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With the current rush to ban, it may be time to rethink self defense weapons.

The Austrian Windbüchse may be the place to start. The best example of the Windbüchse class of weapons is the Girandoni Air Rifle, of the sort carried by Lewis and Clark in their expedition to survey the Louisiana Purchase. The rifle fired a .46 caliber ball at about the same velocity as a 230 grain .45 ACP round. Though the technology available to people in 1780 was limited, it’s not today. You could fire a modern version at full-auto and not be in violation of any law. has come up with their entry into the market

.22 caliber
24″ Rifled Barrel
Uses common paintball tank (Nitrogen or HPA only, no CO2)
Gas remote-line ready
Fires lead pellets or lead round balls
600+ FPS with 16gr lead ball
50 round removable mag
Full or semi operation
Non-cycling charge lever
Ejected reusable shell casings
Completely ambidextrous
4 picatinny rail mount locations
7 pounds unloaded
Full-steel receiverI

Here is another entry into the market.

And this one:
These aren’t subject to any sort of gun control — and may be the way of the future.
This one shoots a .357 projectile:
Then there is the .50 Caliber Dragon’s Claw
Or maybe a high powered electrically fired nail gun?

6 thoughts on “Firearms Alternatives

  1. I'll take the XVi. That thing is sweet. Opie, they are not for children any more. My neighbors and I all have Gamo pellet rifles. The at 1100 FPS and almost do the damage of a 22 rifle. We call them critter controllers. They are only single shot through.

  2. It shoots .22 caliber bullets, propelled by compressed gas. It's silent, which means that you can hunt without your neighbors becoming alarmed, etc. etc. etc.

  3. The nice thing about the single shot pellet guns is that you can pump them up for higher velocities or simply content yourself with two pumps to scare off a critter of some sort.

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