Excuses and Accusations

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We tend to ask the right questions in the wrong way.


Bullet Points:

** America’s Democratic governors have signed a document promising to make the 2024 election appear as legitimate as possible. (The Bee)

** A keffiyeh worn on a college campus today equates to a hipster swastika. Very woke. Very progressive. How far we’ve come.

** (h/t Claudio) If you’re going to read about the present state of readiness in the UK’s escort fleet, read down and scroll through the comments. The Royal Navy is, at best, a regional naval power. Being able to put a literal handful of escort ships to defend your global trade interests as an island nation is pathetic. Their manning/staffing issues mirror those of other nations, but it still means they can’t crew the few ships they have. Maybe they’ll start pressing citizens in Portsmouth and London. There is a precident.

** A collectible salute – goes for a good cause…ok, more than only one good cause.

** Pro-Hamas demonstrations and encampments (see photo below). There’s something odd about those campus tent encampments. Almost all the tents are identical – the same design, size, and fresh-out-of-the-box appearance.

This suggests that rather than an organic process in which students would bring a variety of individual tents, someone or some organization has supplied them and organized the event.

It would be instructive if we could determine who that someone is.

These are choreographed events by hidden actors rather than spontaneous demonstrations, and the students, sincere though they may be, are merely manipulated props.

** This historical episode, which legal journalist Dan Abrams has called the “most important case in colonial American history,” provides a stark contrast to travails resulting from the representation of President Donald Trump by California attorney John Eastman, who is facing disbarment, criminal prosecution, and other forms of retribution for providing legal advice to an unpopular client in connection with the controversial 2020 presidential election. How times have changed?

** When a wealthy woman orders pizza (delivery).


Thanks for the Ball Cap

United States Army Co A 3rd Battalion 10th Mountain Special Forces Group Operational Detachment Alpha – SFG ODA076



(Excerpted from CDRSAL) You can’t blame the DEI industry. Their cancerous desire to separate people based on immutable characteristics to have them fight with each other, nurse grievance, and stoke blood feuds across generations, well, it isn’t an easy sell for people who are generations past Jim Crow. If you’re too static, those who like to judge people as individuals, have children of all sorts of glorious ethnic mixes, and have all or most of their ancestors having come to our blessed republic well after we worked through our struggles for equality and modernity – might notice that retrograde organization doing all they can to thwart progress.

The sectarian diversity industry can’t survive the light of day, the fresh air of open discussion, and they get nasty with the follow-on question.

First, they started with just “Diversity” after “Equal Opportunity” became problematic for those who wanted “Equal Outcomes.”

Then, as that became too hard to defend, they squirted some ink and made it “Diversity & Equity.”

Many people were confused by design about the difference between equity and equality so that worked until people figured out the bait and switched out.

As that seemed not emotive enough and Caring™, it became “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” Yes, that stuck for a few years and begat everyone’s buddy, “DEI.”

Then we noticed that, as usual, the left got bored and wanted even more syllables. They also didn’t like explaining why “Inclusion” did not include everyone. As more and more attention – and more and more innocent people suffering under their discriminatory policies – was brought to bear, this decade we’ve seen “A” for Accessibility (DEIA), and “B” for belonging (DEIAB) tacked on. Who could object to access and belonging?

There remains much to do at the federal level, but every action causes a reaction. There is too much money in jobs for otherwise unemployable people and too much power to be found in the division, so … your local Diversity Bullies/Commissars/Bigots … whatever best describes them in “your truth” – they know their brand is becoming toxic.

They need more friends and partners.

They need to get embedded in as many structures as possible and make as many partners with fellow travelers or the like-minded in high-emotion/low-reason organizations as possible. Like parasites, they attach to and feed off any welcoming body they can find purchase on.


The Leader of the Free World, Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military machine the world has ever known…very woke.


Pedo Joe Campaigns from His Basement

Searching for Corn Pop…


Toxic Masculinity


In Turkey

For the past 1.500 years, several heads of Medusa have been used as pillar bases in the colossal, cathedral-sized water tank beneath the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. It is unknown where the heads came from, but they were believed to have been taken from another Roman ruin. The heads are upside down or sideways to inhibit the power of the Gorgon Medusa’s gaze.

Despite being beneath the Hagia Sophia, the water tank’s existence was forgotten for hundreds of years. When it was rediscovered, explorers found fish inside.


Identify the Aircraft

1 & 2 Should be easy, but the photo is cool.


NOT an American aircraft (The livery indicates who operates it)


Identify the multipurpose armored vehicle (MPAV) – It can be a challenge because they all resemble one another.



Parting Shot

17 thoughts on “Excuses and Accusations

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. KC-135
    2. B-2
    3. Chengdu J-10 Firebird in Pakistani service
    Identify the multipurpose armored vehicle:
    4. Serbian BOV M16 Miloš

  2. Biden and cannibals

    One of my cousins currently works in PNG highlands for an oil company.
    Local comment was that politicians contain too much sh** to be worth eating.

    Both sides had blood chits in WW2 and as the allies paid better airman were usually helped.

    PNG locals carried a lot of supplies up to the Australian Army and carried lots of wounded back.

    One campaign two of my uncles were in had one casualty (killed or badly wounded) for every 6 feet of track fighting uphill against the Japanese. Both of them made it home physically ok but I can’t imagine the mental toll.

  3. “** A collectible salute ” Almost a mandatory purchase. How could you refuse?

    When the revolution comes, DEI enablers and keffiyeh wearers will become “a thing of the past”.

    In reference to the Eastwood reference:
    Given the John Adams defense of the British soldiers re the “Boston Massacre”, why are cops restrained while threatened by these keffiyeh wearing criminals rioting or BLM and Antifa thugs?

  4. John Adams- Habeeb is always spot on and every SCOTUS Black Robe should be required to read it to gain a non-agenda Constitutional and proper law perspective. The first dramatized version of this episode I saw was the PBS/Giamatti portrayal, which was exceptional to gain a glimpse into the man and his underpinnings as to “the why” he stepped up in courage to take the case. Now look at what sits on SCOTUS…Ketanji Brown-Jackson (hyphentated, of course) twisted herself in knots to shill for the prosecution. In Adams’ day she’d never would have gotten a seat, and if she somehow managed to gain the Black Robe would have been told to resign immediately as a disgraceful example of those who are deserving to sit on our highest court…like Adams, who was invited to Harvard at age fifteen. Jackson can’t even hide her demented mindset or the fact she is an operative. But that is the state of the government we find ourselves where The Uni[party and its World Handlers is undermining The Presidency, which is beyond one man’s persecution. Not good. Too many weak people are running things. Time For A Reset ™
    Ahh, the root of “Gorgon Stare”…now I have the heebeejeebees thinking about the military spy…errr…watchfulness…they based it on Medusa. Yeah, not creepy at all…altho it is based in mythology so someone in the “naming dept.” was well read.
    The cartoon panel…took me a second (as I participate but in measured amounts. No wine snob here, altho Hess (Napa) is our favorite). So what’s the little cylinder with the “fuse” in the lower-right corner? Should have the initials ‘FBI’ on it…which would make it a planted dud.

  5. Ed, the restraining of law enforcement seems to be due to ” the rights” of the criminal.
    Criminals commit crime. Forget ethnicity, DEI, and all the other lies brought into the justice system.
    Why can’t our justice system just simply try, convict and punish or rehab the person commiting the infraction of the law? I.e. …do we need more gun laws? As one my friends put it yesterday, “How about, mmmm, what if we just penalize murder?” To simple? I hope the USA is able to justly enforce actual penalties commensurate to the crime. This seems to be the means of guarding a safe and peaceful society. I have hope for a Republic that is not on edge, a social atmosphere that is NOT filled with anxiousness to take matters into their own hands. ( like Boston)

    Adams defense was not so much for the despised British tyranny, but an Azure standard for the rule of law. A spirit of Lawlessness is now prevalent in our land! We’ve created 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of rules and regulations. Yet now as we see enforcement being laid down, as lawfare, targeting any kind of opposition to TPTB, with a heavy, heavy hand! A case scenario is Andrew Tate being ” silenced” in synchronization with more than several social media platforms, Uber service, AND banking all at once), the more tempting it is to join a mob uprising. H/T to L.L. providing my history lesson for today with Adams and ” the rest of the story” concerning the Boston Massacre.

  6. Spoiled brats on campus who’ve never been told NO in their life. Led by the sewer’s Demoncrat militant arm, “Antifa,” that are funded by NGO’s via people like Soros.

    1. It’s another Useful Idiot PsyOp to make it all appear spontaneous by students…sorta like J6. More distractions by The Demented as they scream “bloody murder”, which is at the very least unnerving, but mostly showcases they are Satan’s minions, all for a cheap buck and more ‘likes’ on IG. And they are cowards, wearing masks to hide behind. Very telling.

    2. Those NGOs are funded with via our own treasury with appropriate recycling of employment, donations, and support (electoral or street action aka community organizing) much more than with zuck/soros bucks. Just look at the latest on NPRs CEO track record and the already forgotten boy of San Fran SKF via his wonderful ponzi operation.

  7. >>It would be instructive if we could determine who that someone is.<<
    When pallets of bricks & flammables' were showing up the day before an unscheduled "mostly peaceful protest" (summer before the 202 election), no one ever mentioned who was paying for that…

    1. I thought I’d read where somebody took pictures of the delivery tags on the pallets? Could have sworn I heard they were purchased through Home Depot….

  8. Definitely follow the money on the protestors… ‘somebody’ should be able to get a look and find out where the tents came from, and yes, they are at ALL the protests. My money would be on Soros et al.

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