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Say What?

You can possibly file this under, “It’s all Greek to me.” — but take the test and see for yourself. (I earned a lackluster 6 out of a possible 8)

The Wikitongues project, aims to collect videos of native speakers in all of the world’s tongues. Can you tell the difference between Portuguese and Spanish? Farsi and Arabic? However they are having some problems with so-called dead languages such as Neanderthal. Genetic and archeological models have previously predicted interbreeding between modern humans and Neanderthals. About four years ago, scientists compared the genomes of five living humans from China, France, Papua New Guinea, southern Africa and western Africa. They found that humans carry, at a minimum, 1-4 percent Neanderthal DNA in our genomes. 

Maybe it’s Cultural? 

11 thoughts on “Fishwrap

  1. I never thought Princess Diana was anything special to look at…but Camilla? This may be the one area where I side with the French. Oh, and their toast….

  2. i speak from a mere 15 mos. exposure (give or take some misc. travel), but have to favor NFO here. Especially when you factor in how much the French smoke. (I mean, is there much point to bathing if you're a chain smoker?)
    The smell factor is huge.

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