Some Parents Stand Up

A Mom lets a school board have it — more here — we can save the nation, and the West, and the world, from the bubbling tar pits of insanity, now dragging us ever downward. But will we?

I find it crazy that anyone could look at Jo and Ho as the future of this nation. But there are those who do. And if we can borrow another $20 trillion we can have that promised utopia?



Healthy for body or soul?


Progressives seem so very unhappy, don’t they?

Those who worship Caesar, the state, are worshipping themselves writ large: an idol of Man, glorious Man, who is actually the Beast from the Apocalypse, and a destroyer.

American’s faith in science and reason has been replaced by the cult of science and the cult of reason.  In other words, as secularization further infiltrates our public square, it brings a species of plastic reality – a microwaved TV dinner instead of a proper meal.

Those who worship Caesar are always sad, always angry, always petulant, because they are entitled to — everything. And when you get that to which you are entitled, it is your due, nothing more, and so gratitude, beautiful gratitude, escapes your fingers, and there is no joy.


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  1. The human female form is a glorious thing. I just don’t get despoiling it with someone else’s ‘artwork’ as some form of self expression. The one’s I really don’t like are on the fingers. Of course, the Walmart ‘babe’ that needs to show you her tats, among other things…… Yikes

    • There is a lot of self-loathing going on. I don’t know what the cause is because that’s usually a one-off thing. When I see a Walmart ‘babe’, 100 lbs overweight, with a clipped top to show you her bulging doughnut roll, tatted and pierced, I can only feel sorrow (mixed with disgust). The men with their rediculous man-buns, piercing, ink, and so forth – same thing.

      • I feel the exact same way in regards to walmart women and men of the same . Do they think the tats and metal make them “edgy” or rebellious? There is so much of it now that it cant be either. To see a woman under 35 years old without a tattoo is not very common anymore. Guess Im boring and old fashioned but I intend to stay that way.

        • Watched an old video clip of some band that was appearing in American Bandstand. One comment that stood out – girls with no tattoos, no weird hair colors….what planet was this taken at, I want to move there.

  2. As the joke goes – a future event at retirement homes will be ‘Guess What This Tattoo Was Originally’.
    I know there are people who can’t function unless surrounded by people, but it seems like when the population density gets high enough, the insanity border gets crossed.
    Arrogance prevents people from interacting rationally with reality – they cannot believe that the real world will not accept and go along with their vision, so their actions and thoughts don’t quite match up. Those with less arrogance can at least see this, but it won’t make them happy. The higher their level of arrogance, the more insane they appear to be. Romans 12:3 comes to mind.

  3. “…an idol of Man…”

    Well said. Ties in nicely with LSP’s post “Wisdom”. So many searching endlessly when what they truly seek lies within. They are not unlike the cursed pirate crew in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” who, have gained immortality, will forever thirst and hunger.

  4. My friend, Claudio, who follows this blog, sent me an e-mail this morning (my morning, his afternoon in Italy) in which he cited an article from ZeroHedge where they call out the plague response – which has been ruinous to the entire world:

    Figuring out how our expectations for normal life were so violently foiled, how our happy lives were brutally crushed, will consume serious intellectuals for many years. But at least we now have a first draft of history.

    “As with almost every revolution in history, a small minority of crazy people with a cause prevailed over the humane rationality of multitudes. When people catch on, the fires of vengeance will burn very hot.

    “The task now is to rebuild a civilized life that is no longer so fragile as to allow insane people to lay waste to all that humanity has worked so hard to build.”

    • To that LL, people need to learn to say “NO” it is powerful, incisive and not open for negotiation. Say NO and turn away, they can’t argue if you are not there.

      • There is a powerful herd instinct in weak-minded lemmings. “Hey, we’re all going for a swim!”

  5. I know people who would look at that two paragraph quote and say “Yes! We got rid of Trump and now its time to fix things!”

  6. I’ve never felt the urge to get a tattoo and have known some who regretted it. I can see something small and unobtrusive but the tendency these days seems to be to cover as much skin as possible with it. I view piercings much the same. A single piercing on the earlobe is enough. I guess I’m old fashioned.

    • When you’re drunk and a tattoo sounds like a great idea, it usually isn’t. If you’re going to do it, go for artistry because it will be on you for the duration.

      • No tats here. I remember sitting in the tiny lobby in Amsterdam while my fellow soldiers were getting them, looking at examples, and not finding any I liked. Even the ever popular F.T.A. didn’t appeal.

        Do scars count?

        • No, scars don’t count as tats unless you’re a member of certain African, South American, or Pacific Island tribes who do that ritually. And you don’t qualify for membership. Banner would be invited to dinner.

  7. My dad gave me some good advice regarding tattoos; piercings just were not a thing while he was still living. He said “think of what the tattoo would look like when you were 75”. I am pushing 70 now and no tattoos yet.

    • Time to party. Take Banner down with you and hang with the coven.

      Or in the alternative, a road trip. That always recharges the battery!

      • Delivered four dun notices this morning. Bit of luck, spotted a wanted repo. When the repo team gets it, that will put a few bucks of mad money in the pocket. Banner enjoyed the outing and the three girls that petted him while visiting their grandmother.

  8. That’s a nice view out of the window, but the thought of “living” there makes me shudder. It’s a little too “Blade Runner” for me.

    Got my blood pressure medication dosage adjusted to compensate for all the weight I’ve lost. The change was dramatic, and within 36 hours. I have more energy, I don’t get as tired as easily as I did, and I feel like some sort of “cloud” has lifted. Now if they can figure out what’s going on with my left shoulder…..

    And the new radio is working very well. I was even able to get all my Linux Ham Radio programs to work with it. At this time, I have to say this is the best damn radio I’ve ever owned.

  9. I just watched a conservative video.
    Then youtube thought I should see a Chuck Schumer ad.
    I discovered that I have murder in my heart,
    I wonder how many others are at their limit.

    • YouTube also thinks it’s a good idea to play ads with loud rap or hip hop in the middle of baroque and classical music. It’s not a failure of their algorithms, it’s EXACTLY what their algorithms are designed to do. Just like the Schumer ad. Shoving stuff you dislike and abhor into your ears is POWER PROJECTION. And if you object to the rap you’re racist. If you object to Senator Schumer you’re an anti-Semite.

      They’re not trying to sell you stuff, or change your political opinion. Their goal is to make you feel isolated and alone, to make sure you know you’re “on the wrong side of history.”

      In the same vein, have you noticed that more and more advertisements have the off-camera narrator speaking in a light negro dialect? Standard American English is out.

      • I remember some years ago when certain fast-food restaurants tried some ads like that. Theyw ere decently written, but immediately knew what the speaker looked like.

        And the lamestream media went nuts calling them racist.

        How times have changed….FOR THE WORSE….

      • Psyops work. Not always, but if you keep at it, you chip away at the morale of your opponent. I tend to ignore negro dialect. It’s one of those filters that we all have. The more ebonic it gets, the more irrelevant.

        It’s not racist, just pragmatic. One needs filters to keep the unwanted noise out.

  10. Plastic reality — well said! And of course they’re miserable because we’re calibrated for perfection and the world can’t give it.

    That said, I like the view from your Midtown condo, nice.

  11. Part of me wants public schools and “institutions of higher learning” (aka Lefty Indoctrination Centers) to all fail …that would be a “great reset”. Only a handful of fed up parents are pushing back against the arrogant school boards and teachers unions, so it’s spitting into the ocean…but a start.

    I’d probably could adapt to living in a decent city, but those places are gone so not something I think about anymore. Everything the Left touches it destroys, misery is their religion.

    Tats? No. Artistry aside, if God wanted ink and metal on His creation he would have included it and/or said so. Besides, “my body is a temple”…heh.

    • I don’t want to see public schools fail. I want them to succeed in educating our youth. There are places in the country where it works. In the inner cities, it fails miserably for different reasons, and one of them is a DNA problem. Sorry, but it’s true.

      • I want them to succeed as well, yet doubtful the stranglehold the teachers union has can be alleviated without some serious blowback from parents, hence the sentiment. Mine attended PTA meetings, regularly spoke to teachers, and verified the school had similar values we got at home. There is no trust niwadays.

        The odds any reset would happen is close to zero, unless some painful truths manifest in the brains of those in charge.

  12. Wow!
    I investigated the artist ‘Juguslav Starkin’, the signature on the magnificent ‘Blade Runner’ apartment artwork.
    His work is accomplished on computers.
    He offers videos to explain his process of layering.

    • It’s high art. Quite fetching in its design and when applied to Blade Runner, it’s perfect.

      Would “I” make a good blade runner, hunting replicants for a living and retiring them? I like to think that have held my own.

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