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Nobody asked me, but I’m going to comment on this and maybe somebody at Fox will read it. Maybe they won’t and I’ve wasted all of these perfectly good electrons.

(CNN) So far this week, Fox has ranked No. 3 in prime time behind both CNN and MSNBC, which almost never happens.

Fox News has led the cable ratings for as long as most people can recall. Why the slip to #3 behind two channels which pride themselves on making the news rather than reporting the news, partisanship and outright lies?
1. Bill O’Reilly anchored the Fox News line-up. There are people who read this blog who didn’t like him. It’s not about liking or not liking, he provided the sort of input that many viewers wanted. Now he’s gone, Fox threw him under the bus and that’s reason one for the decline.

I hope that ratings notwithstanding, it’s worth it to get your progressive advertisers back now that O’Reilly is gone.

2. I’ve watched the new line-up. The new producers for all of the evening shows have the very same stories being told (a little news, a lot of whining) over-and-over-and-over again. Viewers are not tuning into CNN. They’re tuning out. Who can blame them?
3. Fox has shifted from telling an unbiased story (fair and balanced) to a hard lean toward the so-called “Deep State Message”. Fox – you need to put me or somebody like me on your commentary line up. I’d provide some entertainment – wait for the call-in lines to light up. And I’d only tell the truth.
There are a lot of stories that could be told if you had genuine investigative journalism going on. HINT: Hire Sharyl Attkisson, give her a staff and an open budget. Have her as your lead-off hitter in the O’Reilly slot. Let her bring in people like herself who tell the truth. Allow them to tell the truth, and don’t cave into the progressive lobby this time.
But first, get rid of the people who are purveying bad advice to you — that put you in as #3 and caused your loyal viewers to turn off their televisions – or tune into the cooking channel because they’ll get more out of it.

14 thoughts on “Fox News Ratings Slip – ANALYSIS

  1. Excellent Atkisson point and while we're at it, isn't it about time Hillary's investigation was reopened?


  2. Investigative reporting into the activities of the Obama Administration (including Hillary's criminal behavior) is something that the elite, smug, lying, corrupt mainstream media opposes. Fox could separate themselves from those shills by reporting on real news and scandals…but they seem to want to follow CNN now, like a herd of sheep. The ratings will continue to drop.

  3. LL,

    Tucker Carlson Big thumbs up, far better than O'really.

    The rest? I'd rather read The Virtual Mirage a second time.

    Hey, even Mark Levin is leaning towards Trump, a little.

    But I like you Sharyl Atkinson suggestion, especially since she is a real news person, adds a bit of irrefutable credibility to offset the fake news hyperbole if you or I was leading a show. If you or I were the host, the only people that would be willing to come on as guests would be your friends or mine. And maybe the Donald.
    Then after a week or two when the ratings came out all the facetime queens would be begging.

  4. Carlson's good, but his format of stupid progs (who he beats up) gets a bit old. Yes, they're libtards, freaks, mutants and are the victims of fetal alcohol syndrome and he beats them like unwanted stepchildren. It's entertaining – but you tire of it quickly. It's the flaw in his schtick.

  5. This will clear things up…

  6. WHY isn't the government investigating Drake? That sounds like a scandal in the making.

  7. MSNBC?
    I don't like FOX much any more. They are so hard up they have the same people on two different shows.
    I sort of like Judge Jeanine. And Jessie Waters, but knowing that they (the two sons who took over, can't remember names) want FOX to be more liberal kind of irks me.
    You know they are hurting, they had Ted Nugent on one of the panels this evening.
    I am still waiting for this new promised conservative news channel that is going to take over where FOX stopped back when Jeb! was running for president and FOX was all for him. I knew right then FOX was going down.

  8. Nothing to add. Haven't turned on my TV since the Super Bowl. Maybe folks like me is part of their problem?

  9. Sharyl was a local journalist in our area so I've been familiar with the excellent work for a long time. Her voice should be listened to, but the way it is nowadays, her voice will go unheard.

  10. She's solid, honest, intelligent and would be a breath of fresh air if given the space and budget to do what's right. Sadly, I don't know how much interest there is to do what's right in the halls of Television Journalism – if it really even exists anymore.

  11. There is a small hand full of shows that I watch for the purpose of entertainment in the evening these days. That's about it.

  12. Oh, I know. I just wish hubby could cut the cord on all these crap news channels. I don't think any of them are worth our time to watch any more.

    Especially with this witch hunt that the liberals and RINOs are making up about someone on the Trump team doing illegal whatever with Russia.

    Presuming it is true, and I doubt it is, the person is probably a well-paid plant for just this purpose. Makes me furious.

  13. They're job is to plant something every single week. The death of a thousand cuts… It's what the media does.

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