the DS looking at me, but he did nothing because, after all, I was shouting and hammering the targets as well.

      • Brats matter – but not for social distancing. They matter on a BBQ, after being immersed in German beer, then placed on a soft, fresh, roll, and striped with mustard. Add kraut if you’re serious about what you’re doing.

        • If you’re going to take the time to cook brats, then you have the time to add the kraut.

          Sadly, Mrs. Andrew doth not like the smell of brats.

          Though my dad taught me to brown them in a skillet, made drippings gravy out of the pan drippings, and pour over rice. Makes a more ‘civilized’ brat meal.

          • Yes, you can make skillet brats, and you can serve them with proper German style potato salad and kraut on the side. But the smoke flavor of grilling them over mesquite is so much more satisfying to me. Just me, I don’t foist my own culinary tastes on others.

  4. stormed the capitol, then walked out in an orderly fashion. politest storming I’ve ever seen. taking selfies, laughing n joking…..somehow i don’t think Pelosi and company will let this go….

  5. Got friends on the ground , saw dc cop shoot the girl. Had mentioned earlier that some folks there are not patriots. There looking for trouble. I read that that some of the folks who went into the capital were having to use canes to get up the steps.

  6. From the illustrious MSM (including the doofuses at Fox)

    “Chaos!”…A Mob!”…”Terrorists!”…”Sad”…”Unprecedented”…”We MUST return to Democracy”…”When will the President lead?!”…”This is Trump’s fault!”

    Acting like they are giving color commentary on some benign sporting event, injecting themselves to some level of importance, like they’re all that since sliced bread. Every media person, save for a few, are worthless do-nothings, they create nothing but fear and worry.

    Yet all year and nearly for the last four+ years they spoke of “peaceful protests” while the funded anarchists burned cities down, killed people, and ruined lives and property. Then blamed a great President. (Biden was a putz speaking today…typical pandering.)

    ALL THIS is designed theater…let the rats eat each other. (btw, the woman that was shot just died…this is NOT good.)

    • It will get worse. Every coercive measure that the government implements will be met with stronger resistance. Look at 1773-1776 for a historical example of cause and effect.

      The US Congress enjoys an 11% approval rating. My reaction is, really? That high.

      • The next 16 days will be an absolute mess, and the media and Congress members will, like today’s shameful display of superiority, continue to operate like they know more than anyone. These snake-oil peddlers know nothing of value other than how to game and fleece the American taxpayer. Tucker Carlson again got it right tonight. While marble-mouth McConnell stated the Senate needs to “continue with their democratic responsibility”, Carlson pointed out the man is willfully clueless as to why “the little people” (aka The Serfs) are so massively pissed. Can’t fix ignorance yet they’ll cry foul when the American public fights back. Heemeyer was frustrated yet town officials doubled down, and look what he did. Incredibly our country’s leadership underestimate our resolve.

        Congress is gleefully accelerating right over the cliff into the abyss. They deserve Biden.

          • The difference between criminals hired by democrats and called “Antifa” and veterans who learned their trade from USGOV, is that they can cause havoc far more quietly.

            This nation has been constantly at war since World War 2. Admittedly a lot of those veterans who learned their trade passed, but there has always been a new crop who have been trained. For the most part, they went home and lived quiet lives – and still do. But will that remain the case, or will they give way to the PTSD that they earned in government service? To me, that’s very much the question.

            And there’s time. Tyranny’s grip will only activate those souls who served valiantly and live quiet lives. And they’re not Antifa. They can shoot straight and long. They know how to make an explosively formed penetrator (EFP), also known as an explosively formed projectile, a self-forging warhead, or a self-forging fragment, in their garages.

            As the name suggests, the effect of the explosive charge is to deform a metal plate into a slug or rod shape and accelerate it toward a target.

            Oh it’s true that the FBI can try and search every garage in America, but the secret is not in the components. It’s all in know how. And the veterans with the skills to make those sorts of things, and five dozen other nasty things live in large numbers through the nation. They may be cropdusting today, but know how to mix mustard gas (blistering agent) or how to set up an ambush or take down a freeway overpass. And they will act as lone wolves, quietly. THAT is what should keep the donkeys awake at night.

            It’s not the million protesters on the DC mall that they need to worry about. It’s 20,000 lone wolves with skills that they were trained to do by USGOV who live quietly, don’t blog, and only post photos of kittens and puppies on Facebook.

  7. And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

    We didn’t want it. We hoped it would not come to pass.
    God have mercy.

  8. Today’s op worked perfectly.
    It derailed any attempt to defy the electors.
    Makes certain that all congress members toe the party line from now on.
    Gives cover to bi-partisan sedition at the highest levels.
    Completely isolates the President.

    They have rolled loaded dice confident they won’t come up snake eyes.
    But fate always gets a say.

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