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In today’s complex world, families are being torn apart. You don’t see the whole family gathered around the dinner table after the dishes are cleared and washed, sitting down to a game of Monopoly or Parcheesi. 
  • Now you can gather them together again and they can play the most progressive game of all! 
  • No two games are the same.
  • You can golf while bombs are dropping anywhere in the world — or you can go to Vegas and raise money from rappers while your troops are holding a bastion such as Benghazi.
  • While al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood slaughter innocent people in one country and overrun your embassy, you can support those same thugs in someplace like Syria or Egypt.
  • Young children with no experience with life can be just as effective as their elders — they can play President Obama. In fact, the makers of the game suggest that anyone older than five years should not be selected to be the President.
“I’m Barack Obama and I approve this game.”
In fact, President Obama is working on the Obama Domestic Policy family board game as an advisor. That game includes Death Panels where children can decide when their parents have been in the game too long.
You can send the IRS to attack your political opponents, EPA will shut down their businesses and the Department of Homeland Security will attack them with drone aircraft.

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  1. Barack – sounds like a parrot begging for a cracker. And if evidence is correct, Barack really liked to beg for young male crackers.

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