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It’s time to put this week away and begin another one on that remorseless march to eternity. I wanted to react to a few things that are going on. 
The first one has to do with Donald Trump, who may not be the perfect candidate, but he’s telling people what he thinks without apology and it’s resonating with that vast right wing conspiracy.
I don’t know what sort of president that Donald Trump would be, but you’d know where he stood. There is a reason why Trump, Carson and Fiorina are on their way up in the polls and the rest of the field is sinking. Will the Republican Party listen? Not likely at this point because a lot of rice bowls are in danger. Trump fires people who screw up…and that never happens in Washington DC.
I don’t know that the anchor baby problem will be solved anytime soon since the 14th Amendment is a very large rock to move.
But I can say this. If the border is secure, the anchor baby problem will not be the daunting issue that we are facing at present. The political class has NO interest in securing the US/Mexico Border. They never have. That applies to both Republicans and Democrats. If it would have, they would have fixed the problem.

Am I the only one who thinks that the Democrats in the know feel that Hillary Clinton may not make it to the Democratic Party’s National Convention? They’ve got Joe Biden warming up in the bull pen because they don’t think that openly communist Bernie Sanders would ever be elected in a national contest — and the Hillary coronation may have been a bit premature.

Old Uncle (Slow) Joe Biden? Really? I’m not saying that Biden isn’t an accomplished politician. He’s been at it for his entire life and he’s into his 70’s. But that’s the best that the Democratic apparatchiks can come up with to counter Bernie Sanders (presuming that they feel that Clinton stands a better than even chance of being indicted).

THIS IS WHY I think that Hillary Clinton will be indicted in the e-mail scandal. Indulge my vast left wing conspiracy theory for a moment:

  • If Hillary Clinton becomes President, she will won’t give two squirts for Barack Obama. Possibly not even one.
  • If Joe Biden becomes President, Obama remains in power with Slow Joe as his cat’s paw.
Eliminating the Clintonian threat keeps the people who want to stay in power – in power. Even if it means rolling the dice with a Biden/Warren ticket and a promise to Warren that she can run for President next time as the sitting vice president.
All that President Obama has to do is what he’s doing. Allow the investigation to go forward and instruct his attorney general to let the chips fall where they may. Hillary is clearly guilty of a misdemeanor and if she had her hard drive professionally wiped to cover-up her crime, she is guilty of a felony. An indictment will finish her candidacy. She need not be convicted. And the wolves in the White House who want to stay there will see to it that she is cut off at the kankles.
h/t Woodsterman

Partisan news anchor Jorge Ramos and his daughter,
Payola, a Clintonista operative.

Univision Anchor and grievance advocate Jorge Ramos‘ daughter Paola (Payola) Ramos works for the Hillary Clinton Campaign. I wonder if she’ll switch to the Biden Campaign when Hillary is indicted?

The credibility and impartiality of Univision’s coverage of U.S. electoral politics has been undermined by the network’s executive chairman, Haim Saban, pledging his “full might” to the mission of putting Hillary Clinton in the White House. That credibility has been further eroded by the network’s partnership with the Clinton Foundation.

I only have one nagging question. What is the Hillary for President campaign paying Jorge Ramos and his daughter, Paola (Payola) to attack opposition candidates in the name of “journalism”?

16 thoughts on “Fishwrap (Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Edition)

  1. I am not quite sure why Obama's Justice department hasn't turned loose the dogs on that fat old lesbian crone. She is clearly a threat to Barry's legacy, and may actually use the power of the Oval Office to actively undermine it, and I do believe Barry is aware of this potential.

    Uncle Joe is a slam dunk for Barry's continued positive legacy, and why Barry is not pulling out the stops and burying that fat, lying tub of guts with a federal indictment is just beyond me.

    The old Barry would have done this months ago. I am wondering if he has a brain tumor.

  2. It's not just Barry Soetoro, it's all of his minions who want to keep their power. A third term looks good to all of them, thus the groundswell of support for Biden, who will step into the breach once the Bitch of Benghazi is indicted.

  3. Maybe to show off his new girlfriend, Huma – and to demonstrate to Hillary that he's trying to keep it in the family?

  4. The Clintons have been covered with Teflon for so long, and she has gotten away with so many lies, that she thought she could do anything she wanted and get away with it. But there is a crack in the Teflon now, and bits and pieces are starting to erode away. I believe she needs to be in the jail house and not the White House.

  5. All good questions, and I can't help but wonder if BO is thinking about pushing Mochelle out at the last minute as the candidate of 'choice'… Shudder…

  6. Now that would be a show. I'd fly to your new mansion in Tx and would brig beer and Subway to eat while we watch. I want to see Michelle debate either Fiorina or Trump.

  7. I'm wary of another stolen election, where 102% of the registered voters in some areas cast 106% of their votes for another Anointed One from the donkey party…..

  8. In Chicago the line is, "vote early and often". And when you consider that they register voters based on names on the tombstones in the graveyard, and have for a long time, my sense of tradition hits the mark.

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