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Toxic Masculinity

Skinning and cleaning the bison is a 4-5 man job with a knife sharpener handy. It good if you can back a tow truck up to the site and have them lift the bull to have him bleed out completely. Aids in cleaning and skinning too. 2,000 lbs. on the hoof.


Meme of the Day


Bullet Points:

** When billionaires who are on record talking about eugenics and culling the human population offer you a free product, you might want to think long and hard before you take it.

** You don’t pay taxes. The government takes taxes. I’m not complaining about paying my fair share, but half of Americans pay no federal income tax. In what universe is that fair?

** AMC –  Lucky Hank starring Bob Odenkirk. On the heels of successful roles in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul,  the writers and producers give us Lucky Hank.  I watched the Pilot last night E-1/S-1. I’d be very surprised if there is a Season 2. What a boring, and generally lifeless television show. My favorite character is a female dwarf in a powered chair. I folded laundry while I viewed the show and the folding experience was much better.

** Libertarianism is a perfectly apt political philosophy for young and healthy men in times of peace, for they have no need to have Caesar do more, and they rightly suspect that he will abuse whatever powers are given to him to do good.

** On the March 20 blog, “Meme City”, I commented briefly about the corrupt FBI Special Agent Charles McGonigal,  who was in the pocket of Russian oligarchs. For the historical record,  McGonigal was taken into custody and the matter is being adjudicated. Of the FBI Special Agents I worked with/around outside of the USA, a plurality were corrupt. That is only my experience and I don’t claim that they all were. As I recall the people and circumstances – they were a disappointing lot.

McGonigal is accused in the U.S. of hiding from the FBI key details of a 2017 trip he took to Albania with a former Albanian intelligence official who is alleged to have given him at least $225,000.

McGonigal met with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama several times and urged caution in awarding oil field drilling licenses in the country to Russian front companies. Rama had acknowledged the meetings but denied allegations of giving him money or preferential treatment. Essentially it’s alleged that McGonigal using his official position, ran interference for HIS oligarch, against other Russians. FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility is doing what it can to get to the bottom of the matter. Will they succeed? I doubt it.

** As local, state, and federal officials and agencies seem to be preparing to indict and even arrest Donald Trump, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) announced that he has directed an investigation into whether federal money is being used to target Trump as a form of 2024 election interference.

** Pedo Joe Biden Denies – taking millions in bribes from the Chinese Communist Party.


The Admiralty

The term Admiralty is used to describe the government department which was once responsible for Britain’s naval affairs. Until the union of Scotland and England in 1707, it was the English Admiralty, and the Scots had their own tiny version. The term is or was used by other countries, and of course, it had its equivalents. For instance, the Admiralty had similar areas of responsibility to the US Department of the Navy, which is now part of the Department of Defense. The French equivalent was the Ministère de la Marine, but it is now run as part of a centralized Department of Defense.


The Admiralty Whitehall by Thomas Shepherd, 1840 

The origins of the Admiralty date back to the late 13th century and the reign of King Edward I (1272-1307). He appointed a Lord High Admiral as the head of his small navy and gave him a suite of offices in London. These offices became known as the Admiralty. The senior officials who ran the Admiralty were known as the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, and when they met for their regular meetings they were known collectively as the Board of Admiralty. The Sea Lords were senior serving officers, who tended to handle operational matters, while the Lords of the Admiralty were civil servants or politicians, who dealt more with administration and governance.


The Board Room, by Rudolf Ackermann 

This system continued in use for almost seven centuries until the Admiralty was disbanded in 1964. From then on all three of Britain’s armed services were administered by the Ministry of Defence. The Admiralty had its own building in London’s Whitehall, In times of war its offices were a bustling hive of activity, with officers arriving in the hope of a ship, or to be court-martialled, or receiving their orders. Admirals, civil servants, and politicians went about their business, holding meetings, making judgments, and sending or receiving a welter of reports. But the Admiralty was more than just a place where the Royal Navy was administered. The Lords Commissioners were also responsible for legal affairs pertaining to the seas around Britain, as far as the high tide mark. That was why pirates were tried in Admiralty Courts, which had their own special powers when dealing with civil and naval cases.


The High Court of Admiralty 

The ultimate legal body was the High Court of the Admiralty, which handled all of Britain’s maritime cases until its disbandment in 1875. It dealt with the weighty business of deciding if captured vessels were legal prizes, and what is to be done with the vessel and its contents – the so-called ‘booty jurisdiction’.   But also Civil cases brought by the court in relation to commercial disputes, wages disputes, collisions, pilotage, salvage, etc. – the so-called “instance jurisdiction and Criminal trials of seamen and shipping employees charged with piracy (as mentioned before), treason, murder, mutiny, desertion, sodomy, insurance fraud, rape, robbery and (after 1807) slavery.


Which areas in Europe have the highest percentage of teen moms?



  1. The rule that a cow must walk to its final destination to be processed into tasty rib eye steaks, has resulted in the waste of much beef which could otherwise be utilized by a hungry population. We have been involved in more cattle truck crashes then a person should have to endure. Quite often a 1,200 pound Angus on the way to the packing plant with a broken leg is just wasted, when it could be turned into hamburger. At one time there was a provision in the law that would allow a down animal to be butchered on the farm as long as it wasn’t for resale.

    Since I was raised on a registered Holstein farm, all my acquaintances always remarked; “you probably feasted on steak every meal!” I would have to correct them and tell them the truth. Every cow we hauled into the meat locker was a 10+ year old gummer! Dad would tell the butcher, as he shook his head in disgust; “put it all into hamburger, but save the liver for special occasions!”

    • In my every part of Australia and New Zealand I have worked in it is legal to slaughter cattle etc for consumption on the property. Technically it can’t be sold or even taken to another property owned by the same family or company.

      Quite a few rural butchers offer a mobile service for this. Some with winch trucks that would work on the bison.

      When there was a huge price collapse in 1974 of over 95% drop (government interference in market) we were eating Charolais steaks from bulls that would have been a $5000 stud the year before.

      • There need to be sensible health regulations (to make things regular) but the regs worldwide regarding home butchering for local sale (thinking of the Amish) are absurd.

        • More control over our food supply under the guise of “anything goes when it pertains to health and safety”…it’s the gov’ts go-to excuse.

        • A lot of those restrictions were based on reasonable common sense in a time when refrigeration and freezing wasn’t available. Thus the rule that the cow has to walk into the slaughterhouse and other similar regulations.

          In this day and age, those rules need to be reassessed.

          But Big Government never gives up rules and regulations if it can.

  2. Now I’m curious to know the marital status of those European teen moms. (It’s probably sad that I automatically assumed “unwed” at first glance.)

    Admiralty and White Hall. I wonder if that’s why David Weber chose “White Haven” as the name for First Space Lord Admiral Hamish Alexander’s earldom.

  3. At what point, while in their country’s service, does one convince themselves that it’s okay to take “thirty pieces” in exchange for ‘X’? McGonigal is a disgrace and needs to be in an exchange program with all of the Jan6th political prisoners…he can have the entire jail to himself…well, with a few other treasonous friends.

    The greedy and weak will still sell out their country and souls for dirty money…except of course Joey Crime Boss…nah, nothing to see there as he teeters off to the Spun Up Escape Helo hoping he can climb the 3-steps without tripping. Geez, no wonder Xi and Putin are having a meet-n-greet.

    Even worse optics is when demanding answers the actual WH Press Corps reporters (all 2) get a tongue lashing (not in a good way) by Mophead Binder Lady who thinks OUR press room is her personal 3rd Grade Drag Queen Story Hour episode and she’s in charge.

    The deluded are so far off the rails taking our country down into Hell with them that we may never get it back. McCarthy needs to get into a higher gear and move this along, find and dump everything, let the chips fall where they may before this criminal garbage gets buried and forgotten and the perp’s get off scot-free…again.

    • I can’t speak to the mindset of traitors. I’ve published interviews of Aldrich (Rick) Ames here, CIA traitor. You can search the blog for those or I can republish them if there is an appetite for that. My friend the late, great Cordell Hart (also known to MikeW) received permission to do the interviews from the DCI. I expect that FBI traitor Robert Hanssen would have the same sociopathic mindset.

      In the case of McGonigal, he didn’t betray the nation or get people killed the way that Hanssen and Ames did. He was just a crook. The government of Albania hired Albanian counsel to represent them on grand jury subpoenas re McGonigal. I have work product from that attorney with me now that I’ve reviewed. Other than some syntax errors, the work is well done. I suspect that McGonigal will do time in the Big House.

  4. “Paying taxes” means on net you add money to the treasury; government employees don’t pay taxes, they receive taxes. I hear that IRS regulations barely define “income”, and Peter Schiff’s father Irwin Schiff kept being sent to prison because he gave tax advice to this effect.

    A Caesar foments war as makework for himself. Libertarianism reduces the reach of sociopaths by habitat destruction.

  5. Another informative history lesson, thanks.

    Taxes. I would be a fan of a flat tax but only after all the welfare and other public funds feed troughs are vetted. Taking care of the needy is duty of a civilized people but needy should be few and far between not a majority of the population.

    Having been a government employee both in the military and the civilian world I can assure everyone that I did indeed pay taxes.

    • Me as well…”How much did you earn?”…mulitple by 10%, send it in. Done. Takes two minutes.

      Just finished doing ours for the umpteenth year and noticed the “tax code” (aka legalized theft by a thousand cuts) state-to-state and Federal is a nebula never to be clearly understood by anyone as it expands year to year with more idiocy no one but some gov’t person could conjure up. It’s a designed mess driven by lobbyists to skirt paying into it while the rest of us schlubs take it in the shorts.

    • Ed,
      I enjoy reading your comments, but…
      I’m afraid I must disagree with you. My folks (and their siblings) came over here from just prior to 1900 to ~1931. They came here penurious with maybe an extra pair of shoes in their cloth sacks if they were wealthy. They all found work: the men wherever, the women in the sweatshops.
      Yes, their families uspported them if they got fired – for a little while, but it was their families, not their neighbors, not their communities, and not the government. Their families found jobs/work for their brothers and uncles and cousins that they might feed and enroof (is there such a word?) their families; their children started working (after finishing their homework) when they reached nine or ten years of age bringing home pennies – in the ’40s.
      I continued this same inculcation with my children who were born in the mid to late ’70s.
      “Taking care of the needy is duty of a civilized people…”
      I guess neither I nor my family are civilized; we’re not wealthy, we donate, not tithe and we are revolted at the idea that a goodly portion of our taxes are used as “payments to the poor”.

      • The government has difficulty organizing a backyard BBQ without charging each person $1000 for a hamburger. Putting them in charge of caring for the poor is an exceptionally bad idea.

        I know that PaulM gives from his pocket to charity as do I. I tried to organize a food bank where I live through corporate donations only. The local churches were HOSTILE to me. Each of 3 pastors wanted credit for and control over the food bank. I said, “I’m organizing it and it’s not denominational, and no government money.” They preached against me on Sunday. LITERALLY. So I scrapped the idea.

        • Too bad I wasn’t on site with you…those types are a cancer to the church and will get their big surprise. They need to watch Joshua (2002 Tony Goldwyn) to get a clue about a rising community tide lifts all boats (yup, the concept works in that arena as well).

  6. One of the downfalls of the Admiralty was the advent of ASW from helicopters and airplanes, because those assets came under the Air Ministry, and frankly, the Admiralty didn’t know how to use/control them. That was/is also why they adopted the CTF concept to align with the US Navy to control all phases of the ‘control of the seas’.

  7. I recently was hit with a tax lien from 2016. Colorado is taxing me on income eared in another state. I paid income tax to that state on what I earned in that state. CDOR disallowed any deductions for that.

    Bastards! When I left the Army Colorado wanted back taxes on my Army earnings even though I was never in Colorado at the time.

    Oh well, someone has to provide the radical leftist with the means to pursue their whack agenda.

    • Same here, as I discovered with some subversive State tax law change. Democrat’s and at least half the R’s work hard to steal from us every which way possible.

      I recall Rush explaining how New York sent him a bill for unpaid taxes on his plane long after he had moved out of NYC. The plane was purchased and hanger’d in Florida…BUT…because he flew it into NY they felt entitled to collect sales tax on it. Colorado has followed suit.

      Time to starve the beast, give them nothing to fund their immoral nefarious activity.

      • California tried to continue to tax me for three years after I moved to Arizona. To be fair they still send me ballots to everywhere I lived in California and to Arizona.


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