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Imagine working for pedophiles, freaks, liars, thieves and mass murderers and thinking that you’re more virtuous than those who disobey.



I’m Shocked

(link) China has taken a step back from emission reduction commitments amid the energy crunch that caused factory closures and power rationing.

In a statement, Premier Li Keqiang said that the stable supply of energy must be the foundation of any transition to a less emission-intensive future.

That’s not very woke, China.


Keep on Trucking?

Bayou Renaissance Man (BRM) has a great post that lays out some of what’s happening in California to create problems with trucking and logistics. more here

Claudio, my friend from Italy who drifts by this blog from time to time asked me if BRM’s article reflected the situation on the ground. I replied to him that it does. Trucks still run to and from California hauling rubber dog shit made in China, but the logistics mess is of government manufacture. Sometimes it’s malfeasance on their part but often, the government mandarins are just stupid, not thinking the problem through.

The dwarfishly small, malevolent, US Transportation Secretary, a sodomite, is back from his two-month leave of absence and you know that won’t bode well. It was better when nobody knew that he was gone.


Painting P-40s


Flogging a Dead Horse (Naval Tradition)

Sailors usually received an advance on their first month’s earnings when they signed on for the duration of a voyage. Of course, he had to buy food for his poor old mother and new shoes for the children, make a few trips to the local tavern, and so on. Usually, Jack had spent his advanced wages before he even set sail. In that first month, traditionally called the month of the dead horse, the sailors imagined they were working for nothing, just their food.


The “Dead Horse Festival” aboard an English ship bound for Australia, as illustrated in Harper’s Weekly, 11 November 1882 

Since the morale of a sailor who felt he was working for nothing was unenthusiastic, to say the least, most officers agreed that it was more likely to flog a dead horse into activity than to have the crew work at full speed during the first month at sea.

However, the name derives from the fact that most English ports were off the horse latitudes, is another phrase for the doldrums, the regions around 30° North and 30° South, in which there can be periods of long calms at sea, for about a month. And only then did the pay start again and morale on board rise again.

British sailors marked their end by “killing” the dead horse, since the 17th century, by making an effigy of a horse out of canvas, straw or other material. This effigy was then led across the decks amid shouts of “Old man (the captain), your horse must die”. The hated horse was then set on fire or cut from the yard and thrown overboard.




Countries with a GDP per capita larger than the Czech Republic.



Only because it’s October…


The Let’s Go Brandon File

people should be fired for speaking like that…

21 thoughts on “Contemporary Notes

  1. I may be the only person who doesn’t know what was in Gruden’s emails, nor do I care.

    1. All of those quotes with the John Gruden pictures are actually Joe Biden quotes.

      LL, in the map of “ghosts, cryptids” and so on, for Florida, I can assure you love bugs are none of the above. They’re disgustingly real, although (thankfully limited to a few weeks twice a year). They make the worst mess on a windshield you’ll see.

        1. Yes, they are Joe Biden quotes – and still, he’s glorified by the corrupt. media.

  2. Re the port of LA, just saw an interview with the Stevedore’s local president. He said they have three shifts, but there are no trucks to move TEUs, no room to store them in local warehouses, and no room on the pier, so at ‘best’ they are working two shifts… So he says… Nice paint job on those birds!!!

    1. I believe there are several closed airports in Southern CA not too far from those ports. Security fencing may still exist. Perhaps a place to stage containers if everyone concerned can pull their……………

      1. I don’t know that there is much will to solve the problem. If your goal is to damage the country, the last thing you’d do is to fix a problem (of your own making).

  3. Sooo, the flogging a dead horse festival is like the modern day burning man. Never knew that. Can we have a “Let’s Go Brandon” flogging festival, or would that put you on “the insurrectionist list”? Then again, seems it’s already started, like watching a NASCAR race, just waiting for the big wreck. Scranton was awash in “their boy” love fest, telling childhood stories for 20 minutes half of which may or may not be true. Dementia is setting in heavy.

    Trucking: Nice screed…in their face truth. BRM did a good job with the supply chain, a newest shiny object term being used to obfuscate reality of an asinine situation with no end in sight.

    Power is back on as planned. No biggie. Brought to mind that you could trust modern infrastructure going forward – like reliable power. Now, not so much…that trust is gone with their wind/solar folly taking a wrecking ball to the landscape and power grid (as any Texan, now Europe will suffer this Winter). I asked proponents why do they insist on forcing everyone backwards? They insist it’s forward. Can’t argue with idiots.

    1. Jowl shaker, windmill farms built near or over coal deposits hundreds of feet thick and miles wide.

    2. People also tend to forget that much of the elctrical infrastructure is approaching 100 years old. Yeah, we built ’em good back then, but nobody imagined the same equipment would still be in use so far into the future.

      And a lot of this stuff was one-off (or maybe “10-off”), so spares are close to being unobtainium. Yes, it can be properly rebuilt by skilled people, but what do you use when it’s “In The Shop”?

  4. Let’s go Brandon? Right on, let’s see it and I don’t know what the clash of truth to power will look like.

    Not a betting man but I’ll wager bloodshed. Money on the monkey, what?

  5. We live in an insane world.

    As to the Vatican, the occupants are supposed to also live a life of piety and chastity. So, well, yeah, no divorces, right. But sexual acts with children, other men and prostitutes within the hallowed halls of the Vatican are A-Okay! Right.

    See first statement.

    There’s a reason I don’t support Mother Church anymore.

  6. Don’t have to imagine. We know first-hand a world run by pedophiles and freaks. But remember that YOU are the oppressor and they the virtuous victims.

  7. If the guy over at Raconteur Report actually thinks that 90% of semi-tractors are ten years old or less… then I don;t think he knows anything about semi tractors.

    The average age of a personal automobile in the US is 11 or 12 years at the current time, and automobiles are not built for the same sort of durability as semi tractors. IDK what the average age of a tractor in the US is, but I’m guessing close to 20 years. I sure see a lot of them on the roads locally, built by companies that no longer exist. There’s a guy around here I see most days running a ’77 Kenworth COE…

    Other than that, yeah, the backlog isn’t going away soon.


    1. If that’s “Aesop,” he’s a blowhard that is automatically an expert in everything because reasons. He flip-flopped hard on masks and vaccs over La Rona, licking Faux Chi’s boots for a while and screaming that we doubters were killing grandma, all the while advocating Rule 308 and hemp ropes (applied by someone else of course) be used in every other aspect where he disagreed with our self-proclaimed Rulers and Betters. Now? I have no idea what he’s advocating – any blog where that little turd regularly shows his stink comes off my regular reading list.
      A pity really; I valued the insight and thought on some of those pages, but I have little tolerance for rabble rouses and boot lickers that are always publicly demanding someone ELSE fire the first shot at Breeds Hill, especially when they’re attempting to ingratiate themselves with the Redcoats elsewhere as a suitable governor or flunky for the uppity colonists once the unpleasantries are concluded.
      If a blog tolerates him as a regular commenter, I generally take that as my cue to leave.
      Aesop may have worthwhile insights time to time, but busted clocks are right twice a day too.

  8. Clarke’s Corollary to Hanlon’s Razor:
    Any sufficiently profound stupidity is indistinguishable from malice.
    With some, you just can’t tell….

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