8 thoughts on “The Progressive Fix

  1. Being truly progressive means that you need a sign in front of your home declaring it a "gun-free zone". It explains to those who would do you harm that you mean them no harm.

  2. Hillary needs to eat a tide pod.

    BUT not Nancy. I want to see that old crone run as the Democrat nominee against President Trump. When she fails, she can eat half a dozen.

  3. When you (me anyway) think about it, young people go off into the world with a mob mentality. School spirit, for one, is a type of mob thinking. Everyone pulling together is fun, like minds. The off to college or the military which is also a sort of mob thing. It is fun to be with everyone else. Who needs to rationalize?

  4. I'd be willing to supply Hillary with sufficient for her needs to visit her dead ancestors.

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