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There is a new move afoot in New York City where if an employee wants to begin “transitioning” to a new gender, the employer must accommodate them. If I had as much in the way of guts as I like to think I had, I’d get a job with Bloomingdales or Sachs 5th Avenue as a guy selling – men’s suits. Once off probation, one day I’d then show up in a short dress. Change my name to Shaniqua. Hair the same, old man, maybe a grey Santa beard, hairy legs, combat boots, no bolt-on tits and not even a ‘training bra’. I have no desire to wear make-up.
The fine for discriminating is $250K. There are places I could spend $250K – very frivolous places. New sports car? New boat? Once I received the money, naturally I’d “transition back” to being a guy, with a quarter million in my pocket…because you KNOW that Bloomingdales would never let an old gender confused freak show up at work like that. I’m guessing the $250K would be a pay off to a nuisance.
Four employers in a year, a million dollars tax free in my pocket. 
As Bruce Jenner (above – right) has pointed out, he’s still a heterosexual male (male lesbian), masculine parts intact, who likes to dress-up like a girl and got a pair of fancy new bolt-on’s.  When I was a kid, we called people like that “freaks”. Does that offend you, dear readers?

In California, where I live, there are six genders that the state recognizes formally. If you fill out a job application you can check any of the boxes or check the box titled, “other”.

And here’s the scam. You can “transition” between genders anytime you feel like or “transition” back, and EVERYONE has to embrace that, as a matter of law.


We have earthquakes every day across the “Southland” in California. Note the map. The big blue box was a larger quake that hit while I was e-mailing a buddy in Australia the other day.
The uninitiated quiver in fear, but the reality is that the land slips all of the time. Those slips prevent THE BIG ONE, that you see on at least one disaster movie that debuts each year.
People not from here make fun of the lack of brick in construction in California homes. Bricks tumble down in an earthquake. 
And before you guys jump on me, we don’t have tornadoes or cicadas here. 
You have to pick your poison when it comes to finding a place to live.

We engage in the ceaseless war on the weather in the USA. The US Military has been tasked with taking on climate change as a principal mission by the Commander-in-Chief.

In addition to our military commitment to defeat the weather, there are a number of green movements that have risen. Deciding which cause to contribute toward can be daunting because there are so many.

If you’re inclined to give money to any of these causes, but are not sure which is best, you should consider depositing your large donation into my paypal account and I will find a worthy cause in your name (after taking a modest commission to keep up this effort on YOUR behalf).

#blackicematters is one of those causes that is gaining traction because it’s all about losing traction. The battle against black ice by various cities is not only clearly racist, it might also be seen as an unfair attack on the weather. Save black ice by donating (generously) today.

Thank you for your support.

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  1. Yes, indeed. We all have to pick our poison as to where to put down the stakes. We have tornadoes up the wazoo here in the midwest. Their scope is miniscule, but when they hit a populated area, they make the news. 99% of tornados touch down in corn fields, soy bean fields, etc. But those 1% hits, they are nasty.

    Moving to Texas after the daughter graduates. Some tornados there, but mostly free from earthquakes, floods and cicadas. Illegal aliens are swamping the place, but other than that….

  2. I challenge you! ha! Not really, although I think you’d look good in joker lippy with that ensemble. £250K – do it! Your country is bonkers like that!
    He’s a freak getting a lot of attention, a lot of exposure and a shit load of money. I don’t understand this modern day fascination with nobody celebrities. How have I missed this trick? I can be as nutty as the next person if it pays to do so.
    It makes me tremor to think of earthquakes like this going on everyday. The most I have to deal with is torrential, non stop, bordering on ridiculous, get me out of here, rain. Which, incidentally, come the dark winter months can go undetected. #Blackicematters

  3. The Univ. of North Texas is one of my present consulting gigs, so when you get wherever you land, we'll have to arrange some sort of blogger lunch. I realize that it's a big state, but with oil prices as they are, I can afford to drive.

  4. My only problem with California is the residents won't stay there. Instead, they move elsewhere and then start voting.

  5. You are missing out not having the sound of cicadas to go to sleep with at night. As for black ice mattes, it seems that the government would throw billions into the effort to change the name to African-American Ice…and prosecute anyone who uses black ice as an excuse for an accident – especially if there was a weapon in the auto.

  6. I'll bet there are instances out there, the media hides them though, where a guy gets caught doing something he wasn't supposed to, and then jumps on the "I'm transitioning" or "I identify as a woman today" bandwagon.

    BTW – I always leave some hints of that in my official email – just so I have that discrimination claim if I need it. Being a drunk helps too, very mitigating.

  7. PS – We always called them "locusts" in AZ, they were loud, but NOTHING like what there are back east (I still find different websites that seem to use the name interchangeably). When I first arrived in Virginia, with the humidity and those cicadas, I thought I was on another planet.

  8. Race – No matter what, I prefer the West, but it's in my blood.

    People at your outfit always talked about the 5% where you work who are 'questionable' from a preference point of view. BUT I hope you don't have to play the Bruce Jenner card. Your mother and your sister would not understand…

    If you're a drunk, you can blame it on the job and they will send you to re-hab once or twice before dumping you.

  9. OR you can transition racially, get a spray-on tan, a Sideshow Bob perm and re-identify as a 'person of color'. In that mode if you are able to be in "transition mode" and declare yourself an unredeemed drunk, you could ride that train and milk it for years, retire as an SES Grade. You might be able to get a retirement job with some union in New Jersey?

  10. Yup. When we meet up, we could have ourselves a real hoe-down. I reckon y'all could teach me some Texas-speak. I've got me a hankerin' to speak like a Texan, or at least enough not to get beat up by the Aborigines for sounding like a Yankee when I pronounce 'y'all' as 'you all.'

    We expect to buy a lot in Kerrville in March, and then build on it when the time comes. We'll be payin' Texas property taxes starting in March, does that make us Texans at that point?

  11. LSP is from England and doesn't sound like a local. Jenny is from Texas and says, 'y'all' quite a bit. Old NFO has been living in Virginia for years, and in a cockpit before that and I'm just passing through, so I'm not overly concerned that you'd be branded an outcast. Maybe you should wait until the spring round up and get some honest work out of everyone there on your ranch. Barn raising and all.

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