On the Matter of Standing

The Supreme Court refused to hear the Texas lawsuit challenging gross election fraud. The High Court, with the exception of Justice Thomas, explains that massive fraud in another state(s) is none of Texas’ business. Let’s look at the Texas rebuttal.

Here was Texas’ counter-argument on standing:

Voting rights are fundamental, Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356, 370 (1886), and the Senate is a body in which Defendant States’ actions threaten Texas’s voting rights. U.S. CONST. art. V, cl. 3 (States’ “equal suffrage in the Senate”). With that standing in
its own right, Texas can assert parens patriae standing for its citizens.2Although Pennsylvania characterizes this action as a “seditious abuse of the judicial process,” Penn. Br. 2, and ‘uniquely unserious,” id. at 11, Texas seeks to enforce the right that preserves all others in a democratic republic: suffrage. Reynolds v. Sims, 377 U.S. 533, 561-62 (1964). Whatever Pennsylvania’s definition of sedition, moving this Court to cure grave threats to Texas’s right of suffrage in the Senate and its citizens’ rights of suffrage in presidential elections upholds the Constitution, which is the very opposite of sedition.The potential loss of suffrage rights meets the serious-magnitude test that Pennsylvania poses, Penn. Br. 13, and the purely legal nature of Defendant States’ violations meets its clear-and-convincing test. Id. Michigan suggests that remand to legislatures to reconsider the result of the election would not redress Texas’s injury, Mich. Br. 34-35, but that is not the law. FEC v. Akins, 524 U.S. 11, 25 (1998). Michigan also argues that the remedy would disenfranchise millions of voters, id., but Michigan officials disenfranchised those Michigan voters. Specifically, Michigan admits it cannot segregate the illegal ballots from the legal ones, id. 9, which admits the impossibility of a lawful recount on remand to the Michigan executive. Lutwak v. United States, 344 U.S. 604, 617-18 (1953) (“admissions … are admissible … [as] statements of a party”). Remand to the legislature is the only viable option. Whether the legislature sets a new election or provides some other mechanism to allocate Michigan’s electoral votes is up to the legislature.


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I’d like to know how many other members of the Democrat California Caucus are in the pocket of the Communist Chinese. We all know about Senator Dianne Feinstein. Maybe Pelosi herself is getting ice cream deliveries from Beijing.


Shadow Cam



Times and Seasons


Living within Striking Distance of the Grand Canyon


Name the Aircraft

Model and mod, for example, B-24E. This shouldn’t be too tough.


Woke Memes



The preferred beverage of the woke.


  1. I knew it would come down to standing from day one. How SCOTUS reached their decision is a mystery. I sure miss my dear friend and law professor “Mark in Spokane” (RIP) We could hash this out together.

    Grand Canyon? You mean that big hole in the ground? When we lived in Sedona everyone who visited wanted us to take them to the GC. After a few years and 20+ trips there, we handed folks a map and said, “You’ll love it!”

    • In the world of law, it always comes down to standing. How SCOTUS could arrive at the notion that massive voting fraud in four states that changed the out come of a US Presidential Election didn’t impact us all eludes me.

      Somebody got to them.

      Yeah, I don’t go to the Grand Canyon that often. So it’s still fun.

      • Somebody got to them.

        Yes, the government employees filling their heads with pro-government propaganda in Elementary School. These go-getter type A personalities usually aren’t that reflective. While the “got to them” is real, it is usually not a threat or a bribe in a format they recognize as such as adult; usually it’s supplying their worldview.

        • Maybe that’s how it went down, EL. Either way you get to people one-on-one, not in batch settings. Thus we’re unlikely ever to know the truth.

  2. It’s called “standing” but what It really amounted to is the SCOTUS punting….kicking the can down the road. I figured all along that they wouldn’t want to get involved. Pennsylvania changed their voting rules by legislative action not by ameding their state constitution. This ILLEGAL action resulted in Biden winning electoral votes he was not entitled too due to that illegal change in procedure. Biden :becoming POTUS will have a direct, proveable affect on Texas and all the other states that joined the suit. That gives Texas et.al standing.as they will see consequences from what happened in Pennsylvania. We have seen NUMEROUS judges IGNORE obvious evidence of fraud and dismiss every lawsuit so far. This proves the judiciary is corrupt and we cannot look for legal remedies to solve this problem. Trump may have a rabbit still up his sleeve but the odds are stacked deeply against him. The actual so!ution to deal!ing with this blatant crime must ultimately come from US…the people. And that solution will not be a peaceful one as the left NEVER cedes power peacefully or voluntarily once they are in full control.

    • It was always our problem (tomorrow’s Sunday Sermonette). We just hoped that the Supreme Court wouldn’t allow the American system to be destroyed. We hoped wrong.

  3. Seems pretty obvious we are in the throws of a hostile takeover by enemies within, trampling the Constitution and purposely ignoring laws the rest of us Peons are required to abide. The legal cul-de-sac strikes again, this time by the top court in the land. They punted. My guess – at this point seeing what we all see – the Texas rebuttal will go nowhere regardless a clear argument ‘for standing’. Like Hunter’s Laptop, it too will be ignored.

    So what does/can a citizen do when government ignores their own rules and laws? When those in government decide they are no longer required to be bound by societal foundations? When it appears to be another Johnson County War, only on a national level? When evidence is ignored on a grand scale? Like Dan above mentioned, a quick run around the blogs indicates far too many are thinking Red Dawn. This is not a good sign. Just now, after 150 years in the same family, the Four-Sixes (TX) went up for sale. Got $462mil laying around. There’s a reason it’s for sale, and I don’t believe in coincidences. (guess some China cash will flow into Texas now)

    74 million (likely more since vote-switching) shouldn’t be wronged this easily. Maybe it’s time we build a nice, big, beautiful, amazing Wall…around Washington DC…lock the bastards in for a while. Make them sweat. Remind them who they work for.

    Us? I’m re-evaluating my options, making sure we have what we need. In the meantime the proverbial “they” can’t shove their much ballyhooed Chimera vaccine up their collective a$$es.

      • We’re living in a period of great uncertainty. I don’t advocate the Red Dawn Scenario primarily because it would mean that 74 million people would end up moving in with you and WSF in Colorado… And I respect you more than hoping for that.

        I think that incrementally, the Walking Corpse and the Whore will say yes, and 74 million will say, no. Maybe. We’ll see how strong the American spleen is.

    • If by build a wall around D.C. you mean drag a random 100 of them from those august halls into the streets to swing from lamp posts, I agree.

      • Actually I thought a physical wall to keep them sealed in, like the MazeRunner in reverse. Not opposed to a public “hanging by the yardarms” approach as our Founders would have done with tyrannical types…the visual alone might make some of them think before their next move.

        Brings this to mind: “This business will get out of hand.”

        • It’s out of hand now… it will get far worse.

          A lot is in the hands of the donkeys and as Mike_C reminded us the other day, the donkeys are always inclined to over-play their hand. This is not the time for that, but hubris being what it is, will create that sort of situation.

  4. Each new day seems to bring yet another “what fresh hell is this” moment.

    Perhaps the Supremes are betting 74+ million will roll over? I feel it’s gone a bit too far for that. If not, welcome to the brave new world of Amerizuela.

  5. I sometimes feel like we are in a games how.
    The Supremes:
    “Please phrase your answer in the form of a question.”
    “You didn’t say ‘Mother, may I?'”
    We asked for originalists and we got some that said, “we are staying in the confines of the rules”, which appears to be what we wanted of them. Were Alito and Thomas the activists?
    I’d take activism in defense of the republic at this point.

  6. I’m one of those people who can’t get enough of the Grand Canyon. The country around there didn’t grab me, just the canyon itself so I’m not going to live up there just visit every so often.
    I enjoy camping in the national forest around Tusayan, making my way into town and riding the bus into the park then walking the rim trail.

    • X2 I’m 2 hours south of the Canyon and can just look out the window if I need an instant fix. But I enjoy the canyon AND the Mogollon Rim, which has a very similar vibe.

  7. SCOTUS–I got nuthin’. Well, nothing printable. Put me right off my feed.

    Aircraft– B-26, TBF Avenger, B-17G.

    • The Fort is the M model. Yes, the chin turret came with the G model but the whiskers were on the M. Plus, M model is printed on the aircraft.

    • B-26C. And congratulations on the archery shot. Archers are a rare breed. Most people don’t have the patience. But it’s the mark of a hunter.

  8. Just to post something positive under your “Culture” heading, our oldest son is a hunter, and has shot several deer here in Texas. Recently he got into archery. He just texted a few minutes ago that he got his first deer with his bow this morning.

  9. I have been to the GC twice and my wife hiked in and out in a day once. I don’t remember the route but she was whupped when done. I always enjoy pictures of the GC with some being better than others. Nice choice.

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