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He’ll be fine
Some people survive time in custody better than others. It’s never nice, but they will make do as best they can. Justin Bieber — will simply make a lot of new, loving, friends who will refer to him as “the Beaver”. Don’t bother sending him soap on a rope. However, Preparation H would be appreciated.
Deciding what is REALLY Important in America

Michelle Obama’s white ancestors 
were ugly.
( First Lady Michelle Obama always suspected that she had poor white sharecropper ancestors who mated with her negro field hand ancestors. bores down to the bottom of the barrel and finds out that the whites couldn’t find other whites who wanted them and they made do with Michelle’s kin. There was a reunion of ugly people (see link above) but Michelle didn’t attend — because she’s angry, and bitter…as usual.

But she may be able to put that all behind her if she’s allowed to travel and go on vacation once she’s no longer First Person (was — First Lady but that’s sexist).

The change to First Person came about because the Democratic Party is planning for a Hillary Clinton presidency where Bill can’t be referred to as, “the First Lady”. While Hillary is making all of the big moves, Bill will be cutting interns out of the herd and if he’s “First Lady”, it would paint him as a male lesbian. The “cigar dipping” former president may indeed be a male lesbian, but it is simply bad politics to acknowledge it. It’s not unlike Barack preferring young male golf partners to poor angry, bitter, scorned, Michelle. The facts represent an inconvenient truth – book by the same name written by former presidential contender Al Gore.

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  1. Detroit – same thing goes for just above every American city. How come the taxpayers dn;t get to name them?

    Bieber – Canada's answer to Richard Simmons. He will be fabulous in prison.

    Passion – it doesn't really cost them anything to be passionate.

    White Ancestors – The Pilgrims had a saying, "Thou Shouldst Kept it in Thy Sock." Only you can prevent a Wookie.

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