This sea monster is a lesser-known species compared to some other representatives of its kind. According to legend, this is a cunning turtle/whale/fish (history varies between cultures on this point) so large that sailors mistake it for an island. After so much time on the water, the sailors are excited to see land and go ashore on the aspidochelon. Then the behemoth dives and takes the unsuspecting sailors down with it.


Aspidochelone as a whale 

This story has come up again and again throughout human history and is associated with figures as diverse as Sinbad the (fictional) Sailor, Pliny the Elder, and Alexander the Great. Some say that this creature is the origin of the story of Jonah and the whale, and others claim that it is what Milton calls a leviathan in Paradise Lost. The Aspidochelone is commonly associated with Satan – this creature fools unsuspecting people into thinking they have found what they most desire and then abducts them into the deep. Like Satan, Aspidochelone has many other names, including the Asp Turtle, Fastitocalon, and Balain.


Aspidochelone as a turtle 

Because of the fact that Aspidochelone is not as famous as other sea monsters, not as much effort has been made to expose it. If the story is based on anything other than months of delirium at sea (recall that some of these people believed the top half of manatees looked like beautiful women), it is probably the observation of large whales at sea.  Although they don’t look like islands at all and it would be quite difficult to land on one, they are impressively large animals.


M29 Weasel converted into recoilless rifle carrier.

Gun Motor Carriage=GMC


An Interesting Article

(read here) The Viking Highway…


Rumor Control?

The rumor spreads that the Congressional Democrats will vote one more slot on the US Supreme Court so that they can deposit the Ho there. Or two slots and put Barack there with her. The donkeys would then be free to pick a different successor for creepy, demented, crooked old Joe.

Some of this blog’s followers suggest that the Mooch would replace Harris, but I harbor doubts. It might lead to a leaked DNA sample that would show she was born a biological male?



Identify the Tank


Identify the Aircraft


When Ego meets Evil



  1. The tank is a Leopard 1. Looks like a Patton, but it aint.

    As to the plane, not an F7F Tigercat. Hmmm… Looks North American. Turbopropish. No friggin clue. Some non-selected thingaymabob.

    As to critters with land on their backs, manatees will grow algae and weeds and stuff on their backs.

    • Democrats would get a reliable vote, people could write her opinions for her, and they could replace the #2 slot. Packing the court is a powerful incentive for donkeys.

  2. Viking Highway- It is very interesting. Then they had to say this: “But for that [more finds] to happen, the ice must melt. And with Norway’s cryosphere already slipping away in the face of climate change and a series of punishingly hot summers, every seemingly miraculous find is bittersweet.”

    It’s called weather cycles. Yet doesn’t stop the academics from always politicizing their grant work. “Bittersweet” means: Let’s contradict being grateful for receding snowfields while simultaneously blaming climate change that allowed the discovery. Funny they conveniently forget that a 1000 years ago the pass was clear of the snowfield that allowed the route to exist.

    The Mrs. O likes her rock-star lifestyle too much to be scrutinized like her grifter husband was, only it’ll be worse for “her”. Truth be told she won’t go near this for all the money in the world.

    Prison is too good for The Fowch Mengele. Dig a little deeper and what we have witnessed is only the part above his cesspool surface.

  3. Viking Highway. Interesting article but written in “the sky is falling” climate change hysteria. Right in front of them is evidence climate ebbs and flows but the world doesn’t end and people adapt. People also are innate litterbugs as evident by melting ice revealing their ancient trash.

    Just this morning I read an article that the ice on both poles has grown.

    • This will be a heavy ice year.

      I’m essentially tone-deaf when people spew the global warming line. The Viking Highway is interesting outside of the liberal bullshit.

      I’m a lot the same way when the White House or news media cite Joe Biden. Brandon is never quite sure where he is or what he thinks. As with Barack, he reads what his handlers write.

  4. There was a village in Alaska that had been under ice for the last 500 years and was now becoming visible (this was a few years back), none of the articles talked about it being warmer 500 years ago, they talked about man warming doing bad things today… 500 years is noting to the global climate cycles!

    • Look at it this way, Rob, the prog schedule for the end of the planet is 3 years or less. Of course, they’ll move the goal posts yet again, but none of them have credibility. Their scientists are whores who manipulate data for tips.

  5. Aspidochelone. Hah! I saw that, thought “snake-turtle” and then immediately thought “bastard!” As The Critical Drinker (my favorite YT movie reviewer and culture commentator) would say, “Allow me to explicate, Dear Reader.”

    So the Chinese belief is that turtles are the products of sex between female turtles and male snakes (the head is rather snaky looking, you see). Male turtles get no action. Therefore, to call a man a turtle (oo-gway; this is phonetic in American English, NOT pinyin) is to call him a cuckold. To call a person a turtle’s egg (wong-bah dan) is to call him or her a bastard. (Oo-gway and wong-ba are synonyms for turtle.) The cuckolded turtle thing is not a literal belief, by the way, it’s more of a folklore/Just So Story kind of thing. I’m sure that experienced China hands such as our host know this, but it’s an amusing bit of trivia that also might help one avoid misunderstandings, e.g. calling a slow person a turtle as a joke is not going to be received well.)

    As to the whale as an aspidochelone, heresy! Everyone knows it’s turtles all the way down.

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